Today Korea is a giant industry when the matter comes to television shows as well as dramas or films. What have strengthened media in the country are amazingly skilled Korean performers, Korean on-screen characters, etc.

Nowadays, Korean actors are remunerated a lot, and however the difference among actors and actresses of the country in respect to compensation is not big but still male Korean celebrities gets more popularity and fame. Through all the payment they get for their performance in episode, they even gross more from their success meetings with admirers. Few of these actors are tremendously endowed with their work and have grossed reputation all over the world. You may be confused about the details of richest Korean actors in 2022, go through below sections to get complete idea:

10. Ji Chang Wook- $42000 per episode:

Richest Korean Actors 2019

Ji Chang Wook is basically a South Korean actor, chiefly prominent throughout the country. This Korean actor received fame after performing the lead character in in drama series entitled Smile Again. Ji started his acting career in musical theatre initially and later made his onscreen debut in year 2006 film entitled Days… as well as he did a small role in year 2008 television drama entitled You Stole My Heart. Besides, he is one the greatest good-looking performing professionals in Korea. Ji has contributed in dramas serial comprising Warrior Dong-soo, Empress Ki, and Healer. It is known that for every scene, the actor charges $42,000, making him rich.

9. Lee Jong Suk- $50300 per episode:

Richest Korean Actors

Lee Jong Suk is essentially an eminent actor from South Korea. Lee started his debut in year 2005 as a runway model, transforming as the youngest male model till date to partake in Seoul Fashion Week. Lee did major at Konkuk University in Professional Motion Pictures Art at and later he earned graduation degree from the university in year 2016. It is known that for every episode, Lee grosses $50,300 which is identical to Song Juung KI. Apart from actor, Lee is too a renowned model, possessing high fan following. He became well-known by his lead roles played in I Can Hear Your Voice, Doctor Strange, Pinocchio, and School 2013.

8. Song Joong KI- $50300 per episode:

Richest Korean Actors

Song Juung KI is essentially a South Korean actor who attained fame by prevalent dramatic series entitled Sungkyukwan Scandal. Korean actor is paid around $50,300 for every episode, making him wealthy. Through drama series, he has even been stayed as host at several shows, as well as he appeared in some movies. He initially rose to prominence in the historical drama entitled Sungkyunkwan Scandal of year 2010 and the show entitled Running Man as one of the unique cast associates when it was released in year 2010. Song performed his initial TV leading character in the melodrama entitled The Innocent Man in year 2012.Few of the celebrated films in which he has performed are Descendant of the Sun and A Werewolf Boy.

7. Lee Min Ho- $58700 per episode:

Richest Korean Actors

Lee Min Ho is considered to be a multitalented celebrity from Korea as he is a singer, an actor, and a model. However his reputation developed when he did giant role in the Boys over Flowers that essentially bestowed him with several awards. Lee Min Ho began auditioning and performed in minor roles in many television dramas like Nonstop 5 and Recipe of Love. Names of prevalent drama series he has contributed are Personal Faith, The Heirs, and City Hunter, apart from that he performed as a lead actor in Gangnam Heirs which is actually one of the widespread Korean films. It is known that for each episode Lee Min Ho charges fee of $58,700.

6. Yoo Ah In- $58700 per episode:

Richest Korean Actors

Yoo Ah In is a South Korean actor who gained major acclaim by Sungkyunkwan Scandal – a celebrated Television series of action, premiered in Korea. Yoo Ah In is also included among the greatest attractive entertainers in entire Korea. He is finest recognized for his characters played in Punch, Secret Love, The Throne, Six Flying Dragons, as well as Veteran. As Yoo Ah is paid $58,700 per scene, he is presently rich Korean actor. For his performance in television and film, Yoo Ah In received Best Actor accolades at the Blue Dragon Film Awards as well as he has been bestowed with Baeksang Arts Awards correspondingly. It is known that in year 2016, he was positioned 2nd in Korea Power Celebrity by Forbes, adding to his fame.

5. Lee Seung GI- $58700 per episode:

Richest Korean Actors

Lee Seung GI has entertained audience by being actor, singer, host and entertainer. He is included amongst the greatest searched on-screen character in entire Korea because of his acting talents. He is prominent for several hit songs namely “Will You Marry Me”, “Because You’re My Woman”, and “Return”. Seung’s achievement as actor, singer, and host grossed him the title- Triple Threat entertainer all over the world. This actor was initially encompassed in Forbes Korea Power Celebrity list in year 2010 with rank 7th, later ranking at 4th position in year 2011 as well as at 6th position in years 2012 and 2015. Last year, Seung started his 21 months of obligatory military service in form of an active duty soldier, participating at Nonsan Army Recruit Training Center in Chungcheongnam-do.

4. So Ji Sub- $67000 per episode:

Richest Korean Actors 2019

So Ji Sub (of age 39 years) was born at Seoul, in South Korea, and presently he is a renowned Korean actor performing man roles. This actor has performed leading roles in several series such as I’m Sorry, Cain and Abel, Oh My Venus, and Master’s Sun, all of these were popular. After performing entertainment debut in form of a jeans model, So Ji Sub became acknowledged for his leading characters in the television series namely I’m Sorry, I Love You , Cain and Abel, Phantom and Master’s Sun and the film Rough Cut. Apart from this, the celebrity has too released many hip-hop EPs. Presently, it is known that he is paid $67,000 for every episode he performs in.

3. Jo In Sung- $67100 per episode:

Richest Korean Actors

Till dae, Jo In Sung has performed numerous noteworthy roles in many television series like The Wind Blows, What Happened in Bali, That Winter, and It’s Okay, that helped him to amass good wealth. Due to his unparalleled acting, he is paid around $67,100 for every episode. It is acknowledged that Jo In Sung has grossed unmatched success with implausible acting in many series praised by fans worldwide. Jo In Sung has capability to convey that charm whenever he is present set through his stellar appearances and acting talents, also he has great talent to join with his friends.

2. Hyun Bin- $83900 per episode:

Richest Korean Actors

Hyun Bin is a prevalent Korean actor, who performed leading roles in many Korean series. It is due to the fact of playing lead roles he charges $83,900 per episode. Hyun has performed few noteworthy prominent roles in My Name is Kim, Secret Garden, and Sam-Soon, all of these provided him great popularity. Furthermore, Hyun attained success after his comeback role done in the drama series namely Jekyll, Hyde, and I that presented him to gross high wealth. However exceptionally this drama turned flopped and didn’t perform well in the end because Korean audiences initially loved it much. An insider from the film industry had discovered that in the coming projects, he may not able to gross such great payment again, nevertheless his enthusiast aspires for him to do so.

1. Kim Soo Hyun- $83900 per episode:

Richest Korean Actors 2019

Kim Soo Hyun is the greatest South Korean actor with high earnings of around $83,900 per episode, making him the maximum paid actor. Till date, he has performed leading characters in My Love from the Star, Dream High, and Moon embracing the Sun. Kim has too performed in many movies like Greatly, the Thieves, and Secretly. It is known that one wouldn’t perceive that he could have been an introvert kid depending on his admiration now. Very few had anticipated him to make career in the Korean dram industry and attain great fame which he is presently holding. His mother was greatest inspiration as she encouraged him to appear in acting classes considering that it would assist him to convey few change in his personality.

In comparison to other actors from diverse countries, Korean actors have surpassed them in terms of acting talents. These richest Korean actors of 2022 continuously focus on their development to further enhance their roles, due to which they have amassed good wealth.



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