Ten Highest Paid & Most Successful Guitarists Right Now

There are a large number of people possessing varieties of talents within them and had proved themselves their best in the world of music. The guitarists have always taken the music scene by storm. Each guitarist is unique and eccentric in what he does. They exhibit a special style that gives identity to the guitar playing.

Here are the names of the top 10 guys that have taken guitar playing to the next level and has acquired much name and fame, making themselves the highest paid guitarists all over the world.

10. Tom Petty

Tom Petty Top Popular Highest Paid Successful Guitarists 2018

Thomas Earl Petty aka Tom Petty was born on 20 October 1950). He is a well-known guitarist, singer, songwriter, and record producer from America. He mainly sings rock and roll, stoner rock and heartland rock music. One of his famous hit singles includes the Heartbreakers. He is also widely popular for his outstanding vocals and for his console playing. He is a member and the co-founder of Traveling Wilburys, the supergroups of the late eighties. He has sold over 80 million records across the world. Petty is considered one among the top 10 richest guitarists in the world with an estimated net worth of 75 million dollars.

9. Angus Young

Angus McKinnon Young aka Angus Young was born on 31 March 1955 in Glasgow, Scotland. He is a well known Australian guitarist and songwriter. Angus began his music career in the year 1970. He is the co-founder of the hard rock band AC/DC in Australia. The first collection of the band was released in 1973. He was ranked as 24th in the top 100 lists of greatest guitarist in Rolling Stone magazine. Along with his other mates of AC/DC, Angus was introduced to the RNR Hall of Fame in the year 2003. He currently owns a total net worth of 150 million dollars, making him the 9th highest-paid guitarist in the world.

8. David Howell Evans

David Howell Evans is widely known by the name of The Edge. He was born on 8 August 1961 in England, United Kingdom and was raised up in Ireland. He is the keyboardist, backing vocalist and the lead guitarist of the famous American rock band ‘U2’. Edge has recorded a near about 13 studio albums and one single with the band. He is popularly known to play rock, and post-punk. Edge currently sits on the total asset worth of 200 million dollars and is regarded one amongst the top ten richest guitarists of all times.

7. Dave Matthews

David John Matthews was born on 9 January 1967 in Johannesburg, South Africa. He is an American musician, singer-songwriter, an actor and is also considered as a gifted guitarist. David is best known as the lead guitarist for the rock band named ’Dave Matthews’, that he started in 1991 in Charlottesville, Virginia. He mainly plays the acoustic guitar. He has also played a part in many acting roles and has won two Grammy Awards in the year 1997 and 2004 for his song ‘So Much To Say’ and ‘Gravedigger’ respectively. His total asset stands to an impressive 200 million dollars.

6. Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton, CBE was born on 30 March 1945 in Surrey, England. He is well known as a guitarist, singer as well as a songwriter. He was acquainted with the RNR Hall of Fame a total of three times. Clapton is regarded as one amongst the most influential guitarists in the world. He was ranked as 2nd in the top 100 lists of greatest guitarist in Rolling Stone magazine and had peaked at number four in Gibson’s list of “Top 50 Guitarists of All Time”. He has been honoured with 18 Grammy Awards for his outstanding contribution to the world of music. He has been also awarded a CBE in the year 2004. Clapton is estimated to be the sixth wealthiest guitarist in the world with total assets of 250+ million dollars.

5. Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl Top Famous Highest Paid Successful Guitarists 2018

David Eric Grohl or Davy Grolton

Dale Nixon is one amongst the most popular guitarist in the world. He is an American musician (rock), singer, director, producer, vocalist, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. He was born on 14 January 1969 in Warren, Ohio, U.S.A. Formerly, Grohl used to work as drummer for the band group ‘Nirvana’ and then co-founded ‘Them Crooked Vultures’, the rock supergroup. He is also the front man and the co-founder of the American rock band- ‘Foo Fighters’. Dave is regarded as the third richest drummer in the world and is also the world’s fifth richest guitarist in today’s time with a total net worth of 260 million dollars.

4. Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Frederick Joseph Springsteen was born on 23 September 1949 in New Jersey, U.S.A. He is a well famed American guitarist, singer, songwriter and humanitarian. Born in the USA and Born To Run are two of his famous albums that were sold more than 64 million in the U.S.A and over 120 million worldwide. Springsteen has won many awards including two Golden Globes, twenty Grammy Awards, and also an Academic Award for his outstanding works. At present, he holds the total assets of 300 million dollars, making him onto the list.

3. Toby Keith

Toby Keith Covel is a popular guitarist, singer, actor and record producer from America. He was born on 8 July 1961 in Oklahoma, United States. His first four albums were “Toby Keith”, “Boomtown”, “Dream Walkin”, and “Blue Moon”. Each of these albums was certified Gold. He has also produced many chart singles like, “Should’ve Been a Cowboy”, his famous debut singles which were the most played songs of the 1990’s in America. Toby has released a total of 17 studio albums, 4 compilation albums, and 2 Christmas albums. His total assets are calculated near about 320 million dollars, making him the one among the top 10 list of world’s richest guitarists.

2. Keith Richards

Keith Richards was born on 18 December 1943 in Dartford, Kent, England. He is a famous guitarist, singer, musician, a songwriter, actor, and a record producer. He is the founder of the American rock band- the Rolling Stones. Some of his famous guitar tracks from his band includes “Paint It Black”, “Gimme Shelter”, “Ruby Tuesday” and “Sympathy for the Devil”. The band is celebrated for guitar lead and rhythm. Currently, he holds the total assets of 340 million dollars, which has made him the second richest guitarist after Jimmy Buffett.

1. Jimmy Buffett:

Jimmy Buffett Top 10 Highest Paid Successful Guitarists 2017

James William Buffett is celebrated with the stage name as Jimmy Buffet. He was born on 25 December 1946 in Pascagoula, Mississippi, United States. He is a famous American musician, author, songwriter, actor as well as a businessman. Along with his band,’Coral Reefer’, Jimmy has recorded many hits including “Come Monday” and “Margaritaville”. In addition to his music career, he holds an expertise in writing as well. He also owns two restaurant chains, known as “Margaritaville” and “Cheeseburger in Paradise” which are named after his famous hit singles. Jimmy, at present, holds a total net worth of 400 million dollars and is the world’s highest-paid guitarist of all times. He is the richest and the most gifted guitarist of today’s time.

Hence, these were the top 10 Richest guitarists in the world according to the records of 2017. They not only rely only on their music career and have acquired fame only in the field of music but also in the field of acting, and in the business world as well and had a massive success across the world. They are highly celebrated for their innovative music composition and are considered the pioneer in the music industry with numerous rewards and recognition under their name.


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