It is being considered that perfect curvaceous figures with ideal vital stats are the perfect to get into the business of modeling. Although many women can’t have such figure without trainer and dietician and therefore can’t relate to them.

The emergence of trendy and gorgeous plus size models have evoked a loud message all around the world that you don’t just need a curvaceous body to flaunt yourself. Even the chubby girls can get the modelling assignments if they are pumped up with enough confidence to rock the ramp. Here we have enlisted top ten plus size models from all around the world in 2022. Let’s take a sneak-peek over them.

10. Tia Duffy:

Hottest Plus Size Models In The World 2019

Tia Duffy is one mesmerizing plus size Irish model that have taken a storm in the modelling industry. This deep-eyed Irish beauty is flaunting her plus size figure gracefully at every ramp she walks in. although she says that she will never forget the taunts and derogatory comments about her size in the Irish fashion world. Since they rejected Tia to work with them, she headed towards New York fashion industry. She says that Irish fashion industry is behind the times and they don’t see the talent. A documentary Inside Skinny follows Tia Duffy’s struggle of losing weight and becoming the biggest plus model.

9. Katya Zharkova:

Hottest Plus Size Models In The World

Katya Zharkova is a successful Russian plus size model that has managed to make a great place for herself in the fashion industry. She holds the privilege of being the first plus size model to get a place in Russia’s cosmopolitan magazine. With the size 14, she stands 5 foot 10 inches tall. She has made a graceful appearance in many campaigns, especially for Forever21. Along with this she also gives appearance in many magazines raising awareness about the standards set by the people for the models. She is one live example of how even a plus size model could be as sexy and hot as she is. She is in the industry since she was 14 years of age.

8. Denise Bidot:

Hottest Plus Size Models In The World

Yet another size 14 model who has set another level of criteria for modelling is Denise Bidot. Extremely gorgeous and beautiful, Denise is the Puerto Rican/Kuwait Miami-born model. She has made appearances in many campaigns including the one for Forever 21 and Old navy. Although she never thought of becoming a model, therefore after working in few acting assignments looked up for taking makeup artistry professionally. However, one day while working some close friend suggested her to take a chance in front of the camera and since then she never looked back and become one successful plus size model. She is a heartthrob and an inspiration for millions of girls.

7. Ashley Graham:

Hottest Plus Size Models In The World

After working on some of the high-profile campaigns like Addition Elle, Nordstrom and Target, Ashley Graham has secured one top notch position in the segment of plus size models. She was the face of curvy fashion in 2015 when she was featured as a lingerie model. She got the privilege of being the first plus size model that was show cast in Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. She has made her gracious presence in many high-profile magazines like Glamour, Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar.

6. Candice Huffine:

Hottest Plus Size Models In The World

With US size 12, Candice Huffine is one glamorous and gracious model that has gained much popularity by being the first ever plus-size model to appear in Pirelli calendar in the year 2015. Along with Candice, the calendar showed a number of models who are from a discrete race, color, shape and age. She has been featured twice on the cover of Vogue Italia and never sizes to work even harder to get the popularity. She is often found speaking about her body and how proud she is to have it. It is reported that when Candice was offered to lose 15 pounds to get the new assignment she refused it bluntly.

5. Precious Lee:

Hottest Plus Size Models In The World 2019

Precious is the first black plus size model who has attained so much attention in the recent past. By appearing in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue as a black plus size model her career graph reached its peak and after that, she never looked back. She also got the privilege to be the first black plus-size model to appear in the Vogue magazine. Precious is not only graceful and gorgeous when it comes to the modelling assignments she works on but she also flaunts her skin, eyes and other features in her Instagram page that have millions of followers appreciating her moves and her charisma.

4. Tara Lynn:

Hottest Plus Size Models In The World

Tara Lynn worked as a normal girl in the grocery stores and fast food restaurants until she turned up becoming a plus size model. With her chubby and full figure, she had never thought of coming into this field but fate has something surprising for her in the store. She appeared in the Vogue Italian magazine where she got featured in lingerie and seducing poses. She flaunts her beauty and curvaceous figure gracefully and got millions of fan followers just after doing a few assignments. She is now doing lingerie ads and shoots and representing retailers on a large scale.

3. Nadia Aboulhosn:

Hottest Plus Size Models In The World

Exotically beautiful and gorgeous Nadia Aboulhosn is not only a plus size model but a fashion blogger as well. She is an extremely talented businesswoman who is doing just wonderful in her area of fashion blogging and making fashion for major retailers. Although having Lebanese roots Nadia is a model from Miami. With her curvaceous figure and awesome personality, she is on the verge of becoming a top rated plus size model in the coming time. She is also termed as ‘The New Kim Kardashian’ for being awe strikingly gorgeous.

2. Kate Upton:

Hottest Plus Size Models In The World

Kate Upton being 5 foot ten inches tall and weighing 140 pounds might not be suitable for being a plus size model but her fuller figure makes her stand into the same category. She is very proud of her body and flaunts it in the modelling assignments she gets. She reveals her perfectly curvaceous body on the ramp just as flawlessly as she could. She is considered as one of the most admired fuller figured sex icon in the fashion industry.

1. Tess Holliday:

Hottest Plus Size Models In The World

With the US size 22, Tess Holliday is sexy, stylish and bold. She had millions of followers on Instagram and she is not leaving any stone unturned to bring out the best for all the plus size women all over the world. Being rejected many times for being small and large, she keeps on trying harder and finally made an appearance when she was 20 years old in the documentary Heavy. She was signed to a Milk Model management and got the privilege of becoming the largest model to be signed by any mainstream agency.

These models have changed the thinking and the mindset of people of accepting only the slim models. These influential and jaw-dropping curvaceous beauties are worth adorable and appreciable. They have made the world of fuller women happier and inspire them to do well in whatsoever field they are without being guilty of how they look.


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