The essential accessory to add beauty in your overlook is sunglasses, more and more number of people ranging from kids, students, youths, old age people, etc. make use of it. It is for sure that sunglass improves look of your personality as well as it is supposed to be most important addition for men and women to add fashion.

Today there are several brands functioning in the world to produce different sunglasses range with enhanced features. The brands involved in business of sunglasses always attempt to produce sunglasses based on to demand of clients and considering fashion viewpoint as well. If you are looking for how to enhance your look through using sunglasses, refer below sections: Here are the top 10 best sunglasses brands in the world 2022.

10. Dolce & Gabbana

Best sunglasses brands in the world 2019

This sunglass brand was formed by Italian designers named Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana in year 1985 in Legnano that has involved making most-liked products all around the world. The brand deals in numerous accessories, has achieved widespread attention of followers simply because of its exceptional and attractive designs. This brand is known to have been offering its customer stylish and fashionable products those are being most attractive, demanding, globally. Sunglasses from the brand even provide outstanding defence from radiations and sunrays along with adding beauty to your look. Dolce & Gabbana has gained great attention from the users because of exceptional and good-looking design that can fulfil the needs of fashion enthusiasts.

9. Burberry

Best sunglasses brands in the world

This is essentially a British luxury sunglasses company , established by the creator -Thomas Burberry in London. This sunglasses brand manufactures several products such as cosmetics, perfumes, and clothing however known as finest brand mainly for the sunglasses production globally. The rand began its journey in the Haymarket London since 1891, it creates every kinds of sunglasses with attractive and fashionable styles offered at affordable prices. It is known that Burberry sunglasses are well-known in both men as well as women because of the high quality and striking looks.

8. Versace

Best sunglasses brands in the world

It all started 39 year back in Milan Italy when this fashion brand was established but presently it has turned out to be more celebrated and finest sunglasses brand all over the world. This particular brand was possessed by the Gianni Versace with various day-to-day useful products like jeans, leather accessories, cosmetics and great collection of sunglasses too. This company create sunglasses for men as well as women with contemporary and fashionable style as they distinguish very well the way to entice the people. Its aim is to produce sunglasses in final comfortable appearance and great quality material with the price completely high because of the superiority as well as sophisticated appearances.

7. Prada

Best sunglasses brands in the world

Prada is finest sunglasses brand, prevalent for its beautiful, stylish, produces of shoes, perfumes, cosmetics, accessories, and top sunglasses. This is basically an Italian luxury brand established in year 1913 by the founder – Mario Prada, making the sunglasses for women and men with high-class as well as attractive design which gained positive reviews from several customers. This sunglass brand-Prada has been bestowed with awards for the great quality products. You can estimate greatness of the brand as it has one company situated in UK, thirteen companies situated in Italy, and several in other some countries. Every process of sunglasses products are entirely made by administration of company and it never compromise with quality of product.

6. Emporio Armani

Best sunglasses brands in the world 2019

Emporio Armani is also a famous fashion house from Italy, possessed by the Giorgio Armani celebrity from year 1975. The brand is involved in manufacturing exclusive and fabulous products like shoes, leather goods, jewellery, cloths, home accessories and finest collection of sunglasses. Its classic shapes, decent quality, colours capability and greatest focus on invention of products made its reputation high. Armani is also a rapid growing brand throughout year 2014 company, grossing 2.53 billion incomes that is essentially large achievement of this brand. Emporio Armani is supposed to be the greatest expensive and finest sunglasses brand all over the world with eye catching designs.

5. Gucci

Best sunglasses brands in the world

Today, Gucci is regarded as one of the supreme luxury and fashion sunglasses brand all over the world, established in Florence, Italy and presented in year 1921. The particular brand is presented by the Guccio Gucci and in span of few years, the brand enticed many clients globally. It is known that it initial product was bamboo bag even liked by celebrity, available today also. Glasses from Gucci brand are extremely well-known with cool design as well as it is more reliable base brand securing great fan followers. It is considered that Gucci brand produces every kind of sunglasses but generally used for the evening events.

4. Fendi

Best sunglasses brands in the world

Fendi is another name in list of well-known sunglasses brand which is Italy based but has secured high popularity all over the globe. This is basically a luxury fashion hub, reputed for delivering the products, like perfumes, leather goods, timepieces and fashionable sunglasses. Fendi brand was started in year 1925 in Rome, possessed by Edoardo Fendi and Adele. This particular brand is challenging brand among competitors due to variability, design, pure vision and finest quality products. Fendi made the sunglasses products since decades for men and women with exceptional and latest technology. Fendi delivers sunglasses in different shapes, sizes, variety, assuring high quality products.

3. Maui Jim

Best sunglasses brands in the world

Maui Jim is recognized for the extraordinary quality and reliable base brand which is extremely well-known all over the world however it is particularly famous for favourite sunglasses for the Hollywood stars. It is known that owner of this sunglasses brand was Bill Capps, founded in year 1980. This is basically an American founded Maui Jim sunglasses ranged around the price of US dollar 150 to 250 and accessible for over 125 different styles. Maui Jim is best and impeccable eyewear for top class as the brand was awarded during year 2016 designated for the finest sunglasses company.

2. Ray Ban

Best sunglasses brands in the world

Since decades Ray Ban is spectacular sunglasses for nearly every generation, however it was particularly made for the young generation. The brand was founded in year 1937 by the American company named Lomb and Bausch, however prominent sunglasses of Ray Ban were launched from 1952. It is known that basic Ray Ban sunglasses were presented with green and grey colours, presenting squarer looking frames that turned out popular globally. There are basically three kinds of sunglasses models namely clubround, Aviators, and clubmaster that were famous since many years. If you believe on reports, Bausch & Lomb accomplished record sale of around $640 million to Italian Luxottica Group in year 1999.

1. Oakley

Best sunglasses brands in the world 2019

Out of the entire sunglasses brand, Oakley is the one of the finest and renowned sunglasses brand all over the world today, designed for all generations. This brand is situated in Lake Forest California US. Company that produced the watches, snowboard goggles, optical frame, shoes, etc. Flak 2.0 XL, TwoFace, Holbrook, and fives squared shape sunglasses products are more prevalent amongst the users because of great quality contemporary styles and works to improve the personality of the wearer. Oakley band too manufactures sports equipment along with ski/snowboard goggles, sports visors, backpacks, watches, optical frames, clothing, shoes and other articles.

In order to protect from dust and harmful sunrays, sunglasses from reputed brand becomes useful. Listed brands assure that their sunglasses are durable, in diverse variety, color, size, and of high quality.


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