Formula one also known as F1 is the most revered and fastest racing games in the world. Officially referred as FIA Formula one championship, F1 is the highest class of single-seater auto racing. Formula 1 racing comprises a set of series known as ‘Grand Prix’, a French word which means Great Prizes. And the tracks or circuits, known as Grand Prix Tracks usually consist of 2.5 miles and 12 turns. This game isn’t very old. Its history dates back to 1950’s and it cropped up in popularity in 1980-90’s becoming one of the most loving and popular racing games in the world right now. F1 has left a strong influence on the people. Millions of people enjoy the game by sitting in front of TV set or around the circuit and watching the race.

The game is all about high-tech cars and super talented drivers. At the initial days of this game, cars were only made up from a minimalistic design consisting of an engine, chassis, wheels, and a gas tank. The engines were set up at the front of the cars having superchargers that were limited only to 4 liters. And in size they were as big as a dinosaur but today the scenario is changed. Now technology has developed to the extent where it has probably even surpassed the human beings. The modern F1 cars have wind tunnel, onboard telemetry, portable size and a strong engine of 15000 rpm capable of reaching speed of up to 360 km/h.

Take a look below at the list of top 10 fastest F1 cars in the world as of 2022 which features high technology functions. These features privilege these cars stormy speed, sheer power and overall insane performance.

10. Force India VJM10

Fastest F1 Car 2019

The recent launched Force India VJM10 is placed in 10th position in this list. In February 2017 VJM10 was unveiled when Force India team has pulled off the covers. As VJM09 was unable to impress the racers, VJM10 is specially designed keeping speed factor and demanding style of driving in mind. It made grand entry in racing tracks with 2017 Australian Grand Prix by driver Sergio Perez and Esteban Ocon. Having a kinetic energy electric motor of 15000 RPM, VJM10’s chassis is composed of carbon fiber and honeycomb composite monocoque with zylon side anti-intrusion panels.

9. Toro Rosso STR 12

Fastest F1 Car

Designed and constructed by Scuderia Toro Rosso, STR12 is a formula one racing car which also made his magnificent debut with 2017 Australian Grand Prix. The car was represented by Daniil Kvyat and Carlos Sainz , Jr. This STR model used a new engine this time supplied by Renault power. Fitted with the latest generation of the Renault power unit, Pirelli tires and composite monocoque structure chassis, the car is considered to be the most advanced Toro Rosso yet. This black and blue colored car with multi exceptional features is ranked 9th in this list.

8. Williams FW40

Fastest F1 Car

The Williams FW40 took to the tracks for the first time two days prior to the start of 2017 pre-season testing at Barcelona. The number 40 with its name signifies its 40th anniversary. This British brand started its seasons with Rookie Lance Stroll and Felipe Massa drivers. With wider bodywork, front and rear wings, and fatter tyres this car is a racing sensation right now. Monocoque Chassis is laminated from Carbon proxy and honeycomb surpassing FIA impact. With having a max fuel rate of 100kg/hr and max rpm exhaust turbine of 125,000 rpm, William FW40 has a solid engine which made it ranked in 8th position in fastest F1 cars list.

7. McLaren MCL32

Fastest F1 Car

Known for its success in Formula1 McLaren has always been in headlines due to its tremendous performance. In 2017 McLaren has taken a big step by changing its name. Since its very first day McLaren’s car had a prefix MP4 with its name but this year McLaren has replaced MP4 with MCL followed by a number. Having a total weight of 728kg and 1.6 liter of capacity engine, McLaren MCL32 is presently driven by two world class champion drivers Fernando Alonso and Stoffel Vandoorne. McLaren has applied many technologies in its cars including chassis control, power unit control, sensors, data analysis, telemetry, and data acquisition.

6. Manor MRT05

Fastest F1 Car

Previously Marussia named team made a new start in 2016 and came up with a new name Manor MRT05 with some new exceptional features. With this new model Manor integrated the Mercedes power unit switching from Ferrari power. This change added a boost to its performance. Apart from this, it also made a technical partnership with Williams using Williams gearbox, rear suspension, wheels and brakes. Manor has chosen Mercedes youngster Pascal Wehrlein, Indonesia’s first F1 driver Rio Haryanto and champion Esteban Ocon to represent the team. Having a total weight of 702kg Manor uses a cooling system consisted of Aluminum oil, water and gearbox radiators which prevents engine getting overheated.

5. Mercedes AMG F1 W08 EQ Power+

Fastest F1 Car

A Mercedes-Benz F1 racing car came with a new name this time. Every car uses EQ Power+ and AMG stickers with it which show that Mercedes is trying to increase the exposure to newly launched electric road car brands. Mercedes F1 W08 introduces lots of changes to Chassis design while its powertrain remains the same with a 1.6 liters turbocharged V6 engine. Only 17% of the components in F1 W08 have been carried over from its predecessor. So you can say Mercedes’s this model is designed with latest technology to achieve the highest performance and become the fastest ever in F1. W08 once again chose three time champion Lewis Hamilton as well as a new-comer Valtteri Bottas to represent the car.

4. Sauber C36

Fastest F1 Car

Celebrating its silver jubilee anniversary, Sauber launched C36 this year to compete during 2017 F1 season. Presently Sauber cars come equipped with Ferrari engines but C36 is the last car fitted with Ferrari engine because Sauber team has made a deal to run with Honda powered engines from 2018 seasons to onwards. Sauber C36- Ferrari came with new technical features and regulations. There is not a single part that has been adopted from its C35 predecessor. The C36 is also a bit larger than C35 in size. Apart from front and rear wings, its tyres are also 25% wider which helps maximizing the performance. The car was moved into the tracks by Marcus Ericsson, Antonio Giovinazzi and Pascal Wehrlein in 2017.

3. Lotus E23

Fastest F1 Car 2019

Lotus E23 was first fired up in 2015. Since then it has made a steady place in the list of top 10 fastest F1 cars. Even after having 20 years long partnership with Renault, E23 car came with Mercedes engine becoming Lotus’s only car to use Mercedes engine. Its predecessor E22 didn’t perform well that’ why E23 removed some of its design elements and came up with some new technical features e.g. twin tusk nose was removed and a new Mercedes engine was integrated switching from Renault. With having a carbon fibre plate clutches, the car uses Petronas fuel and lubricants which ensure high quality performance. This car is driven by Romain Grosjean and Pastor Maldonado.

2. Ferrari SF70H

Fastest F1 Car

The second fastest F1 car is Ferrari SF70H which is driven by world champion Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikonnen. Sebastian won 2017 Australian Grand Prix with this car. Ferrari SF70H is the only F1 car that uses its own power engine, Ferrari 062. Like all other cars, it also features wider tyres, a wilder front wings and wider rear wings. Not only this car looks the most stylish and complete cars but also proved to be fast, quick and reliable.

1. Red Bull RB13

Fastest F1 Car

Red Bull RB13 is the fastest Formula 1 car. Designed and built to be the fastest F1 car, RB13 features Renault’s latest power engine which is faster than its 2016 predecessor. Its chassis is built of composite monocoque structure carrying the Tag Heuer power unit as fully stressed member. Having a maximum RPM of 15,000, its engine consists of 6 cylinders which help it to boost up the speed. To drive the car, Red Bull has once again employed the same driver pairing of Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen.

Above are the top 10 fastest F1 cars in the world as of 2022. F1 cars are completely different from regular cars. They are an engineering marvel in the area of sport cars which have achieved the highest level of perfection. The technology used in these cars is just phenomenal in every way


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