Top 10 Largest Cities in USA by Land Area: The Intriguing Contrast


The United States of America is the third largest country in terms of area in the world. It has total of 50 states and more than 4000 cities (these qualify as “city” as per the population) recognised by the United States Geological Survey. USA stands at third position with 9.834 million km square area.



Here we will discuss about the 10 largest cities of USA by land area. This doesn’t include the water bodies; as if we include the water bodies then the area will be too larger and will not give the exact information about the largest cities in the USA in 2023. Hence; only land areas are considered while calculating the area of cities or countries.

10. Phoenix, Arizona:

Phoenix is the Capital of Arizona. It is the 10th largest city in (terms of area) the USA. Phoenix has also the largest population of the state of Arizona. More than 15, 63,025 people lives in this city. This city is popularly known as the Valley of the Sun. It has the estimated area of 517.9 square miles. In terms of population, Phoenix is also the 6th largest city of the entire U.S.A. The city attracts large numbers of tourist in the winter months. The city has modern infrastructure with the Indian and Spanish colonial influences. The three mountains around Phoenix provide lots of opportunities for the adventurous activities like rock climbing, hiking, trekking, biking etc.

9. Houston, Texas:

Is considered as the largest city in the southern part of the USA. It also has the maximum population in comparison to the other cities of the Texas. Houston is spread over around the 599.6 square miles. As per the census 2010, the total population of Houston was around 2,099,451.

8. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma:

This city is situated in the centre part of the state of Oklahoma. It is also termed as the largest city of the state. It takes up to 607 square miles area and has more than 600,000 residents. This city is the 27th largest city of USA in terms of population. The city offers many exciting things for the travellers to explore. It provides an insight to the art and creative side of its residents.

7. Butte, Montana:

It is the 7 largest cities in the USA and 5th largest (populous ranking) in the state of Montana. It has the total population of only 34,200 people. It is situated on the western side of the Mississippi River. The city has the total area of 716.2 square miles which makes it the second largest city of Montana in area distribution.

6. Anaconda, Montana:

The city has approximately 735.6 square miles of area which makes it the largest city in area wise in the state of Montana. Only 8,301 people reside in this city. The city doesn’t hold notoriety which makes it a dull place to visit and reside. Few Movies have been shot in this city due to its picturesque locations. Not much is there to write about this city apart from that it is the 6 largest cities in the entire country.



5. Jacksonville, Florida:

This city holds the title of being the largest city of Florida both in terms of land and population. It is said that around 841,583 people resides in the total area of 747 square miles. The city is known as “The River City” as it is a seaport city of Florida. This city is the commercial, cultural and financial center of the North Florida. Jacksonville has the high infrastructure facilities which make it convenient for the travellers to visit this city from any part of the country or the world.

4. Anchorage, Alaska:

It is the 4th smallest city of Alaska but also the 4th largest city of the United States of America. Alaska constitutes four largest cities of the entire USA but its population is very less as compared to other major cities which may not be larger in area but has vast population. In anchorage, approximately 300,000 reside in the city. It has the largest population among all the four largest cities of Alaska. It holds around 40% of the Alaska’s total population.

3. Wrangell, Alaska:

Largest Cities in USA

As per the census of the year 2010, this city has the population of merely 2,369 residents. The total area of this city is about 2,541.5 square miles. The city is situated at the southeast tip of the state. The city shares the borders with the Canada and British Columbia. The city has so much space that it can reside millions of people, but there could be many reasons so as to why the population of Alaska is so less.

2. Juneau, Alaska:

It is the second largest city of the USA. It is also the state capital of Alaska. Its total population comprises of approximately 31,275 residents. This city has the total area of 2,701 square miles which makes it the 2nd largest city of the country. This city is bigger than the Rhode Island and Delaware together. The city has so much of space for the people to come and resides.

1. Sitka, Alaska:

Is the largest city of USA. It is situated at the southeast corner of the state. Though is the largest city by area but in comparison to the area it’s population is very low. The city is not very famous or attracts lots of attention in terms of tourists. The cities total population comprises of 10, 323 residents who majorly lives at the warmer area of the city i.e. southern side. The northern area of Sitka is known to endure the harshest weather in the country.

From the above passage, we came to know about the 10 largest cities of the United States of America in 2023. It also provides the necessary information about each city in terms of their population, area, geographical position, culture etc. Through this article some interesting information was also carried out that the state of Alaska holds the maximum no. of largest cities in the entire USA but there combined population is not even more or even to any other city of the country.

The reason could be the extreme weather conditions of the Alaska which makes it very difficult for the people to adjust as per the geographical conditions of Alaska. Another reason could be that Alaska lacks major facilities which other cities of states of USA have. Other Six cities have larger population as compared to Alaska.

Final Words

The vast expanse of the United States is home to cities that are not only diverse in culture but also in size. While some cities like Sitka, Alaska, boast vast land areas, they remain sparsely populated due to various factors, including extreme weather conditions. On the other hand, cities like Phoenix and Houston, despite their large areas, are densely populated, reflecting the varying geographical and cultural landscapes of the USA. It’s intriguing to see how geography, climate, and infrastructure play a pivotal role in shaping the demographics and characteristics of these cities.