Ten Celebrities Who Struggled With Mental Illness: Top Personalities Who Suffered From Insanity

Mental health problems are not rare in our daily life. A number of people suffer from various types of mental issues. Mental health problems occur not only due to stress or work pressure but also due to some physical conditions, illness or some other issues.

Celebrities are also not beyond the rule. Here are some celebrities who had suffered from insanity. Here is a list of some personalities those who suffered from mental illness.

Here are the some of the 10 Celebrities Who Struggled With Mental Illness

10. Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson Top Popular Celebrities Who Struggled With Mental Illness 2018

Mel Gibson is an American actor and film who suffered from mental illness for some years. The celebrated actor had struggled with bipolar disorder or manic-depressive disorder.

The Braveheart star was in severe depression and was under medical observations. In addition to the disorder, Gibson was also an alcohol addict and was arrested on DIU charges in 2006.

Gibson later apologized for his outrageous behavior and admitted that he was a mental patient. He consulted with doctors and went through counseling and treatment. Afterward, he had managed to overcome the issue and now is leading a normal life.

9. Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields is an American model and actress who had also suffered from mental illness in 2003. The popular and successful actress had suffered from a severe case of postpartum depression after her first childbirth.

She admitted that she was in great depression and also thought about suicide. She didn’t have and maternal bonding and was unable to respond to her baby’s needs. She went through a medical treatment and counseling to get back into the normal life.

Now she is working to help those mothers who suffer from postpartum depression.

8. Leonardo DiCaprio

The Academy Award and Golden Globe Award-winning American actor Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the greatest actors of the globe. The legendary actor had suffered from a mental disorder in his young age.

In an interview, he has confessed that he had suffered from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). It was not severe but Leo was worried about her illness. He took the medical suggestion to get rid of the mental issue. After some counseling and treatment, Leo had managed to overcome the issue.

7. Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes is an American actress and model. She is also a victim of mental illness and her controversial behavior has made her a controversial figure.

One of the most shocking incidents occurred when she tried to burn down her neighbor’s house. That unfortunate event raised questions about her mental health. After that Bynes was sent to a mental rehab for four months in Florida. Where she was declared by doctors as a schizophrenia patient. She had done many unhealthy things and comments also.

After treatment for a long Bynes is now willing to make comeback in the glamor world.

6. J.K. Rowling

The British writer, novelist, and film producer J.K. Rowling is one of the most recognizable names in the modern world. The creator of the character Harry Potter, Rowling had also suffered from severe mental illness before getting the fame.

The famous writer had suffered a miscarriage and domestic abuses during her conjugal life. He got divorced and found herself a failed, jobless, homeless single mother. That situation dragged her into a severe clinical depression. Even she thought about suicide. Afterward, she tried to overcome from depression and started writing. Her those dark days influenced her to create many characters in her Harry Potter novel series. Today she is one of the richest novelists in the world.

5. Halle Berry

Halle Berry Top Famous Celebrities Who Struggled With Mental Illness 2018

Halle Berry is an American actress is best known for her extraordinary acting skill, exotic looks. The Oscar-winning actress had also suffered from mental illness in her young age.

After separation with famous baseball player David Justice in 1997, Halle went into a severe depression. In that time she attempted suicide. Halle tried to end her life by gassing herself in her car but rescued by her mother. She went to a rehab clinic to make herself healthy. With the help of treatment and her mother’s love and care, Halle had made her comeback in normal life.

4. David Beckham

One of the greatest English footballers David Beckham has also suffered from mental disorder a few years ago. He told in an interview that he was suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Beckham’s mental illness was kept privet but in recent days he has revealed this. Although his problem was not so serious. During those days he tried to put everything’s in straight lines or in pairs. After proper counseling and medication, he had managed to overcome the issue.

3. Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones, a Welsh actress who won Academy award and was appointed as Commander of the Order of the British Empire.

The 47 years old actress has opened up about her mental illness a few years back. In an interview, she revealed that she suffered from bipolar II disorder which had affected her career.

She tried to control the disorder personally buy after diagnosing her husband as a stage four throat cancer patient her disorder took a serious shape. The Hollywood beauty later admitted that she had gone through medical treatment and her husband Douglas’ helped her a lot during those most difficult time of their lives. After overcoming from all those illness Catherine has managed to establish herself firmly on the silver screen.

2. Britney Spears

Britney Spears is an American pop princess as well as dancer, and actress. The Grammy-winning dancer had suffered from psychological disorder few years age.

The pop star has admitted that she was suffering from bipolar disorder and mood swings. She had appeared with a carefree, violent and a more sexual image. She shaved her beautiful golden hair and started struggling with several addictions. In 2008 she suffered from public breakdown and eventually lost custody over her two kids. She was criticized by the public as a bad mom and also condemned for her reckless behavior. She was named a drug addict by some media also.

Afterward, she checked herself into a treatment clinic. And after a prolonged treatment, Britney has managed to overcome her mental issues and continuing her career successfully.

1. Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps Top 10 Celebrities Who Struggled With Mental Illness 2017

Michael Phelps is an American swimming and legend most decorated Olympian of all time. The record-breaking 18 gold medals winner in swimming had been suffered from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

This illness had been a part of his life since early childhood and it was diagnosed at the age of 10. And basically, this is the reason for him to take swimming seriously. He used to go to the swimming pool to burn excess energy and he eventually fell in love with swimming. Participating in a competitive sport helped him to manage the disorder.

In his young age, Phelps also struggled with mental health issues and admitted himself to a rehab clinic in 2014 where through treatment he had managed to overcome the illness.

A new study finds that everyone has experienced a mental illness at some point. Mental problems are manageable with proper counseling and treatment. In this stressful world everyone needs some mental peace but when they can’t find it, become depressed or violent. So to spend a healthy life not only physical but also mentally we need to be happy and peaceful.


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