Entertainment no doubt has become a part and parcel of our daily life. When we are tired after a hard day’s job, all we want is some relaxation from the world of entertainment which comes to us as cinema. The Korean film industry has come up with some of the stunning films and there are artists who contribute in making such stunning films. They come up with films which are excellent in treatment and the acting is also splendid.

In this section, we are going to talk about the top 10 highest paid Korean actor. It is going to give an insight to the Korean film industry and it will bring out the excellence of the stars, going on to prove why they are the top 10 right now. It is said that they are versatile in their approach and apart from being good looking they steal the show because of their skill which rightly makes them the highest paid Korean actors in 2022.

10. Ji Chang Wook

Highest Paid Korean Actors 2019

Ji Chang Wook is the South Korean actor who is 29 years old and charges 42000 USD for each scene that he works for. He came to limelight after he worked in the daily soap Smile Again. He has worked in various drama serials which include Healer, Empress Ki, Warrior Dong-soo and much more. The young Anyang, South Korean actor looks charming and very soon after his debut became the heartthrob of millions of people. Some of his notable films include Sleeping Beauty, How to Use Guys with Secret Tips, Fabricated City, Death Bell 2 Bloody Camp and The Long Way Home.

9. Song Joong KI

Highest Paid Korean Actors

He is also a South Korean actor, who became famous after his performance in the historical play Sungkyunkwan Scandal. He acts in films, tv series as well as he anchored many successful shows. The actor charges 50300 USD per each scene. Some of the notable films where he has acted are Descendent of the Solar, A Werewolf Boy, A Frozen Flower, Five Senses of Eros, The Grand Heist, Penny Pinchers and Battleship Island.

8. Lee Jong Suk

Highest Paid Korean Actors

Lee Jong Suk is yet another South Korean actor, who started his career as a model before he went ahead to join the film industry. He is one of the youngest models who worked for Seoul Fashion Week. He started his career as an actor from the short film known as Sympathy. Suk charges 50300 USD per episode. Some of the notable performances come from the films like I Can Hear Your Voice, Doctor Stranger, School 2013 and Pinocchio along with Prosecutor Princess, I Hear Your Voice, High Kick-Revenge of the Short Legged and much more. His talent as well his good look made him one of the popular stars in Korea.

7. Yoo Ah In

Highest Paid Korean Actors

Yoo Ah In the young actor rose to fame after he acted in the TV series Sungkyunkwan Scandal. This is one of the action series and this made Yoo Ah In, come into the limelight. This 29 years actor is one of the top paid Korean actor. He is also considered as the charming actors of Korea and is the heartthrob. He charges 58700 USD per episode. Some of the notable acts can be seen in Secret Love Affair, Six Flying Dragons, The Throne, Secret Love, Punch and much more like Veteran.

6. Lee Seung Gi

Highest Paid Korean Actors

Lee Seung Gi is another South Korean actor who is better known for his versatile performances. The actor is a good singer also. He is yet another actor who is known for acting in various Tv series and films and has bagged the Best New Actor Award in Televisions. He charges nearly 59000 USD. Gangnam Blues is the debut movie of the actor along with Bounty Hunters which is his China produced film. You`re My Girl, Return, Will You Marry Me are some of the notable films which earned him fame.

5. Lee Min Ho

Highest Paid Korean Actors

Lee Min Ho is one South Korean actor who is a fine singer too.He is one of the richest  Korean actors right now and he charges nearly 62000 USD per episode. He gained huge acclamation with the Boys Over Flowers, which got him quite a few awards like the Best New Actor award for acting in television and along with it the Baeksang Arts Awards and the Seoul international Drama Award. Some of the notable dramas include Private Religion, The Heirs as well as Metropolis Hunter. The Public Enemy Returns and Our School’s E.T are his other notable films, which made him even more popular. He will always be remembered for his classic acting in the film Gangnam Blues. It is really great to see these young actors becoming popular in their own right.

4. So Ji Sub

Highest Paid Korean Actors

So Ji Sub is yet another South Korean actor who is known to be one of the highest paid Korean actors right now. He stepped in the entertainment world with his debut as a model for a brand of jeans. This paved his way to the television industry and he soon stole the show becoming a popular actor in the daily soaps. He started charging 67000 USD per episode. The television series I`m Sorry, Cain and Abel, I Love You, Oh My Venus and Master`s Sun made him immensely popular among the viewers. His true acclamation came from his drama Grasp`s Solar. Can’t Live Without Robbery, A Company Man, Sophie’s Revenge, Kitaro and the Millennium Curse, Always, The Throne are some of the notable movies that have earned him a great acclamation.

3. Jo In Sung

Highest Paid Korean Actors

The 35 years old young South Korean actor, Jo In Sung earned fame acting in the television serial like Wind Blows, What Happened in Bali, That Winter, It’s Okay and much more. Now he charges nearly 67300 USD per episode. He is tall and quite good looking and along with his natural acting talent. Apart from acting in television, he has acted in quite a number of films and have earned popularity. Some of the notable films include Public Toilet, The Classic, Madeleine, A Dirty Carnival, The King, Love Impossible, A Frozen Flower and much more. He is versatile and is very popular among people.

2. Hyun Bin

Highest Paid Korean Actors 2019

The South Korean actor Hyun Bin, came to known as one of the most popular drama stars of the Korean Television and have earned famed by his notable acting in the Secret Garden, My Name is Kim, Sam-Soon and much more. His natural acting has earned him fame. He has always played the lead role in the daily soap. Now he charges 83900 USD per episode. He is young, handsome and tall and in no time became one of the favorite actors.Other than television, he acts in films too, and some of the notable films he has acted include Daddy Long Legs, Late Autumn, Spin Kick, I Am Happy, Come Rain, Come Shine, A Millionaire’s First Love, The Fatal Encounter, Confidential Assignment are some of them.

1. Kim Soo Hyun

Highest Paid Korean Actors

The Korean actor Kim Soo Hyun is the highest paid actor right now. He is always best known for acting in the television dramas like Moon Embracing the Sun, The Producers and the My Love from the Star along with Dream High and The Thieves and Secretly. He charges nearly 84000 USD. His success in the television series has earned him the acclamation of being called as the top Hallyu star.

Hence we would sum it up that the Korean entertainment industry includes the television as well as the films. It is really interesting to know about the highest paid Korean stars right now. One thing must be noted that each one of the actors is versatile and are talented and possibly that is one of the reasons we get to see the top 10 highest paid Korean actors 2022.


  1. Dandy! This guy is cute, girls! Kim is only 29 year old and he has achieved a lot in this short period. He is the second highest paid Korean actor of the year 2017. Kim Soo Hyun acts in Dramas and Movies too. He got his education in Theatre and Films too so obviously he will be a good actor. And guys he also earns around $83,900. Wow guys! Wow!


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