The world can be a chaotic place to live, without any leader to control the entire population. The Government and authority of these political leaders help stabilise the whole construct of civilisation, where people can follow a unified set of rules and regulations.

No matter how much we criticise or blame these world leaders for their parties, we can’t deny the fact they do play a significant role in the growth of an economy. Here is a list of some of the most influential, highest paid World leaders in 2022, who created a place for themselves in the history of governance.

10. Michel Temer, Brazil President – $103,400

Highest Paid Successful Leaders In The World 2019

Michel Temer was elected as the President of Brazil after Dilma, the 36th president of the country was suspended after her impeachment in 2016. He gets an annual salary of $103,400, which will likely increase as Dilma added a 10% slice in it, to represent a good image in her court cases. Michel belongs to Brazilian Democratic Political party. He has also served as the 24th Vice President of the country. He is currently the acting president of Brazil, who might or might not be elected depending on his work in the future.

9. Matteo Renzi, Italy Prime Minister – $120,000

Highest Paid Successful Leaders In The World

He was elected as the Prime Minister of Italy in 2014. During his leadership he proposed slicing half of the member numbers and the salary of all Parliament members, in order save those extra bucks for the country’s economy. Today he has an annual pay of $120,000. He belongs to the Democratic political party. He has enforced multiple reforms and unions in his rule, including Labour, economic, same sex civil union acts, social policies and Universal expositions. Renzi ranked at 3rd position, in the 2014’s ‘Most Influential people under 40’ list, which was published by Fortune magazine.

8. Vladimir Putin, Russian President – $137,650

Highest Paid Successful Leaders In The World

This Russian president didn’t mind cutting off 10% of his salary to help contribute the country in the shadow of recession. So now he only earns $137,650. Putin has also served as a Prime Minister in the Russian politics; he is the 2nd and 4th president of the country. During his first presidency, Russia showed a decent economic growth, increasing its purchasing GDP by 72%. However the country’s reports have also shown a constant increase in corruption index and poor democracy rule index. In 2015 he topped the Times list of the ‘Most Influential People’.

7. Theresa May, UK Prime Minister – $186,119

Highest Paid Successful Leaders In The World

She is the second most powerful female in UK after the Queen. She enjoys an annual pay of $186,119, which could have been higher, if UK’s economy hadn’t felt a pound plunge due to Brexit Turmoil. She started her PM ship in 2016. She is the second female UK prime minister after Margaret Thatcher. She belongs to the conservative political party, and has worked in providing equal right to the women in the country. She has also served as the Home secretary, Minister for Women and Equalities and has been a Parliament member since 1997.

6. Francois Hollande, France President – $198,700

Highest Paid Successful Leaders In The World

Apart from serving as a French president, Francois Hollande has also served as the National Assembly officer and a Secretary of his party. He has really helped in the betterment of France, by introducing Labor, Pension, Budget reforms. He also supported same sex marriages and granted adoption to these couples, within his presidency. France has built more friendly and appreciative relationship with neighbouring states since his presidency. His presidential term is almost over, where he will be preceded in May 2017. He was earning an annual salary of $198,700 during his presidency.

5. Jacob Zuma, South African President – $206,000

Highest Paid Successful Leaders In The World 2019

Jacob is considered as the most controversial president of South Africa. He has been serving this position since 2009. He belongs to the National African Congress Party and has been a major influencer for fighting for Independence. He was re-elected in 2014, which makes him the current president of South Africa. He is always surrounded with controversies, of either corruption or unlawful charges. He has also been changed of rape. However, Zuma doesn’t seem to be resigning his $206,000 worth seat, any time before his term.

4. Shinzo Abe, Japan’s Prime Minister – $241,000

Highest Paid Successful Leaders In The World

Shinzo Abe, is doing a stressful work of handling the world’s largest economy, Japan. He is the longest serving Japanese Prime Minister, who is currently elected as PM for the third term. He belongs to Liberal Democratic Party. He has really transformed the education system and also stressed on the population growth of Japan, where he introduced a fiscal budget for searching potential mates for the youngsters, to increase the birth rate in the country. He gets an annual salary of $241,000 for working with and in favour of his nation.

3. Angela Merkel, Germany’s Chancellor – $242,000

Highest Paid Successful Leaders In The World

The 62 year old female world leader is a ‘2015 Times Person of the Year’, who has been getting a 2% raise in her annual salary every few month due the fabulous work she does. Her annual salary is $242,000. She is a well known stateswoman, whose grace has blessed the soil of Germany. She is the first female chancellor of Germany, who was elected in 2005’s federal election. She has been serving the country as a chancellor ever since her first victory in 2005.

2. Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister – $260,000

Highest Paid Successful Leaders In The World

Justin Trudeau is definitely one of the most handsome political leaders to rule a country. He is currently serving as the 23rd Canadian Prime Minister. He entered his office in 2015 and ever since has been the talk of the country, either for his amazing works and decisions or his flawless good looks. He is amongst the youngest Canadian Prime Ministers, since Joe Clark. He had a DNA of a world leader, as he is the son of Pierre Trudeau, a former Prime Minister of Canada. He has decriminalised Marijuana and he also supports the tax cuts for middle class households. He has an annual salary of $260,000.

1. Donald Trump, USA President – $400,000

Highest Paid Successful Leaders In The World

The President of the United Nations of America is one of most popular and most critically hated political leader in the history of the world. He is rewarded with a $400,000 dollar pay cheque every year for basically signing any document. The Multi millionaire business man doesn’t really seem to care for the President’s salary as he makes almost 10 times its annual profit. Donald Trump has been making headlines since his campaigning period, be it his Muslim and immigration ban in America or sanctioning the internet rule to sell and purchase user data. He is also the first president of USA who is attracting so much hatred from its citizens. He won over the former President Barack Obama, who was a complete contradiction to him.

These are some of the most influential and the highest paid leaders in the world, who have been giving their contribution to the world. One might criticise and judge them for their decisions, but handling a country is a big responsibility, which doesn’t always guarantee providing happiness to all. Their responsibility is to serve the majority of the population.


  1. This is an insult to the Singapore Prime Minister LEE HSIEN LOONG.

    How can Trump be No. 1 when Lee’s pay is more than $1.7 million excluding his “performance bonus” of 5.5 months, which is another $0.8 million.


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