Music is an integral part of people’s live. Without music life would have been dull, sluggish and incomplete actually. Music let people talk with the souls. Whether you’re in happy or sad mood, music is always there to share every happiness and sorrow with you. At times music seems me the best life partner. But the beauty of music would have surely been incomplete without musical instruments. They are the soul of music.

Over the years, various instrument from distinct culture have been developed of which Guitar is the most vital and famous instrument. Guitar, as a music instrument, came in recognition in 20th century. And today it has become an essential tool for any song to be popular.

With the time, the class of playing Guitar is also raised. Today Guitar is played in variety of styles, from heavy metal to the classical. It all alone can make you lost in its melodious tune. Nowadays, Guitar can be seen and heard everywhere. Everyone is fond of playing Guitar. But playing with a Guitar and playing a Guitar are two different things. Most of people fall in first category. Only a few make it happen to be included in the latter one.

Here we have put together such legendary guitarists who truly play a Guitar. With their style and genre, these artists have given a new definition and life to modern music. Here are the top 10 most famous and greatest guitarists in the world 2022.

10. Derek Mount:

Greatest Guitarists in the World 2019

The multi-talented Derek is an American guitarist, singer, songwriter, producer, and composer. The electric guitarist has presented himself in a huge number of music genres including pop, rock, indie, orchestral music, and electronic music. Propelled by an ambitious work ethic Derek has co-written 7 number-one hits and 14 top-ten songs in various formats and also released two albums. The bombastic and multifaceted guitarist, working for rock band ‘Family Force 5’, is well-known for his melodious background voice and electrifying guitar skills.

9. Kurt Vile:

Greatest Guitarists in the World

A multi- instrumentalist Kurt is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer. One of the rock’s most captivating guitarists, Kurt is widely known for his solo work as well as being a lead guitarist of rock band The War on Drugs. At the age of 17, Kurt released a cassette of his home recordings which paved his way from a nebulous beginning to the fruitful career. His mainstream of success came with the band album ‘The War on Drugs’ and his solo album ‘Constant Hitmaker’. So far the guitarist has successfully released 6 studio albums.

8. Michael Paget:

Greatest Guitarists in the World

Michael Paget, widely known as Padge, is a Welsh musician, guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter. The 38 year old guitarist is popular as a lead guitarist and background singer for heavy metal band ‘Bullet for My Point’. In 1998, both the guitarist and the band started their journey. Today, they both are still going together irresistibly. In 2005, he released his first album ‘The Poison’ which aired in popularity. After that he also released 4 albums reaching platinum status each. He possesses a very unique way of playing guitar that makes him popular.

7. Slash:

Greatest Guitarists in the World

Saul Hudson, widely known as his stage name Slash, is a British born American guitarist, musician and song writer. Slash released his first album ‘Appetite for Destruction’ in 1987 working for Gun N Roses band. This band gave him worldwide success and recognition but in 1996 he quit the band and formed a rock super group ‘Velvet Revolver’. It re-established him as a blockbuster superstar. Since then he released three solo albums and they all received a huge critical acclaim and made him ranked in every list of the greatest rock guitarists. He has been ranked 9th on Gibson’s ‘Top 25 Guitarist of All Time’.

6. John Mayer:

Greatest Guitarists in the World 2019

John Mayer, born as John Clayton Mayer, is American singer, songwriter, guitarist, and producer. In 2000, he started his career as an acoustic rock artist but soon after Michel J. Fox’s guitar performance moved him completely and he began learning Guitar. In 2001, he released his first full length album ‘Room for Square’ and two years later ‘Heavier Things’. Both albums did commercially well achieving multi-platinum status. In 2005, he formed a rock and blue music band named ‘John Mayor Trio’ which turned out to be the turning point in his career. Grammy award winner guitarist has released 7 albums so far and each of them gave him a exalted height in his career.

5. Kirk Hammett:

Greatest Guitarists in the World

This American guitarist is one of the renowned names in metal music industry. Just at the age of 16, he co-founded metal band ‘Exodus’ which helped him come in public view. After 2 years, he left Exodus and joined the Metallica. And today he has become the backbone of Metallica working for over 25 years. He represented Metallica in many mega hits songs and albums. Being leading guitarist for the band, Kirk’s journey from a waiter to the ruling king of metal music industry is really rousing. In 2003, ‘Rolling Stone Magazine’ placed him in 11th position in a list of ‘100 Guitarists of all time’.

4. Eddie Van Halen:

Greatest Guitarists in the World

The 62 years old Eddi is a Dutch-American musician, songwriter, and producer who is widely known as lead guitarist, occasional keyboardist and co-founder of American hard rock band ‘Van Halen’. In 1977, his talents were spotted by a music producer. This is where his journey began. In 1978 he released self-titled debut album. Thereafter he released 4 more platinum status albums but the true star status didn’t come until the release of 6th album titled ‘1984’. After the release of ‘1984’ he became a hard rock quartet and household name in the industry. The phenomenal guitarist has been ranked number 1 by ‘Guitar World Magazine’ and number 8 by ‘Rolling Stone Magazine’ in the list of 100 greatest guitarists of all time.

3. John Petrucci:

Greatest Guitarists in the World

John Petrucci is an American guitarist, composer and producer. He came in world stage in 1985 with the band ‘Majesty’ which he co-founded. Later known as ‘Dream Theater’ gave him the soaring waves of success and made him ranked as the 9th greatest shredder of all time. Along with his friend, ha has produced all the ‘Dream Theater’ albums since their debut release ‘Scenes from a Memory’. John is known for his variety of guitar styles and skills. He is notable for frequent use of seven-string electric guitar. In 2012, ‘Guitar World Magazine’ lauded him as the 17th greatest guitarists of all time.

2. Joe Bonamassa:

Greatest Guitarists in the World

Joe Bonamassa is an American blue rock guitarist, singer, and songwriter. His prodigious talents were spotted at the very young age of 12 when he was called by B.B. king. Before releasing his debut album ‘A New Day Yesterday’ in 2000, he did 20 shows for B.B. King and captivated people with his sterling guitar skills. The mastermind guitarist Joe, who dreamt to be remembered as the greatest guitarist in world, put out 3 studio albums and 14 solo albums of which 11 reaching on the top of Billboard Blues Charts over his entire career. With such an opulent career portfolio, Today Joe is undeniably the pioneer guitarist in the world.

1. Synyster Gates:

Greatest Guitarists in the World 2019

Brian Elwin Haner, widely known by his stage name Synyster or Syn, tops the list of the greatest guitarist in the world today. Synyster ia an American guitarist and songwriter who is most popular for being the lead guitarist and backing vocalist of the band ‘Avenged Sevenfold’ which he joined in 2001. He got his name Synyster and a global recognition with band’s first album ‘Sounding the Seventh Trumpet’. After that many super hit songs came under his name. He plays guitar on the warmness of the soul and creates magic with his voice as well as strings. This is the reason he is voted as the best metal guitarist in the world in 2016. The dashing guitarist is also voted the sexiest male in 2008.

These are the top 10 greatest guitarist in the world right now. These phenomenal artists have shaped a new way to music with their rocking and breath-taking guitar skills. They make us lost in every string they play. More than being the entertainers, they also give us the real meaning of music.


  1. These lists are so biased! Obviously this is a list of the writers favorites. When you don’t include Buckethead, you haven’t done research before you write your list.

  2. You can’t make these ridiculous comparisons. It islike comparing apples to oranges. Different Genres etc. Come into play. Jerry Garcia noodles psychedelia better than anyone and if you want screaming leads how about Carlos Santana or Dickey Betts ….the list goes on and on

  3. Where is Ian Thornley?? Big Wreck’s front man is the most underrated guitarist in the past 20 years. His amazing melodies and bluesy/bending solo style is unequivocally stellar and I’m so sad that he’s not on this list. His slide playing is incredibly amazing as well. Just listen to the song Ghosts and check that solo out. All his albums over the last 20 years show a true guitar god.

  4. Where is Zakk Wylde there? where is Steve Vai?? Marty Friedman???….this thing with “list of the best guitar player of all time” is SHIT! it exists in your mind! is what YOU like …or what the writer of this article likes! There is nothing more injusticed that making a list of the “TEN BEST ..!!” that is BULLSHIT!! ….further more: WHERE ARE ALL HIRED GUNS??? they are not famous at all though they are hell of musicians!!
    This is what i think!

  5. For me, I think Slash is the best compared to others because his performance during live concerts seems to be impressive.


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