The Guardian Of The Goals: Highest Paid & Famous Defenders Of Modern Era

People all across the globe are emotionally attached to the beautiful game known as Football. A 90 minute football match provides lots of up and downs, thrilling moments, marvelous dribbling, magical moments and enthralling saves. The loyal fans are willing to go to any extend to watch their team play. The most underdog position in the history of football have been the position of Defenders.

It is a well known fact that the very best of Attack wins you matches but a even better defence wins you the Titles. The defenders are key members that prevent the opposition teams from scoring. The defenders along with Goalkeepers make a solid base of a dominating team. The major champion teams were built around a solid defense.

The 2014 World Cup Winner German Team had Phillip Lahm , Jerome Boateng and Manuel Neuer, also the 2010 Winner Spanish Team had rock solid partnership of Puyol and Ramos with Iker in the Back Along the time, the importance and salary of defenders has grown significantly. So ,we present you the list of best paid defenders around the World.

Here are the top 10 Highest Paid & Successful Defenders 2017-2018

10. Pepe

Pepe Top Famous Highest Paid Successful Defenders in The World 2018

Teams Real Madrid FC and Portugal National Team
Annual Salary $5.5 million
Net Worth $12.6 million
Kepler Laveran Lima Ferreira known as Pepe plays as Central Defender for elite club Real Madrid FC and Portuguese National Team. He is known for his hard tackling , aggressive mentality and ability to read the game .Pepe has graduated through the ranks Maritimo FC , and was later transferred to FC Porto. Owing to his incredible performances he was signed by Real Madrid FC in 2007. Pepe has been an integral part of Real Madrid FC that has won La Liga , Copa Del Rey , UEFA Champions League and FIFA World Cup. Pepe was also the part of Portuguese team that won the 2016 UEFA European Championship.

9. Diego Godin

Teams Atletico Madrid FC and Uruguay National Team
Annual Salary $7.5 million
Net Worth $20 million
Diego Roberto Godin Leal is a Center Back with an exceptional ability to read the game. The Uruguayan defender plays for Atletico Madrid and has won several trophies with them. Godin joined the youth ranks of C.A. Cerro at the age of 17 . Owing to his maturity and professionalism, he was signed by Spanish Club Villarreal in 2007. Atletico Madrid was keeping an eye on the talented defender and eventually signed him in 2010. So far, Godin has won La Liga, Copa Del Rey, UEFA Europa League and UEFA Super Cup with Atletico Madrid. He was named the Best Defender of La Liga in 2015-16.

8. Gary Cahill

Teams Chelsea FC and England National Team
Annual Salary $5.5 million
Net Worth $23.8 million
A calm headed Center Back, Gary Cahill plays for London bases Club Chelsea and the English National Team. Cahill is applauded for his technical ability, powerful heading and tackling. Cahill was seen as perfect replacement for club Legend John Terry. The man from Dronfeild has graduated from Aston Villa youth ranks and was an integral part of Bolton Wanderers. Chelsea FC signed him in 2012 and he has significant contribution in winning Premier League, FA Cup, Football League Cup, UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League.

7. Vincent Kompany

Teams Manchester City FC and Belgium National Team
Annual Salary $7 million
Net Worth $25 million
The charismatic Captain of Manchester City FC and Belgium National Team, Vincent Kompany is the modern day defender leader that every team requires. An official FIFA ambassador for charity SOS children, Kompany is known for his strong presence, excellent aerial ability and distribution. He is a modern day ball playing center back. Kompany had lead club Manchester City FC to Premier League glory after along gap of 44 years. Apart from that he has won FA cup, FA community shield and Football League Cup. He also had the honor to lead his team in FIFA World Cup .

6. David Luiz

Teams Chelsea FC and Brazil National Team
Annual Salary $6.8 million
Net Worth $27 million
David Luiz hails from the country known for gifted footballers like Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Kaka, Cafu and many more. David Luiz is a new generation Brazilian superstar. Luiz is known for his versatility and power heading. He can play as Central Defender as well as Defensive midfielder. David Luiz Moreira Marinho joined Sao Paulo as a child and after rediscovering his traits, he was signed by Chelsea FC. In his very first season, Luiz won the UEFA Champions League and FA cup. Luiz was then sold to Paris Saint Germain for world record fees of £50 millions. He was re-signed by Chelsea in 2016. SO far David Luiz has won FA Cup, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and Ligue 1, FIFA confederation Cup and many others.

5. Gerard Pique

Gerard Pique Top Popular Highest Paid Successful Defenders in The World 2018

Teams FC Barcelona and Spain National Team
Annual Salary $7 million
Net Worth $28 million
Gerard Pique Bernabeu is a Spanish defender who is a key member of FC Barcelona. Pique is a modern day complete defender. He possess great combination of skills like physical strength, dominant presence and aerial ability. His technical ability and ball distribution is second to none. Pique is a product of La Masia, youth academy of FC Barcelona. He is one of the four players to have won UEFA Champions League two years consecutively with different teams. He also has been regular in Spanish National Team. His impressive list of trophies with club and country includes, Premier League, FA Cup in England and La Liga, Copa Del Rey Uefa Super Cup and FIFA World Cup in Spain. He has won FIFA World cup and Two UEFA European Championship with his national side.

4. Thiago Silva

Teams Paris Saint Germain and Brazil National Team
Annual Salary $9.3 million
Net Worth $36 million
Thiago Emiliano da Silva is a Brazilian defender who plays for French club Paris Saint Germain. Silva established himself as one of the very best in the game during his stay at AC Milan. PSG signed him in 2012 making him the second most expensive defender. Silva was announced as his heir by Italian Legendary Defender Franco Baresi. Silva is considered as one of the fastest defenders in the world. His tackling intelligence with impeccable knowledge of the game is extra ordinary. In his lucrative career he has won Seria A, Super Coppa Italiana , Ligue 1 , coupe de France and FIFA Confederations Cup . He was voted as top two Central Defenders in the World for three years back to back.

3. Giorgio Chiellini

Teams Juventus FC and Italian National Team
Annual Salary $10.8 million
Net Worth $43 million
Chiellini is a versatile professional who is carrying forward the Italian legacy of producing World Class defenders. Chiellini has started as a left back was later shifted to acnetral Defender Role. His aggressive approach, physical dominance and knack of scoring from set pieces make him one of the modern greats. He is capable of leading either a 3 man defence or a 4 man defence. he is known for his exceptional ability to cover ground and initiate counter attacks. His opposition or team members also describe him as a person from another planet. Chiellini has won many prestigious awards and honours for his club and country. Serie A, Seria B , Coppa Italia are some prestigious club trophies that Chiellini had won. For his dedication and hard work he was bestowed as a Knight Cavaliere Ordine al Merito Della Repubblica Italiana in 2004.

2. Sergio Ramos

Teams Real Madrid FC and Spain National Team
Annual Salary $13 million
Net Worth $51 million
Sergio Ramos Garcia, the captain of World’s biggest and elite club Real Madrid FC and Spanish National Side is the complete offensive defender. A defender with athletic ability and a composed mindset along with exceptional crossing ability, and a vision for cunning pass makes him the most lethal defenders of all time. He owns the record of scoring the most number of goals as a Centre Back. After joining REAL Madrid FC, Ramos had went on to win La Liga. UEFA Champions League, Copa del ray and UEFA Super Cup. Ramos was an integral part of the Spanish national team that won The UEFA European Championship and FIFA World Cup.

1. Philipp Lahm

Philipp Lahm Top 10 Highest Paid Successful Defenders in The World 2017

Teams FC Bayern Munich
Annual Salary $15 million
Net Worth $100 million
Philipp Lahm, a German defender who generally plays as Right Back is considered as Modern Greats in the Game. He is the only player to be included in World Cup Team of the Tournament on three consecutive occasions, in 2004, 2010 and 2014. Lahm is known for his pace, technique, stamina and exceptional shooting abilities. Nicknamed as the Magic Dwarf for his short stature Lahm is considered as a complete defender of modern era. His list of Honors and achievements is ever growing and it includes UEFA Champions League, FIFA World Cup, Bundesliga Titles and many more. Lahm was the first defender to set the benchmark of a modern day defender. His loyalty and performances are the reason for his immense net worth.

The modern day football is very demanding and requires every player to posses all round ability. One should be active in both attack and defence in order to capitalize a chance. With the game evolving so much tactically, the role of defenders has been vital then ever. A defender should be able to successfully deny penetration as well as join the forwards in Set pieces and counter attacks. Their lucrative salary is a mere indication of the amount of hard work and training the defenders went through.


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