Ten Highest Paid & Most Successful Employees In India: The Higher The Responsibility, The Better The Pay Package

It is not so simple to become one of the 10 highest paid employees in India right now. A person reaching the top level management has to take a whole lot of responsibilities. It takes a lot of time and patience to reach the epitome of success. Most of the times the success of an individual employee depends on the overall well-being of the company. Let’s have a small tour through 10 highest paid employees in India right now.

10. Navin Agarwal

Navin Agarwal Top Popular Highest Paid-Successful Employees in India 2017

Navin Agarwal stands out to be one of the highest paid employees and he works as a Chairman in the company Vedanta. He draws the annual salary of nearly Rs 5.1 Crore. This gentleman works hard so that the company concentrates on meeting the well-being of itself. At the same time, he is constantly looking forward in the development of the socio-economic structure. He is attached to the company for the last 25 years. He has been successfully handling all the strategic plannings for the company. He is highly acclaimed for his strategies regarding the working with the management and under his able guidance the company has seen the supreme benefits and the turnover of the company have also seen the rising growth rate.

9. Y.C.Deveshwar

Y.C Deveshwar, the chairman of ITC and he is the man behind the exceptionally well-planned strategies. He draws an annual salary of Rs 15.3 Crore, which makes him one of the 10 highest paid employees in India right now. He has been working relentlessly and has given the company the boost that was needed. The strategies implemented by him earned him the rank of being the 7th Best Performing CEO in the world and this felicitation was from the Harvard Business panel. ITC went ahead and became one of the prestigious FMCG companies in India. Mr. Deveshwar is the longest serving CEO and he went ahead to win the Padma Bhushan.

8. K.M.Birla

K.M. Birla, who is the Non-executive director and the Chairman of the company UltraTech and he draws nearly Rs 18 Crores as an annual salary. He took over as a chairman of the Aditya Birla Group and under his able guidance, the company had seen the change in the turnover from 2 billion USD to nearly 41 billion USD. Hence his guidance proved that a young, energetic and agile leader can make this remarkable and phenomenal change in the growth rate of the company. Now the Aditya Birla Group is operating in nearly 36 countries all over the world.

7. Rajiv Bajaj

Rajiv Bajaj, who is the MD of Bajaj Auto is one of the 10 highest paid employees in India right now, earning an annual salary of nearly Rs 20.5 Crores. He has guided the company with the strategies and these have helped the company to see a rise in the revenue generation of the company. He joined the company which is based in Pune and this stands out to be the 2nd largest company which manufactures two-wheelers. Mr. Rajiv Bajaj initiated the company to come out with the Bajaj Pulsar motorcycles. This has enabled the company to earn quite predominantly, which has added to the revenue generation.

6. N. Chandrasekaran

Mr. N. Chandrasekaran happens to be the MD and CEO of the TCS, which pays him an annual salary of nearly 21.3 Crores. He happens to lead one of the India’s major IT companies and possibly the youngest CEO of the Tata group of companies. It must be mentioned that the company TCS ( Tata Consultancy Services) under the guidance of Mr.N. Chandrasekaran had seen a huge revenue generation of as huge as 16.5 billion USD. He is certainly the one who initiated in this giant leap which is quite a huge sum of revenue.

5. Sunil Mittal

Sunil Mittal Top Most Popular Highest Paid-Successful Employees in India 2018

Sunil Mittal is attached with Bharti Airtel, as a Chairman and stands as one of the 10 highest paid employees in India right now. He is currently earning an annual salary of Rs 27.2 Crores. He is considered to be one of the phenomenal entrepreneurs and at the same time, he is termed as the patron or a philanthropist. It was under his initiation that Bharti Airtel is termed as the 3rd largest telecom companies and this result is based on the number of subscribers of Bharti Airtel. Now the company has unfolded the 4G services and now the company under his leadership are looking out for a broader continuum. This is not the end, the company under the guidance of Mr. Mittal, have started promoting and working for the better education and other well being in the villages which are being carried out under the brand of Bharti Foundation.

4. Aditya Puri

The MD of the HDFC Bank turns out to be earning large as Rs 32.8 Crores. He is known as the highest paid employee for the last 3 years. At the same time, he is also one of the employees who had been serving in HDFC as an organization. That is one of the reasons he is looked up almost as a father figure of HDFC. He is considered as the founder of the HDFC bank. One thing needs to be mentioned that Puri, leads a very simple life and believe it or not, he still does not use a smartphone.

3. D.B.Gupta

D.B.Gupta, the Chairman in the company Lupin gets an annual salary of nearly Rs 37.6 Crores. The chemistry professor got hold of a very small vitamin company in the year 1968, and now this D.B.Gupta has taken the company Lupin, making it one of India’s largest generic company. Strange but true, the company draws even more than Us and Japan. The company is generating a huge revenue of nearly 1 billion USD. To get hold of the world commerce Lupin managed to get hold of Gavin by 2015, and now they went on to have a large research hub in Florida.

2. Pawan Munjal

The CEO and CMD of the Hero Moto Corp earns an annual salary of nearly Rs 43.9 Crores and stands to be one of the 10 highest paid employees in India right now. Hero Moto Corp is undoubtedly the largest motorcycle manufacturing company and the person relentlessly working behind are the workers and more importantly the mastermind of Pawan Munjal. The shy man of 57 years comes up to generate a great revenue for the company, who is always ready to implement the technological advancement in the machines.

1. C.P. Gurnani

C.P. Gurnani Top Most Famous Highest Paid-Successful Employees in India 2018

C.P. Gurnani, the CEO and MD of Tech Mahindra, earns a huge an annual average of Rs 165.6 Crores, is better known as CP among the company personals. He is the mastermind which actually turned the journey of Mahindra Satyam, which was the earlier name before it merged with the Tech Mahindra. The company has changed quite a level under the leadership of C.P.Gurnani. The company has spread out immensely all over the world in the 32 years of the career Gurnani has implemented all in Tech Mahindra, what he has acquired while he was with other niche companies. And now he stands out to be 10 highest paid employees in India right now.

So to sum up out of all the 10 highest paid employees in India right now, one thing is noticeable that they are dedicated and have taken great pain to become one of the 10 highest paid employees in India right now. Intelligence, hard work and dedication pave the way to make a company and a load of responsibilities are to be taken to become one of the 10 highest paid employees in India right now.


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