11 Countries With Highest Exports in The World

In order to succeed your business in terms of exporting, majority of products must rank high in terms of its sell to another party. Today topmost exporting countries play a serious role in the world trade, catering needs of other countries. Such exporting countries export the services and goods manufactured within their countries to majority of the countries and even to those in utmost requirements. These services and goods are later acquired by consumers suiting to diverse parts of the world. Few of the chief exports exported by top exporting nations include consumables, textiles and clothing, machinery, petroleum and petroleum products, electrical goods, plastics etc.

Get the complete details of the countries ranking high in export business today, by reading below sections:

11. Russia

Russia Top Popular Countries With Highest Exports in The World 2017

Presently Russia secures the eighth major economy in the world in matter of gross domestic product and ranked sixth in matter of purchasing power equivalence. This country is sanctified with a plenty of valuable metals and fossil fuels, such as natural gas, oil, and coal. Though the country was too hit with a decline, it has usually continued the international financial catastrophe. Its chief exports are petroleum and related petroleum goods, natural gas, wood, wood products, metals, chemicals, military hardware and missiles. It is known that its major export clients are the China at 6.5 percent, Netherlands at 12.3 percent, Germany at 4.6 percent, Italy at 5.6 percent, and Poland at 4.3 percent.

10. United Kingdom

UK currently has the sixth biggest economy in the world in matter of gross domestic product and positioned eighth in matter of purchasing power parity. It is known that on a per capita base, its gross domestic product (briefly as GDP) stands at the 22nd place in the world, in terms of nominal as well as purchasing power parity. In terms of export business, UK’s main products are manufactured goods, chemicals, sup, food, tobacco and drinks. Its chief export associates are Germany, which is responsible for 11.6 percent of its export business, as well as the US, which attain 10.6 percent of the trade of all the countries.

9. Italy

Italy has the ninth biggest economy in the world in concern of average gross domestic product. The country is the tenth major in terms of purchasing power parity as well as it has an exceedingly developed infrastructure along with expanded industrial economy. Italy’s chief exports are textiles and clothing, engineering products, motor vehicles, production machinery, transport equipment, food, chemicals, beverages, minerals, tobacco, and nonferrous metals. It is known that its prime export partners are France at 11.57 percent, Germany at 12.6 percent, Spain at 5.69 percent, the United Kingdom at 5.13 percent, the United States at 5.92 percent, and Switzerland at 4.69 percent.

8. South Korea

South Korea owns the 15th position in list of biggest economy in the world. Its major export products are wireless telecommunication equipment, semiconductors, computers, motor vehicles, steel, ships and petrochemicals. Its foremost export partners are the United States at 10.1 percent, China at 24.4 percent, as well as Japan at 7.1 percent. The country’s major companies are amongst the world’s topmost players through a diversity of sectors including shipbuilding, electronics, automobiles, and steel. Top brands of South Korea include Samsung, the world’s biggest manufacturer of televisions and smartphones, Hyundai Motor Company, POSCO, Hyundai Heavy Industries, etc.

7. Netherlands

The Netherlands secures the 17th place in list of biggest economy in the world; however its high per capita income places it amongst the ten prosperous nations on world. The country’s economy is renowned because of the international financial crisis, with the economy deteriorating, banks transforming bankrupt and unemployment increasing. Netherlands is expert in trading, having designed the stock market in world. Its chief exports are chemicals, machinery and equipment, fuels and food items. Chief export partners are Belgium at 13.7 percent, Germany at 25.4 percent, the United Kingdom at 8.8 percent, France at 8.9 percent, and Italy at 5.2 percent.

6. Hong Kong

Notwithstanding a comparatively minor population of around 7.2 million, the country is the Asia’s fourth and world’s fifth major export nation, with exports worth of more than $525 billion. It is known that China is Hong Kong’s major trading partner, responsible for 54% of complete exports. The US and the EU too account for 9.9% and 9.7% correspondingly for export from Hong Kong. Some other chief trading partners include Singapore, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea. The major exports of this country are gems and precious metals (14.2%), electronic equipment (49.8% of total exports), engines, machines, technical equipment (2.7%), medical, and plastics (2.3%).

5. France

France Top Most Popular Countries With Highest Exports in The World 2018

France is considered to have the fifth major economy in the world in and it stands at ninth place in figures of purchasing power parity. The country has continuously been one of the greatest developed economies on world, with major exports like agricultural products, transportation, machinery, plastics, chemicals, aircraft, pharmaceuticals, steel, iron, beverages and electronics. Leading partners are United States 5.65 percent, Italy at 8.16 percent, Germany at 15.68 percent, Belgium 7.44 percent, Spain at 7.8 percent, United Kingdom 7.04 percent, and the Netherlands at 3.99 percent.

4. Japan

Japan is supposed to rank the third largest economy all over the world in and placed fourth in purchasing power equivalence. The country has the principal electronics goods industry, while its major exports are semiconductors, motor vehicles, auto parts, iron and steel, plastic materials and power generating machinery. Its prominent export partners include the United States at 8.9 percent, China at 21.5 percent, Saudi Arabia at 5.9 percent, Australia at 6.6 percent, the United Arab Emirates at 5 percent and South Korea at 4.7 percent. Being an export based economy, Japan is hub to various leading multinational companies

3. Germany

Germany is believed to rank the fourth largest economy in the world and placed fifth in matter of purchasing power equivalence. However not sanctified with raw materials as it merely has potash salt and lignite accessible in significant amounts, it is still the second major exporter all over the world, with exports business responsible for a third part of its economic production. Germany’s export goods include chemicals, machinery, motor vehicles, computer and electronic products, pharmaceuticals, transport equipment, food items, electrical equipment, metals, textiles, rubber and plastic products.

2. United States

The United States has the biggest economy all over the world, having its purchasing power responsible for a fifth of the worldwide gross domestic product. Sanctified with natural resources as well as extremely developed infrastructure, US is one of the richest countries on world. Its exports business include industrial supplies and materials, capital goods, automobiles and its components, consumer goods, food, feed, fuel and petroleum products beverages, aircraft and its associated constituents. The major export partners of US include Mexico at 14 percent, Canada at 18.9 percent, Japan at 4.5 percent, China at 7.1 percent, and the United Kingdom at 3.5 percent.

1. China

China Top Most Famous Countries With Highest Exports in The World 2018

China tops the list with supreme export business and secures the second position as major economy in the world. It mostly exports data processing equipment, electrical machinery, apparel, iron, textiles, steel, optical and medical apparatus. Main exports partners of China are Australia at 4.6 percent, Germany 5.3 percent, the United States at 6.8 percent, and Japan at 11.2 percent. In the initial 3 quarters of year 2016, 19 nations established 88 inquiries into Chinese exports worth over $10 billion. The United States essentially has been a violent fighter against Chinese abandoning, establishing 14 probes into exports of value $5.8 billion.

A country can assist another country when needed in terms of business; this is the base of export. All these countries excel in wide range of goods productions capable to cater global requirements.


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