Ten Best & Biggest Music Festivals In The World

Music festivals or even music on a whole knows no boundaries. They are perhaps the biggest spectacle in the planet which binds people from all stretches of the world and provides a gala time whilst on the same venue to celebrate the music of life! In one of the most encouraging developments of change, music festival is heavily marketed as tourism tool in many countries that host world famous coming together of globally popular and celebrated musicians. This makes it an absolute win-win situation for fans of popular bands and tourists who may not tour their country.

This rapidly developing culture has led to the prominence of some of the music festivals that were once a jamboree only for the host country. But in present times they have become world’s largest music festivals that simply cannot be given a miss to. It’s time to turn up the volume, sing it out loud and do a jig to the 10 biggest/largest music festivals in the people. Let’s hit on the floor folks!!!!

10. Przystanek Woodstock

Przystanek Woodstock Top Most Famous Biggest-Largest Music Festivals in The World 2017

With footfall over 500,000 of people from all over Europe, it is one musical festival with a difference. Unlike many music fest organized by blowing thousands of dollars for the sake of entertainment and fun, Pryzstanek Woodstock music festival is free rock festival lasting for three days! And it shows the world one of the better way to pay it forward and how. This music festival organized every year in the month of July/August is more of an act of gratitude extended to the volunteers of this huge music event who have contributed their bit by helping raise money for developing hospital facilities and for providing medical aid to children in Poland.

9. Ultra- Miami, Florida

The state of Florida qualifies as the Rio in the United States of America and unsurprisingly it is the reason why Ultra, the biggest music festival of the country is a smash hit every year. Ultra also brings some of the most celebrated name from the electronic and metal band circuits along with names like David Guetta. Organized for the first time in 1999, the festival follows the weekend commencement program for three days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday); the ongoing years saw performers like David Guetta, DJ Snake, Dubfire, Hardwell, Jamie Jones and DJ Tiesto among many electronic music performers.

8. Tomorrowland, Boom, Belgium

Only a decade old music festival organized every year in the town of Boom, Antwerp; and yet Tomorrowland is already the most talked about, well attended and finest music festival that a music lover would ever attend in his life. What separates this increasingly popular music festival is its incredibly hypnotic atmosphere that has the attendees captivated to it all night long. The fun and blast is not limited to one stage alone, many stages spread across the entire venue doles out pulsating music be it headbanging rock or EDM. Of late EDM has been the flavor for Tomorrowland, some of the names to have taken the stage to set the venue on fire are Paul Van Dyk, Paul Oakenfold and of course the regulars like David Guetta and DJ Tiesto.

7. Sziget, Hungary

One of the largest music festivals in Europe, Sziget music festival is organized in Budapest, Hungary that originally started as a student college festival in 1993 and boomed to find a place in the top 5 music festivals of Europe. Sziget is a diversified music festival that has many genres of music like Psychedelic rock, hip hop, reggae, synthpop, indie etc. The greatest pull for last year’s 4, 96000 participants were artists like Zedd, Naughty Boy, Muse and Nicky Romero.

6. Pinkpop Festival, Netherlands

Few music festivals in the world hold significance like Pinkpop organized in Landgraf, Netherlands. The music festival which is currently in its 47th year is one of the oldest to be organized. Pinkpop has seen music sensation like Paul Mc Cartney, Bruce Springsteen, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Linkin Park take over the stage in this long journey that witnessed 2 million spectators in attendance in all these years to see 700 acts being performed by their favorite artists. If you end up being the unlucky one to get a ticket, you can always check out Pinkpop Expo in Geleeen that has loads of souvenirs and takeaways like poster, wristbands.

5. Roskilde Festival, (Denmark)

Roskilde Festival, (Denmark) Top Famous Biggest-Largest Music Festivals in The World 2018

Danish music festival in Roskilde is a very popular musical which is also of great heritage value in the country since 1971. The music fest has been a huge draw for foreign music lovers as well. One of the highlights of the festivals is its arrangement made and stage time which gives equal opportunity to both established names and new artists breaking into electronic and many other music genres. But the most amusing and crowd favorite event is a naked run organized around the camp site that awards the male as well as female winner a ticket to next year’s concert. The festival has truly been a prestigious name for global music as it has had Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Ravi Shankar, U2, INXS, Bryan Adams, Guns n Roses gracing the stage!

4. Rock in Rio, (Rio de Janeiro)

It’s a music festival happening in one of the most happening cities of the world; that is more than a peek into what the scene would be like once you attend the Rock in Rio festival which has also few more twin festivals in other Latin cities like Portugal, Lisbon, Spain and Madrid. The festival saw almost a million of attendants in 2014. Recently, the festival’s huge popularity shifted the action to Nevada, Las Vegas in US.

3. Exit, Novi Sad, Serbia

Music has always ignited the minds of the youth to launch a movement and what started as festival to protest against the government has now become the world’s top 10 best music fest. Exit festival has seen millions of people being part of the magic of music in the contemporary genres like electronica, rock, metal and punk. As Petrrovaradin fortress serving the venue, there is a huge performance area divided into Main stage, dance arena, Explosive stage and Fusion stage that has hundreds of thousands of people in fully charged mode to enjoy the greatest spectacle in the world. Exit festival needs no introduction as it has only grown in stature as crowd pulling event that has hosted stalwarts of music and DJs in recent years.

2. Donauinselfest, Vienna, Austria

It is the biggest open air musical fest which is nearing the 3 million mark in its three day long music mania. Performers of all genres make it one huge liberal music festival that caters to one and all from every part of the world. The vast 6.5km of open space makes it possible to build 21 different stages puts together musicians and associated acts for three days. The festival has served the dual purpose of boosting Austria’s economy and tourism.

1. Coachella Music Valley Arts and Music Festival, California, USA

Coachella Music Valley Arts and Music Festival, California, USA Top Most Popular Biggest-Largest Music Festivals in The World 2018

It is undoubtedly the elixir of all music lovers worldwide, there can hardly ever be a festival as vibrant, big, binding and impactful as Coachella. It has been a trendsetter for all the music festivals organized in the US. So big and well regarded is the stage that performers like Madonna, AC/DC, Coldplay, Radiohead have been able to communicate with their fans spread across the world on a regular basis, courtesy Coachella. The festival also fulfils its responsibility of environment sustainability by the promotion of recycled materials to its visitors. Its revenues are hovering around the billion-mark thereby showing to the world that it has the beats to beat the best.


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