Ten Fastest Growing Plants in The World

Plants play a very important part in the life of everyone. They give us oxygen, which helps us to breath and also keep the environment healthy and fresh. The nature looks beautiful with plants. There are many different types of plants available in the world. Some plants grow slowly, while some plants grow at a very fast rate. As plants are very useful to us, so there growth also plays an important role in our life. In this article, I am sharing some of the fastest growing plants in the world.

10. Duckweed

Duckweed Top Most Famous Fastest Growing Plants in The World 2017

It is a very small plant. It is a flowering plant that grows at a faster rate. In one day, it grows to a few inches. It grows in slow moving water and also in wetlands. It floats on the surface of the water. This plant is also known by his other name as Bayroot. This plant is a part of Lemnoideae family. This plant does not contain any stem and leaves. It is a very simple plant. These plants are also rootless or may have one or two roots. The flower of this plant is just 0.3 mm long. The sac in the plant has the air that helps in producing the seed. Its sexual reproduction helps to produce the utricle fruit. In just 4 months, it can produce mass equals to 4 earths.

9. Giant Sequoia

These trees are famous of their Mammoth sizes. This is one of the fastest growing trees. In just 1 year, this tree can reach the height of more than 5 feet. Every year, this tree can increase 2 feet in height. These trees can also grow from the bottom on the outward side as growing upward from the top. This tree is also famous for its name as redwood, Wellingtonia and other names. This is one of the largest trees in the world and by volume it is the largest living thing. The average height of this tree is from 164 to 250 ft and average diameter is 20 to 25 ft. These trees can also be regenerated by its seeds. After 12 years, the tree started to produce cones and there are around 11 thousand cones produce by a tree. The wood of this tree is brittle in nature, so it is not suitable for constructing any material.

8. Transgenic Eucalyptus

This plant is developed artificially by splicing genes of brassica and eucalyptus. This is one of the tallest trees that also grow faster than other trees 30%. It is one of the tallest flowering plant in the world. It is also a different genus of shrubs and of flowering trees. More than 700 different species are there on the earth. There are 15 different species of this trees are found in Australia. There are also some species are there in the Indonesia, New Guinea, India, China, Europe and in the Philippines. This tree is very beneficial as it is one of the fastest growing sources of wood. The oil produced from this tree is used for cleaning or as a natural insecticide. This tree also helps in reducing the risk of malaria. With these following properties, the environmentalists and the global research development paid special attention towards this tree.

7. Heavenly Bamboo

It is an evergreen flowering plant. It belongs to the family of Bambusoideae of the Poaceae grass family. The interior region of this plant is hollow. Instead of cylindrical arrangement in the stem, there are vascular bundles cross sectionally. The xylem in the wood is also not present. Due to it uniquely rhizome dependent system, it is one of the fastest growing plant on the earth. Within 24 hours, some bamboos can grow 90 cm in length. In an hour, it can grow 4 cm. it is one of the largest member of grass family. This tree is very much beneficial in some parts of Asia as it is used for building various materials. It is also used as a source of food and as a multipurpose raw material. The strength of this plant is very high. It is very easy to re plant this tree.

6. Kudzu

This plant belongs to the Fabaceae, subfamily Faboideae. It is one of the fastest growing plants in the world and it is also very beautiful. Every day, it increases his height to 1 foot. In the one season, its height can increase to 60 feet. This plant is native of Japan and its name is also derived from the Japan. This plant can even kill all the tiny plants in its way and other plants too. In historical Romanizations, the name Kuzu is written as Kudzu. This plant can even cover all the shrubs and trees in its way and grows at a faster rate. It kills other plants by its heavy shading.

5. Acacia

Acacia Top Famous Fastest Growing Plants in The World 2018

This plant is mostly found in Malaysia and in the tropical climate areas. In a year, this plant can grow 30 feet. In a single day, it grows to several inches. This plant requires rainfall and essential nutrients for its growth. This plant is also known by his name as wattles or acacias. It belongs to the subfamily of Mimosoideae and family the Fabaceae. It is the large shrubs and trees in this family. These trees are mostly found in the deserts, grassland, rainforest and other places as well. It is the second common forest found in Australia. It is the world’s second largest class of flowering plant. It covers an area of 8% in the forest.

4. Hybrid Poplar

This plant is obtained through hybridization. This plant is also known by his name as Populus and it belongs to the class of 25 to 35 different flowering plants. This plant belongs to the family of Salicaceae. It is the first tree whose DNA sequencing helps to determine its DNA code. In a single year, this tree can grow up to the height of 12 feet. On the basis of characteristics of flowers and leafs, this plant is divided into 6 different sections. These are white poplar, black poplar, balsam poplar, big leaf poplar, subtropical poplar and Mexican poplar. This tree can grow 50 m tall. The bark is smooth in young trees, but it getter rougher as the tree gets older. Its leaves also vary in shapes and sizes. It is a highly shady plant. It grows in all directions in just 5 years.

3. Eastern Cottonwood

This plant is mostly found in America. Every year, this plant can grow up to 15 feet. They have longer life. It belongs to the class of the Populus. These trees are very large with a height of around 45m. The leaves of this tree are of green color from both sides and are triangular shaped. The bark of this tree is thick and deeply fissured. The seeds of this tree are formed in the cotton of this tree. This tree can easily tolerate the flood and erosion. This tree is used for the production of Timber. The wood of this tree is used for making shipping crates and pallet boxes. The wood of this tree is very strong, does not dry well and cheap.

2. Wisconsin Fast Plants

This is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. In a few months, this plant gets longer and thicker. In a few weeks, its height increases to a few inches. In India, this plant can grow very rapidly. Within 40 days of planting this plant, it can able to produce harvestable seeds. After one day of planting, it can able to produce buds. In just 7 days, this tree has leaves and it will be 5 cm in length. In just 13 days, it will have flowers. In 1 month, this plant will grow 20 cm in height. It can also start producing seeds after 1 month of its plantation.

1. Algae

Algae Top Most Popular Fastest Growing Plants in The World 2018

It is one of the top fastest growing plants in the world. This plant does not have properties like other plants. Every week, this plant can grow 12 inches. For human beings, this plant is highly poisonous. This plant can make food with the help of sunlight that is by the photosynthesis process. The study of this plant is known as Algology. It is very difficult to classify this plant. This plant is present in the whole world. This plant can grow very quickly in water.

All plants and trees can grow at a different rate. Some plants grow very slowly, while some grows at a very fast rate. The fastest growing plants are very useful for the human beings. Their wood can be used in multiple purposes. These plants also help in keeping the environment fresh and clean. The above list is the fastest growing plants in the world.


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