Pens are not only used for writing, they are for expressing emotions. Pens are one of the most important parts of our life, straight from the day we start learning. From the era of Stone Age, pens are an integral part of writing the history. Nowadays, along with the digitisation, a large part of writing is transferred from paper pen to digital instruments. Yet, in the area of study or signing the documents the use of the pens is still inevitable.

The brands of the pens sometimes define the daily need, sometimes it defines the class. The pen brands sometimes signifies comfort, affordability, sometimes it reflects the class or style. Let’s checkout the best brands of pens. Let’s find out the top 10 most famous and best pen brands in the world 2022.

10. Cello

Best Pen Brands In The World 2022

Cello is one of the well-known pen brands of the world. Through the advertisement that appears on the television, everyone is familiar with the name cello. Cello mainly offers a whole range of budget pens, which is especially favored by the students from all over the world. The tagline of the brand is ‘Joy of Writing’. The high-quality ball pens in very cheap price indeed bring out the joy of writing. The pens of cello are mainly clear pen with Swiss tips and German ink. This pen brand was born on 1995 in India. It also owns two manufacturing units at Haridwar and Daman.

9. Reynolds

Best Pen Brands In The World

This pen brand was born and bred in the United States. The owner Milton Reynolds had tried several products before coming up with the success of the Reynolds pens. Later, during 1945, he had made a success with the ball point. Today, Reynolds is a well-known name for the production of the ball point pens, fountain pens, and other school accessories. The prices of the Reynolds pens are slightly higher than the average budgeted ball point points. It believes in providing value for money and has a huge customer base around the world. The Chicago-based Reynolds Company is one of the pioneer brands in the world of pen.

8. Papermate

Best Pen Brands In The World

The brand Papermate is a popular brand in the world of pen and is owned by Newell Brands. This pen is not available in every country of the world. The pens of Papermate are produced by the company named Sanford L.P., which is an Oak Brook, Illinois-based company. The brand produces ballpoint pens, Flair felt tip pens, mechanical pencils, erasers etc. The Papermate pens are stylish and they offer a huge range of the features. They are colorful and preferred by its customers for its unique features. They are also well known for manufacturing biodegradable pens since 2010.

7. Camlin

Best Pen Brands In The World

The brand Camlin is an Italian brand which is originally based in Mumbai, India. The brand had started its journey in the year 1931 with the production of the stationary goods. Formally it was known as Camlin Ltd, which is nowadays known as Kokuyo Camlin Ltd. From the year 2011, the Japan-based company Kokuyo S&T owned 51% share in Kokuyo Camlin Ltd. Back in 1931, the company became famous for producing “Horse Brand” Ink powders and tablets, which was appreciated by the users of the fountain pens. Another famous product of this brand is “Camel ink”, which is hugely used by the fountain pen users from every part of the world.

6. Hero

Best Pen Brands In The World

The hero is a Chinese pen company which is famous for the cheap high-quality pens throughout the world. The producer of the hero pens is Shanghai Hero Pen Company, which mostly earns its revenue through the Hero Fountain pens. Previously known as Wolff Pen Manufacturing, the company was founded in the year 1931. Along with Hero, the company also owns the brands like Lucky, Wing Sung, Xinming, Huafu, Xinhua, Gentleman, Guanleming. Apart from Hero fountain pens, the company is also producing all sorts of cheap writing instruments.

5. Sheaffer

Best Pen Brands In The World

Very smooth and stylish, the Sheaffer pens provide all sorts of comfort to the hands of the users. The brand normally produces the top quality writing instruments. The most famous among them is definitely the finest fountain pens. The company Sheaffer Pen Corporation was founded by Walter A. Sheaffer in the year 1912. The whole establishment was operated from the back of the Jewelry store owned by him. The pens of this brand are high quality and reliable, but they are not hugely available throughout the world. Alongside the world-famous pens, the brand also produces Books, notebooks, toys, accessories etc.

4. Aurora

Best Pen Brands In The World

The Italian pen brand caters mostly to the need of the professional writers. Along with the fine fountain pens, this brand also provides top most quality of writing instruments, like paper and leather goods. This famous pen brand was established in the year 1919 by a rich Italian textile merchant. The main factory of the finest fountain pens of the Aurora is still based in the northern part of Italy, in Turin. The Aurora pen signifies class, sophistication and the owner’s pride. The Aurora diamanté limited edition of the diamond embedded pen priced was priced 1.46 million US Dollars, which had almost 2000 diamonds.

3. Cross

Best Pen Brands In The World

The brand is hugely appreciated and used by the people of America. The brand is also producer of the Presidential pens from the 1970’s. The American Presidents from Ronald Reagan to Donald Trump are using Cross pens during the signing of the legislation. The Cross pens are appreciated by its users for the designs and the comfort. Along with the writing instruments, most of the Cross pens are produced in China, where the pens for the presidents are produced in the New England. Although it is a QAmerican brand, the Cross Pens are available throughout the world. The brand was established by Richard Cross in 1846 at Providence, Rhode Island.

2. Parker

Best Pen Brands In The World

This luxury brand of pens is mostly used for signing important documents or giving autographs. The Parker Pen Company was established in the year 1888 by its founder George Safford Parker. The pen offers its user the sign of the high-class. The Parker pen is also popular as a luxury gift item. Some of the different types of products produced by this brand are fountain pens, ballpoint pens, inks and refills, and 5TH technology. More than a century has been passed and Parker pens are still one among the best brands when one searches for pens in the world.

1. Mont Blanc

Best Pen Brands In The World 2022

The name needs no introduction in the world of writing instruments. The pens of Mont Blanc are a symbol of class. The Mont Blanc pens are the most expensive pens of the world. The Montblanc International GmbH is based in Germany. Alongside the pens, the brand is also popular for the luxury jewelry, leather goods, and watches. The pens of Mont Blanc are often crowned by the precious stones, which makes them unique and priceless. The series like Patron of the Art Series of Mont Blanc comes up with the limited edition of Mont Blanc pens, which are not only priceless but unique throughout the world.

Above is the list of best brands of pens available in the world in 2022. The pens brands provide various kinds of the pens. The choice of the styles or designs changes over time, or along with the age. The most important factor while buying a pen can be affordability or the style. Yet, the brand name values a lot in case of buying a pen, more than buying other instruments of writing.



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