Toys are incredible part of kid’s life as they have power to provide entertainment to them as well as increase their knowledge. You can remember your childhood easily when you just think of your favourite toys. All of us definitely had one toy that is close to our heart and reminds us of special moments. Apart from that toys are the finest way to enhance kid’s inventiveness and imagination power while being a good pastime for them.

It is known that India is the 8th biggest toys market all over the world in matters of manufacture of toys. The China, USA, and UK are the prominent countries in the manufacture of toys and also Indian market is developing at a basic rate in matter of toys market. Are you thinking about which are the topmost kid’s toy companies in world in 2022 for entertainment? Well, refer below sections to get complete idea:

10. Playskool

Best Kid Toys Companies In The World 2019

Playskool is an America toy company, which is a subordinate firm of Hasbro Inc. and its head office are located at Pawtucket, in Rhode Island. The company was founded in year 1928 by Lucille King, which is basically a portion of john Schroede Lumber Company for toy manufacture. This toy company is principally involved into creating educational toys for entertainment of kids. Few of Playskool’s signature toys are namely Mr. Potato Head, Tonka, Alphie and Weebles. The company manufactured toys for newborn to kids attending preschool education. Its toy products contain Kick Start Gym, Step start Walk ‘n ride, and Tummy Time. These are the toys that assist kids to develop motor skills as well as logical skills.

9. Playmobil

Best Kid Toys Companies In The World

Playmobil is a toy manufacturing company at Zirndorf, located in Germany, founded by Brandstatter Group. This company was basically recognised by Hans Beck, German financier, who took 3 years from period 1971- 1974 to create this company- Playmobil. While manufacturing the signature toy product, the person desired something that suits in a hand of kid and is share of their fancy. Initially the product he created was around 7.5cm in height, owned a large head and big smile with no nose. Playmobil also manufactured other toys such as buildings, vehicles, and animals etc., created as separate figures, theme series as well as play sets that continues on launching latest toy products.

8. Barbie

Best Kid Toys Companies In The World

Barbie is essentially a fashion doll manufactured by Mattel, Inc., which is an American company. This doll initially appeared in year 1959; the acclaim of its formation is presented to Ruth Handler, who is a famous businesswoman. As per Ruth, the doll was encouraged by Bild Lilli, which is basically a German doll to manufacture more number of beautiful dolls. Since centuries, Barbie has been extremely significant toy for girl kid’s entertainment and has been so near to heart all her childhood. This doll was appraised for depicting idealistic body and girls frequently overemphasize them and attempt to lose weight.

7. Mega Brands

Best Kid Toys Companies In The World

Mega Brands is a Canadian company and is currently held by Mattel, Inc. The renowned product of the toy company is called as Mega Bloks, it is a brand of Construction, with brands namely Mega Puzzles, Board Dudes, and Rose Art. This company has extensive range of brainteasers, toys and craftsmanship based toys. Mega Brands was founded by Victor Bertrand and his wife named Rita in the tag of Ritvik Holdings, prevalent worldwide. The toy products were an immediate hit in the Canada and US, later it originated with its supplementary brands.

6. Nerf

Best Kid Toys Companies In The World

Nerf is a toy company founded by Parker Brothers and currently, Hasbro is the holder of this famous company. The company is recognised for manufacturing foam type weapon toys, while there are some different kinds of toys too like baseball, basketball, football, etc. Nerf presented their initial foam ball in year 1969, which was around 4 inches in size, convenient for kid’s entertainment. The yearly incomes were assessed to be around $400 million, which is high as compared to other companies. It is known that in year 2013, Nerf originated with a series of products just for girl kids.

5. Disney

Best Kid Toys Companies In The World

Disney brand manufactures toys in different variety of products since year 1929. This toy company makes Mickey and Minnie toys, cartoon toys, car toys, fighting toys and many more toys. The company manufactures all kinds of toys hence every ages of people admire Disney toys extremely. Winnie the pooh, Buzz lightyear, woody, etc .are few renowned toys of Disney brand. Its manufacturing division too hired George Borgfeldt & Company from New York in form of a licensing mediator to produce Mickey and Minnie Mouse based toys. It is known that in year 1934, Disney licensing prolonged to diamond-studded Mickey Mouse jots, hand-crank based toy projectors, Mickey Mouse candy in England, etc.

4. Hasbro

Best Kid Toys Companies In The World

Hasbro alternatively identified as Hasbro Bradley and Hassenfeld Brothers, is an international brand producing board games and toys from America. This company stands second after Mattel when the ranking is based in terms of revenue and market. Majority of its toys products are manufactured in East Asia as well as its headquarters are situated inside Rhode Island. Hasbro was founded by three brothers namely Henry, Hillel, and Herman Hassenfeld. It is known that in year 1964, this company produced the greatest iconic toy prevalent in the market named as G.I. Joe, which is considered as action figure for male kids, as they are not more comfortable playing with Barbie dolls.

3. Mattel

Best Kid Toys Companies In The World

Mattel is an international company with origin from America, manufacturing different varieties of toys since 1945. Its headquarters are located in California, it was established by Harold Matson and Elliot Handler. Afterwards, Matson vended his share in the company, which was accepted by Ruth, known as wife of Handler. In year 1947, their initial famous toy was “Uke-A-Doodle” was presented. It is known that the Barbie doll was familiarised by Mattel Company in year 1959, which became a huge hit in toy manufacturing industry. This toy manufacturing company too acquired several companies namely Barbie Dolls, Fisher price, Monster High, hot wheels etc.

2. Nintendo

Best Kid Toys Companies In The World

Nintendo is another international company in the list from Japan. The company is recognised as one of the major video company as per assessment to its net worth income. It is known that the name Nintendo signifies “leave good fortune to bliss”, relating to its game play. Its toy production initiated during 1970s and transformed as a huge hit that positioned this company as 3rd greatest valuable with a high worth of around $85 billion. Since year 1889 Nintendo produces large variety of video games and toys for kids as well as for adults. Nintendo too manufactured games like Super Mario bros, Super Mario, Splatoon etc. The greatest reputed games are namely Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and Metroid and it even possesses The Pokémon Company.

1. Lego

Best Kid Toys Companies In The World 2019

Lego is a toy manufacturing company, situated at Billund, in Denmark. This is basically a company manufacturing plastic toys below the tag- Lego. This company was primarily involved into construction toys including different colorful plastic bricks. Such kinds of bricks can be accumulated in working robots, a vehicle, and buildings too. Parts of its toys can be easily separated repeatedly and every time a new item else can be created. In year 1947, Lego began forming plastic toys; it has several theme parks running below its name as well as retails outlets operating in 125 stores.

Toys add a new vision to life of kids and freshen up their mood by entertaining them. Listed toy manufacturing companies are prevalent in manufacturing durable, entertaining, variety based toys articles for kids of all ages.


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