Crime is quickly spreading in today’s contemporary world. Though a country is well-developed consisting of many decent citizens, there are some criminals always looking for an opportunity to spread crime. Each country on the world today had to fight with how finest to treat with the darker part of humankind. By rehabilitation, mass incarceration, or extremely harsh punishments, several countries have attempted to form strategies to assist control such acts from being happening.

As harsh as this world is, there are many innocent people who are inclined to do moral, be moral, improve themselves with careers, education, doing righteous things, visit church and to be astute. You must know which the countries with peak crime rate in world are presently, so that you can be aware about overall situation of it, for that go through below sections.  Checkout below listed top 10 Countries With Highest Crime Rate in The World in 2022.

10. Belgium

Countries With Highest Crime Rate 2019

Belgium is fairly a reputable country generally and is comparatively secure on an overall basis. Though maximum of Belgium’s crimes are rather petty possessions yet on a big and regular scale positioning it one of those nations with maximum crime rate. Maximum of the crimes in this country are street based as well as they are included in the common matter such as: seizing of wallets and few awfully smart actions of pick pocketing directly under your nose and you cannot even know instantly. Robbery crimes of this type often occur in chief portions of the big cities, in backstreet ways that are inaccessible which is somewhat general in maximum countries.

9. Sweden

Top crime countries

Sweden is supposed to record one of the maximum rates of rape cases, growing to closely 6000 in year 2010 as per BBC news and is positioned among nations with maximum crime rate presently. Appalling as it appears, this is the fact of Swedish people and rather disturbing to all women of Sweden as well as it is known that if this rate lasts, it may be regarded as the ‘rape capital’ all over the world. This confidently conveys a great country like Sweden down to a horrible level of creating bad captions in media too. It is known that Swedish women are globally acknowledged for their extraordinary exotic beauty and also for their lifestyle which comprises a dress code that involves shorter clothes encouraging criminals to do crime.

8. France

Top crime countries

France is also acknowledged for being graded among nations with uppermost crime rate. Theft in this country appears to be the controlling thing in the class of crime usually among ‘Frenchies’. Whereas the citizens in France may be acquainted to and invulnerable to the theft associated crimes, citizens from other portions of the world such as tourist who are continuously travelling different parts of world, as well as entrepreneurs/females who aspire to visit France, will be detained back and drugged in fear of being raided of their precious possessions simply as they arrive France Airport.

7. Columbia

Countries With Highest Crime Rate 2019

It is a fact and not simply prevalent in movies that some citizens of Columbia are precisely the manner they have been tinted in motion movies. Actually, Columbia is the core of where drug traders, drugs, drug tilling and harvester are perceived and with an assessed GDP value of around $10 Billion of drug occupation in Columbia. It isn’t distant from directly connecting this to the sum of monstrous crimes that may be devoted also. Any meticulous matter when gulped or consumed is believed to change the natural method in which an individual’s body and mind would operate which ultimately leads them to accomplish something they wouldn’t typically do in their well-balanced state of minds.

6. Jamaica

Top crime countries

“Herb” which is idiomatic for Marijuana, based on this crime is spread in Jamaica. Though weed is lawful in Jamaica, drugs are not the major concern that accounts for crime here. To citizens of Jamaica though, there is kind of a standard that dominates where nearly every appreciated Jamaican is supposed to be someone that you don’t jumble and not because of their fright locks, or frightening accent but because of their threatening guy tactic to things or rather callousness and courageous qualities which signifies killing at point blank upon incitement.

5. Germany

Top crime countries

The Nazi has a solid status for impressing on the roads, walls, and air of Germany as well as painting every citizens of Germans to the world as -”The Ku Klux Klan”. Though these are aspects in history that are compelled by present day’s fallacies and made dogmas in people it stays partially true. This can be measured as additional sponsor to mainstream of the crimes that astonishingly aren’t aggressively associated as other countries; however the incidence rises of every kind of crime done. Naturally due to these reasons, Germany is included among nations with maximum crime rate.

4. United Kingdom

Top crime countries

London from UK is hub to revolts bursting with youths who are looking for thrill each minute of lives. The excitement of this type in a young revolts mind would require causing chaos by being irresponsible in every deed which subsidises to the degree of crime. Crime happening in the UK extents over a diversity of things like: public turbulences and havoc, bike robbery, burglary theft incidences, vehicle corruptions and fierce crimes also but at greater frequency rates. The system of the UK is very strong and influential, that newscast of it would blowout like wildfire in very less time.

3. Brazil

Top crime countries

Brazil is considered as one of of the dominating murder capitals all over the world overall and it ranks amongst countries with peak crime rate too. Though Rio in itself is harmless than majority of cities, there still stays several bounds of Brazil that are hub to cruel and hard-bitten criminals that reside on a “tough guy” code. These criminals residence even include frightening locals, killing more for retaliation or to impart a lesson isn’t a rare thing in Brazil. The usage and accessibility of Ak-47’s and supplementary famed guns are too excessively accessible as well as usually found.

2. India

Top crime countries

India is positions second in the list as there are several reasons behind it. It is known that 70% of India’s 1.2 billion populations belong to great poverty. Poverty directs to achieving things from other persons who fairly possessed it, as a resources of existence which isn’t a pretext to bargain from someone else. In India majority of the crimes are related to steal out of low living situations which cannot be assisted and has transformed as a custom that is compelling its citizens to rob from the prosperous people to live only for the day.

1. United States of America

Top crime countries 2019

When we discuss of crimes of United States of America, it is stated on a yearly basis in numbers of million people who contain almost all crime committed there presently. Here, ranging from every second to every month and round the year, crime happen regularly which implies that the crime cycle of its citizens are happening round the clock non-stop. Also with the maximum of qualified police, finest special forces and their crime inhibition approaches applied as well as ruthless force where wanted, the crime never stops. The unlucky circumstances that majority of American strong arm and base down on criminal authorities might suffer is that as they are working on path to avoid crime from occurring.

Crime is a bad impression to a nation’s development and serious measures needs to be taken to stop it. All such countries today carry a dark side of themselves as criminals have seriously stirred its peace and economy.


  1. The U.S.A. is top of the World for violent crime as usual. Having typed this, I’m surprised that certain other nations aren’t like Brazil, South Africa, etc,

  2. That’s the most ridiculous ‘article’ that I have ever read in my life. Actually, it can hardly be called an article. It reads like something written by a 12 year old, and there’s absolutely nothing to support the information presented in this piece. Elena wrote it based on her idea of the world without doing any research whatsoever. The information is absolutely untrue and should be REMOVED for spreading something that sound like a false propaganda. Anyone who read this, please check actual statistics for crime rates per country, crime index, safety index etc. instead of believing in whatever is written here.

  3. Crime can be controlled depending on teh government and police if the latter is corrupt and self centered forget it then crime will thrive as we see in the UK and many Latin countries also Africa and the Caribbean,etc.

    Government and authorities react very quickly if and when wealthy powerful members of society become crime victims THAT is when laws change fast !


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