10 Highest Paid & Most Successful Baseball Players Right Now

The following list of the highest paid or successful baseball players right now includes the best MLB players at the moment. The most efficient MLB players are the players who have regularly displayed their talents and passion for the game in various matches. They may be experienced pitchers or the best shortstops of the baseball matches.

These sportsmen have gained popularity and success by ranking top among all other players. This rank is also given on the basis of the number of fans follow these baseball players and how well they have performed in each match compare to other players in the same position. Thus, here is a rundown of the top 10 highest paid/successful baseball players right now in the year 2017-2018:

Checkout the top 10 Highest Paid & Most Successful Baseball Players in 2017-2018

10. Max Scherzer

Max Scherzer Top Popular Highest Paid-Successful Baseball Players 2017

He plays for RHP, Washington Nationals. He was a member of a posh company in the year 2016 and very soon created history by becoming the sixth pitcher to win the “Cy Young Award” in the game of baseball in every single league played by him. He is a winner play who has a record of a strikeout game of 20, two no-hitters, and five continuous MLB leagues with over 200 strikeouts. He is soon going to 33 of age, but he is still going strong in the game of baseball.

9. Madison Bumgarner

He is a player of LHP of San Francisco Giants. Madison has won the game off Mets in the NL Wild Card Game. He is the champion of three “World Series” and two “Silver Slugger Awards”. He is popularly known to be a left-handed pitcher with a number of strikeouts. He has more awards such as “Babe Ruth Award”, “Willie Mac Award”, “National League All-Star” and much more.

8. Paul Goldschmidt

He plays for the Arizona Diamondbacks under MBL. In the year 2014, he was awarded “MLB All-Star Game” for the fourth time. By 2015 he had already won “Gold Glove Award, and “Silver Slugger Award” for the second time. Other achievements of Goldschmidt included “95 RBI”, “24 homers”, “a 0.297 average”. As compared to other 33 homers, he has got “110 RBI and 0.321 average”. He has set a high bar for many other players in MLB. At the moment he is entering in his 29 age season where one can expect him to play with full force.

7. Buster Posey

He is one of the eminent players of the San Francisco Giants. He is the proud winner of “National League Rookie of the Year Award”, and “MVP Trophy”. He is among the best of baseball batsman. Previously, he was the “Buster-hugging” primary player of the “Giant’s Championship”. His position had declined in the previous year as his skimpiest home run had to be added up to 14 and he had the lowest average of 0.288 in the entire MLB season. But he is gradually improving his game. He has reached 30 which is quite an old age for a catcher. Once he had known to be the best “pitch-farmer”, a title given by the “StatCorner” when he had won the “Gold Glove Award” for the first time. If Posey is given a number of reps in the first base, then the Giants can eventually utilize his game to the fullest. He is an imminent player holding a valuable position in the baseball game.

6. Andrew McCutchen

He is the baseball outfielder of the Pittsburgh Pirates of MLB. His career started in the year 2009 when he started playing for MBL. He has been picked up as the “All-Stars Game” for five times and also was one of the nominated members in “NL Most Valuable Player” in 2013. McCutchen is supposed to play under Pittsburgh Pirates, according to a contract till 2017 which can be extended till 2018. Presently, he is the player of National League MVP” who id showing a decline in his baseball career.

5. Josh Donaldson

Josh Donaldson Top Most Popular Highest Paid-Successful Baseball Players 2018

He is the player of the Toronto Blue Jays in MLB. Recently, he may have been a decline in his baseball career at the age of 31 in the MLB season, but he has created so many records while reaching this position. He had his golden years from 2013 to 2016. During these years he had been given the rank two in baseball with 30.5 WAR. He was one of the top MVP baseball players by public voting and eventually won a grand prize in the year 2015. In 2016, he had hit “37 homers” with “99 RBI” and had a higher OPS which was calculated to be 0.953. Though due to a bad fate, he was having a severe injury in his calf that prevented him from performing well in the leagues but presently he is ready to set new records. He is going to be the most powerful and efficient player for the Blue Jays at the moment.

4. Miguel Cabrera

He is popularly known as a designated hitter, first batsman, third batsman for the team Detroit Tigers in MLB. Presently, he is 34 years and has begun to show a decline in his performances. But we should not forget that he has been the winner of “All-Star Awards” for eleven times, two times winner of “AL MVPs” and also has the “Triple Crown” in his career of baseball leagues. He is always focused and determined whenever he plays his game.

3 Bryce Harper

He is both the outfielder and left fielder for the team Washington Nationals in MBL. In the year 2015 when he had won “NL MVP Award,” it appeared as if he would create more records. But unfortunately, in the year 2016, he had a major setback as his OPS score decline from 1.109 to as low as 0.814. This was due to his injury in his shoulder. But this year he has performed well and has scored a good score of eight home runs. As he is just 24 years of age a lot can be expected from him in the near future. But at the moment he has already been nominated three times for “All-Star Awards” and won the “Rookie of the Year Award”.

2. Clayton Kershaw

He is the best pitcher of the team Los Angeles Dodgers in MLB. He just plays 30 games in a year and still has been given the second position in this list. He is the only pitcher at the age of 28 years who can play so well. Kershaw is trying his level best to level up with the famous player Sandy Koufax with a record of 126-60, 9.8 strikeouts per nine innings, 2.37 ERA and has been awarded three times with “NL Cy Young Awards” and once with “NL MVP”. Though he could not perform well in the last season due to his injury in his bank still he a score of 6.5 WAR compared to other pitchers.

1. Mike Trout

Mike Trout Top Most Famous Highest Paid-Successful Baseball Players 2018

Playing for the team Los Angeles Angels, he is one of the best center fielders among the other baseball players. He is just 25 years of age and have won two “AL MVP Awards” and holds at least the second position in the “MVP Voting” since the year 2012. Presently he has a WAR of 47.4 which is the best one baseball player can have in a time period of four years.

The above list was prominently based on the track record, potential, and star wattage of a baseball player. The track record of a player is the number of achievements the baseball player has received till now. This list discusses the potential of each player to climb up the ladder of success in this MBL. Finally, the star wattage is very important for any baseball player to make him popular and successful.


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