Top 9 Most Intelligent People In The World 2020: IQ Beyond Limits:

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It has been said by scientists that the most genius person has only used 15% (fifteen per cent) of the brain. These are people that the world looks at we awe and shock of what they are capable of. The question that lingers then is what will it be like when a person can use 30% (thirty percent) of his or her brain?

Some of these people are so intelligent that the world has viewed it as an abnormality yet others look at it as a just a gift acquired or born with. Look at the smartest and intelligent people around the world 2020 and what they have accomplished leaves you amazed.


He is Russian and considered a chess grandmaster. He is alleged to have an IQ of 190. In the year 2003, Garry Kasparov amazed the world when he played a draw (chess game) against a chess computer that calculates three million positions per second. He was the undisputed and youngest world champion at 22 years by winning against Anatoly Karpov who was the champion during that time.


He is born Nigerian, an engineer, mathematician, computer scientist and a geologist, in the year 1989, Phillip was one of the two winners of the Gordon Bell Prize presented to him as a result of being able to use a Connection Machine supercomputer to help and effectively detect petroleum fields. Phillip is also alleged to have an IQ of 190. Apparently, Phillip is the inventor of the fastest computer.


This lady has a verified IQ of 190. Marilyn Vos Savant is American. She has been crowned as the woman with the highest IQ for five consecutive years according to; she has also tested as high as 228 on various several IQ tests. She is a columnist for the Parade Magazine and through her ‘Ask Marilyn’ readers are able and can send puzzles and questions on diverse subjects for her to solve and answer. She is an author, lecturer, and playwright too. Before her latest feats, in 1985, The Guinness Book of World Records accepted Vos Savants IQ of 190 too.


MislavPredavec is a Croatian math professor. Have you ever heard of the GenerIQ Society? Well, he is the brains behind it. This society has people with an out of this world intelligence level. Mislav is alleged to have an IQ of 192. As a student in school, Mislav says, he always felt a step ahead of others. As the material in school increased, he just solved the problems faster and better. Those seemingly very difficult intelligence tests were his favorite hobbies. Mislav’s mom says, she never had to worry if her son had done homework or how he would pass his exams because it was almost obvious that he would get straight A’s.


Rick Rosner is an American with an alleged IQ of 192. By observation, Rick does not look like one of the most intelligent people the world has because he has a rough and tough facial expression which could have been made so by having spent a good number of years working as a bar bouncer. He claimed to have also worked as a stripper, roller skating waiter and a nude model, traits that very few people will associate with a most intelligent guy. Rick is also a television producer who came to the limelight after creating the television show’s Chips. He also created and developed a portable satellite television in collaboration with DirecTV.


Christopher Langan has a proved IQ of 195. He is an American autodidact (someone who critically and willingly seeks out knowledge), who some after some IQ tests report that he could have his IQ lying between 195 and 210. Once he has been described as ‘the smartest man in America’ and sometimes as ‘the smartest man in the world’ by the members of the fourth estate. Langan began talking at the age of only six months which is just unheard of to many babies, and by the age of three years, he had taught himself how to read. The ‘Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe’ (CTMU), is a model he has developed that shows or displays ‘the relationship between the mind and reality.’


Dr. Evangelos is the founder of the World Intelligence Network (WIN), which is an international organization that deals with people who have high Intelligence Quotient (IQ). He is also associated with a team that is dedicated to offering support to people with high IQ in his homeland. Dr. Evangelos is alleged to have an IQ of 198. He is from Greek and works as a professional medical doctor and psychiatrist who have degrees in philosophy, medical research technology, and psychopharmacology. When it comes to test scores, Dr. Evangelos was the master. He is also good with paint; he is a superb painter and swimmer too.


Kim Ung-Yong is a Korean civil engineer with a verified IQ of 210. This very man is considered the master in child prodigy. Six months after he was born, he was able to speak and understand Korean and other languages. Kim Ung-Yong is indeed an intelligent man. At a tender age of only three years, he had made huge progress as concerns understanding languages. He could read numerous foreign languages like Korean, Japanese, German and English and at the same time being able to work out difficult or complex calculus problems as shown live on Japanese television. At one point, he secured a place in the Guinness Book of World Records under ‘Highest IQ’ in the world.


Christopher has a verified IQ of 225, and he is said to be a genius since his childhood. He amazed the world when at just the age of 13 years; he made news because he got a gold medal at the international physics Olympiad. As if that was not enough proof, he skipped middle school, and at 16 years, he was working with NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) in its quest of conquering planet Mars. He got his Ph.D. at the Princeton University at the age of 22 years. This man Christopher Hirata is an authorized child genius and presently lectures astrophysics in the CIT California Institute of Technology in the United States

Final Words:

The extraordinary intellect and accomplishments of these individuals serve as a testament to the potential of the human mind. Their remarkable achievements in various fields highlight the power of dedication, learning, and the pursuit of knowledge. As we marvel at their accomplishments, let us be inspired to harness our own abilities and strive for excellence in our endeavors.

It will look like something impossible to be the best in the world, but after studying these most intelligent people in the world 2020, you realize it is possible even though most of these people seem to have been born so because, at very tender ages, they were doing great exploits. It is possible for you to be the best in that field or career or area of calling in life.