In this modern world, everything is going to be digital. People are using computer in almost all places, including malls, restaurants, companies, games, banks and at many other places. The Computer makes work easier in many places. But with this there also arises a problem in Computer name as a Virus.

The virus can damage your system and can also delete your whole data. There are many different types of destructive and worst viruses in this world. In this article, I am sharing some of the most damaging computer viruses 2022 that can cause a lot of damage in the system.

9. Melissa

Top Computer virus 2019

This virus was founded in 1999 and the estimated damage, cost of this virus is 300 to 600 million dollars.

The companies using outlook, including Microsoft, Intel and others shut down their systems. This virus spreads at a very fast rate. This is one of the front page news in the 1999. This virus infects the 15 to 20 percent of the PCs in the world. This virus takes the help of Microsoft Outlook. The email message contains an attached .doc file. After clicking and opening this file, this virus infects and replicate itself.


Top Computer virus

This virus was firstly found in the Hong Kong and it infected the computers of business and government. Many infected users call the anti virus companies of US for the infection of this virus. This virus affects the few investment companies in the Hong Kong. The user gets the email in which there is a love letter is attached. After the email is opened, it will infect the system and also send this attachment to other email addresses and spreads to other systems. This virus is created by a computer student of Filipino, Onel de Guzman. It is one of the most dangerous virus. The damage of this virus is around $10 billion.

7. Code Red

Top Computer virus

This virus was founded in 2001 and it is designed by a Chinese. This virus spread through a web browser. This virus targets the infected website and then send it the visitors. It provides a message, Hacked by Chinese. This virus infects 4 lakh servers in the world. It also infects the server of the white house. This virus infected 10 thousands of websites in the world. This virus is also known as Bady. This virus was designed for creating the maximum damage. This virus affects the server and then also affect the other servers. In just 1 week, it affects the 4 lakh servers and 1 million computers. This virus was discovered by the employees of two eEye Digital Security. At the time of discovery, they were drinking the code red mountain dew, so they named this virus as Code red. This virus attacks the computers having Microsoft iis web server installed. This virus creates replicate itself and create many copies and eat a lot of resources of the system.

6. MyDoom

Top Computer virus

This virus spreads at a very fast rate and no one knows who create this virus. This virus was founded in 2004. This virus is also known by his name Novarg. This Virus provides unauthorized access to the computer system by blocking the network. This virus opens the back door of the computer and also blog the network for sharing files. This virus infected millions of computers. There is no information about the sender. There is $38 billion spent on recovering from the damage of this virus. This virus uses platform of Microsoft windows to affect the computers. A reward of $25 lakh has been announced for arresting the creator of this virus by the Microsoft and SCO group. This virus appeared as an email transmission error and spreads itself.

5. PoisonIvy

Top Computer virus

This virus was founded in 2005. This virus is a computer security nightmare. With the help of this virus the attacker can control any user’s computer security. This virus is also known as remote access Trojan. This virus gives full control through a back door to the executor. The executor can fully control the computer after the virus has been installed. The executor can use the speaker and the webcam and can activate any control of the infected computer.

4. Zeus

Top Computer virus

This virus performs many criminal works by infecting a windows computer using Trojan horse. These attacks are performed by the login form. When the user can fill all of his details and this virus can track all the details. This virus uses phishing scams for infecting the majority of computers. This virus was identified in 2009. This virus steals the login information of various user information, including bank account details, email and others. This virus infected more than 1 million computers in the US. In this operation many peoples were arrested. The creator of this virus also announced his retirement in 2010.

3. Agent.BTZ

Top Computer virus

This virus is also known by his name Autorun. With the help of spyware, this virus infects the USB flash drive. In 2008, this virus massive attack the US Military. This virus is written in assembler using assembly language. It is a DLL file. It creates AUTORUN. INF file with DLL file and spread it in all the drives. This virus when come into the system scan all the data of the system and open all the back door. The virus then sends all the commands through this backdoor and also control the server. It takes 14 years to clear this virus from the military network.

2. Conficker Virus

Top Computer virus

This virus was found in 2008. This virus can affect the computers in the network. This virus is also known as Downup and Downadup. The name of this virus is made from the English word, configure. It creates a botnet and infect the computers using errors in the operating system. In the whole world, this virus affects the 9 million computers. It is one of the largest known virus that can cause such a huge distraction. This virus is using many techniques of advanced malware and thus it is very difficult to counteract this virus. It locks the account and reset it automatically, makes the domain controller response slow, makes Conjection in the LAN. It also makes the antivirus software, websites inaccessible. The MoD of UK was also infected by this virus and It takes 2 weeks to recover from the damage. In 2009, Microsoft announced a reward of $25 lakh for the person who gave information about the creator of this virus.

1. Stuxnet

Top Computer virus

This virus arrives in the year 2009. This virus is like a cartoon villain that was designed to do damage to the computer system. This virus aims to target the software that controls the industrial systems. It is a very unique type of virus. This virus was designed to damage the Iran’s machinery at the Natanz’s uranium enrichment facility. It is also believed that this virus have been created by the defense force of Israeli. The purpose of this virus is to disrupt the Iran’s nuclear efforts. This virus also aims to target the oil and gas pipelines, water treatment, power grid and others. This virus is also known by his name as game changers, as it can steal any manufacturing formula. It can also steal credit card information, passwords and other essential details from the computer system. In the whole world, there are around 44 thousand Stuxnet infections from which 16 hundred infections were found from the US and 60% from the Iran.

Computer viruses can cause a lot of damage in the system. The system requires clean up and anti virus software for removing viruses. There are many antivirus software available on the internet. It is good to use the best antivirus software in the system. The above list is the most worst and destructive viruses in the world. These viruses cause a lot of damage in the real life.


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