The world of information technology has never rested on its laurels and it has long been known as the most dynamic sphere of industry for any country aiming to establish itself in the pack of global leaders. Technology, it seems has gotten the better of human civilisation.

The recent spate of major business houses that are en route to online domains to increase their visibility and relevance worldwide only testifies the fact that tech companies are well past their phase of being industry that would be crucial for the future development trajectory. In fact, many tech companies have already grown by leaps and bounds. Let’s take a look at the top 10 largest tech companies in the world in 2021.

10. Sony ($67 billion)

Largest Tech Companies in the World 2019

From a company that manufactured tape recorder in the Second World War to becoming one of the most recognisable tech companies in the world; Sony is anything but a success story worth all the accolades. The Japanese tech giant based in the capital city of Tokyo expanded itself in every possible form of technology meant for mass use. Whether it is technology to run telecom gadgets, home entertainment, video games, motion pictures and high end technology laden televisions and computers, Sony has it all.

9. Dell ($74 billion)

Largest Tech Companies in the World

American Tech Company Dell which is based in Texas has moved up the ladder of world’s largest technology firm of the world after its recent acquisition of EMC Corporation. The heart of Dell’s business lies in the US where it has always been the brand of choice for computer, peripherals, laptops and smartphones. The Michael Dell founded company is also the third largest PC vendor company that has been rendering its computer related services as well.

8. IBM ($160 billion)

Largest Tech Companies in the World

International Business Machine Corporation or IBM is one of the earliest names in the history of tech companies that has been reinventing itself with changing times. IBM’s growth could be attributed to the fact that it employs some of the best brains from all over the world in its think tank. The world owes much to IBM, inventors of some of the greatest inventions in the world to have served mankind such as automated teller machines (ATM), floppy disks, UPC bar code, magnetic stripe card etc. Also known as “Big Blue”, its former employees are Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook, Lenovo CEO Steve Ward, and also Alfred Amorso, former chairman of Yahoo!

7. Cisco ($139 billion)

Largest Tech Companies in the World

Cisco or Cisco Systems is an all American tech company which has established itself as one of the most bankable telecommunication and wireless product makers. Cisco rebranded itself with the gaining significance of Ethernet with its Human Network campaign. Cisco is also one such tech company that has shown unmatched commitment toward providing its products for VoIP services, computing system, broadband, wireless, security and surveillance etc.

6. Intel ($147 billion)

Largest Tech Companies in the World

Though its market value is lesser than that of IBM, Intel is still believed to be the pioneer of tech companies which has an insurmountable market share in the field of personal computer microprocessors. Intel witnessed slowdown in the early 2000’s owing to decline of PC but they have such names as Dell, Lenovo and HP in the customer list which goes to show why Intel has remained the go-to tech company for more than five decades. Globally, Intel boasts presence in countries like China, India, and Israel which are in the list of 63 other countries outside US where the company has set up state of excellence manufacturing plants with world class R&D centers.

5. Tencent ($181 billion)

Largest Tech Companies in the World

Chinese tech multinational Tencent’s growth stems from its billion dollar value as an internet company which is also a trusted name in the web world for providing its services to e-commerce and gaming world. The company which literally means “Soaring Information” provides popular messenger service like Tencent QQ, We Chat in its country of birth. Perhaps Tencent’s biggest challenge thrown at various giants comes in the world of online payment wherein Tencent has its own payment system TenPay that makes B2B, B2C and C2C payment possible both in online and offline mode. Search engine website Soso and auction site Pai Pai also adds to the diversified business of Tencent which many industry insiders believe will take the world by storm.

4. Oracle ($187 billion)

Largest Tech Companies in the World

Oracle Corporation took a giant leap in the year 2015 after having finished next to Microsoft as the second largest software manufacturer. But even prior to this astounding feat, the Larry Ellison found company has served millions across the world by partnering with SAP. Oracle is one of the few companies that not only provides software service in its Oracle Cloud division but also integrated storage systems like Exdata database machine and Exalogic Elastic Cloud.

3. Microsoft ($340 billion)

Largest Tech Companies in the World

Virtually the entire virtual world owes to Microsoft which has led to the world believe that its line of computing system Microsoft Windows would never get replaced by any other OS in the years to come. An institution in itself; Microsoft’s stronghold are computer hardware and software components along with digital distribution. Microsoft became a popular choice for many in terms of OS usage because of its lucidity and user friendly interface. As a dominant force in the world of computers and laptops, Microsoft has also acquired Skype technologies and LinkedIn, a move that has led to its growth from office programming to social media at ease.

2. Alphabet ($367 billion)

Largest Tech Companies in the World

Search engine giant Google initiated a major rejigger in 2015 with the launch of Alphabet as its parent company. The company under Sundaram Pichai is the public holding company of Google that churns out vast share of its earnings from advertising programs especially from Youtube. Alphabet has been an instant draw since its inception with its programs like Google Venture that promotes business for startups. On the other hand, there’s Google Venture that acts as investment wing for the company in its long term projects. Alphabet’s revenue has gone up from $24.22 billion to $24.75 billion right at the first quarter of 2017.

1. Apple Inc ($741.6 billion)

Largest Tech Companies in the World 2019

No prizes for guessing here. The Steve Jobs found Apple Inc. is the apple of the eye for every buyer and admirer of technology. Apple’s line of products like Ipod, Iphone, Macbook computers precedes its reputation of being the architect of most thought provoking innovations. Every tech summit across the world waits eagerly for Apple Inc. to launch its products which has always defined cutting edge technology. From the business standpoint, Apple’s masterstroke has been the paradigm shift from being computer manufacturers to consumer electronics manufacturer under Apple Inc.; the resurrection under Steve Jobs has now made Apple the second largest phone maker in terms of units produced.

In this long list of biggest tech companies there are companies like Samsung, Panasonic and Toshiba which have been ruling the domestic roster and have been very much in the fray for tech dominance in the world. However, the fact remains that at least eight to ten leading tech companies of the world have their roots in USA.

Another interesting development has been the business outsourcing of these companies to developing countries like India, Brazil and Philippines. Rather, most of the aforementioned companies have either their R&D centers or well planned business model to gain maximum leverage from the extremely consumerist markets like India to spruce up their businesses by generating huge revenues. The very fact that companies as enormous and globally recognised have handed the managerial/operational duties to Indian techies adds thrust to the collective development. Despite heading the countries of best in-house technological innovations, China has also adopted open-door policy in the field of technology.


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