To be a Victoria’s Secret model is a privilege in itself. While they are considered as the top notch models they are also the richest and priced women. The supermodels of Victoria’s Secret are not beautiful physically but their charm and persona are too impressive to be noted.

They are treated as inspiring figures for the girls urging to become a model. If you are a model for Victoria’s Secret you have won half the task of being a successful model in the fashion industry. The earning and popularity reach its peak after joining their team. Here we have jotted the names of top ten highest paid models from Victoria’s Secret in 2021. Check it out!

10. Candice Swanepoel

Highest paid Victoria secret models 2019

Starting her modelling career when she was just 15 years of age she got the chance to be Victoria’s Secret at the age of 22. She is considered as the youngest model to get the place in Victoria’s Secret modelling campaign. The result of which, she started earning a lot of money in her age and therefore got enlisted in the Forbes top ten lists of highest earning youngsters. She has got a strong fan base and is the heartthrob of millions of people all around the world.

9. Jasmine Tookes

Highest paid Victoria secret models

In order to unveil the bedazzling Fantasy Bra Jasmine Tookes was chosen as Victoria’s Secret angel. She walked the ramp with around 9000 precious gems studded all over the Fantasy Bra and awestruck the people sitting in the crowd. 25 years old Jasmine Tookes is one the highest paid Victoria’s Secret model that took around $5 million.

8. Taylor Hill

Highest paid Victoria secret models

Taylor Hill is one of the most admired angels in Victoria’s Secret team of models. She is paid a hefty amount for her projects with the company and glamorises Victoria’s Secret lingerie brand to manifolds. Recently she also got signed by a cosmetic brand Maison Lanca Me and used to earn around $6 million. She is one gorgeous looking personality of the Victoria’s Secret that has millions of fans worldwide.

7. Lily Aldridge

Highest paid Victoria secret models

Lily Aldridge is one the most beautiful and graceful model in Victoria’s Secret angel’s team. She has worked really hard to make a significant place in the fashion industry since the time she started her career at the tender age of 16. In today’s date, she took around $8 million for her work which is quite a big amount. With the coming days, she is going to do wonder this is for sure.

6. Gigi Hadid

Highest paid Victoria secret models

She made the people go on knees over her when she walked the ramp at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Paris in 2016. Flawlessly beautiful and highly gorgeous Gigi Hadid had to suffer a wardrobe malfunction during the ramp when one of the straps from her bondage style lingerie got fallen off. But Gigi managed to walk confidently in the ramp winning the heart of millions of people. She earns around $13 million every year.

5. Joan Smalls

Highest paid Victoria secret models

With her annual earnings of about $16 million, Joan Smalls has managed to get a constant position in the the the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in the consecutive years from 2011 to 2016. At the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in held in Paris, she beautifully carries the black lingerie and walked the ramp amazingly. She is Victoria’s Secret beautiful angel hailing from Puerto Rico.

4. Kendall Jenner

Highest paid Victoria secret models

With her annual income of $18 million, Kendall Jenner has managed to attain the position of the 4th highly paid model from the gang of the Victoria’s Secret. She also got ranked in the Forbes List for being 16th most earning models in the year 2015. With her gorgeous looks and charismatic personality, she is grabbing a lot of attention and growing her fan followers with each passing day.

3. Liu Wen

Highest paid Victoria secret models

She is the first model that got an entry in Victoria’s Secret angels from East Asia. With her annual earning of $35 million she also has the privilege of being the first Asian model to get listed in the Forbes magazine as one of the highest paid models. She was born in china and become a model when she was in her teenage. Along with working as Victoria’s Secret angel she also endorses a number of brands and campaigns.

2. Alessandra Ambrosio

Highest paid Victoria secret models

Alessandra Ambrosio is a gorgeous Brazilian model who is considered as one of the sexiest models in the recent time. With the annual earnings of approximately $60 million, Alessandra Ambrosio was the first one to be chosen for endorsing the PINK line of Victoria’s Secret lingerie. Since then she didn’t get the time to look back and is busy achieving the heights of success.

1. Adriana Lima

Highest paid Victoria secret models 2019

Adriana Lima is one of those models for whom working with the Victoria’s Secret is like working for your home. She is the model for the Victoria’s Secret since 2000. Being gorgeous and attractive Adriana tops the list of top ten Victoria’s Secret models. She is 5 ft 10 inches tall and got all the attention when walked the ramp wearing $2 million Bra in the year 2012. the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Her work ethics and morals along with her complementary work with the Victoria’s Secret make her one of the most successful and indeed richest models in today’s date. She has the earnings of $75 million.

Victoria’s Secret is the brand that has not left any stone unturned to prove itself in the fashion industry. No wonder their selection for the models to work with is very keen and based on many factors. When they consider their models as angels they treat them the same by providing luxurious life and super luxurious earnings. This is the reason why the sole goal of any upcoming model is to join their gang and become highly earning and top rated models of the world.


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