More and more sports fans are getting drawn to the instant suspense that is created in these professional boxing fights. Kickboxing is seen as an art form, where you defeat your opponent through your mental timings and body flexibility.

MMA is still new for a lot of people, whereas UFC has been in the world ever since the beginning of 90’s. And Kickboxing is just starting to grow in the world of fighting. Here is a list of some of the highest paid kick boxers in the world of MMA, kickboxing and UFC fighting in 2022. These professional sports are introducing some of the best fighters and kick boxers in the world, who are earning a good deal by getting a few kicks.

10. Junior Dos Santos

Highest Paid Kickboxers 2019

Dos Santos has been fighting professionally in UFC since 2008. He won the heavyweight championship, defeating Fabricio Werdum with a single knockout. The native Brazilian has a brilliant ring record with 18 wins in 22 total matches. Out of these wins, 12 were achieved with a single knockout. He has been ranked as the 4th heavyweight champion in the world. In his last fight he defeated Ben Rothwell in 2016. He has been on a hiatus for the last year, to regain and restore his lost energy and strength. He is an UFC fighter who is known for applying his amazing kick boxing skills in the rings.

9. Joseph Valtellini

Highest Paid Kickboxers

The 28 year old fighter has a stunning world record of winning 7-1. He is also popularly known as the ‘Bazooka Joe’. He is a Canadian-Italian Kick boxer who started off his boxing career in 2010. He is known for maintaining an undefeated track record. He has defeated some of the world’s best players including Neiky Holzken in the Glory Welterweight Tournament. He is amongst the most popular kick boxer, who is often forced by his fans to try his hand in MMA.

8. Robin Van Roosmalen

Highest Paid Kickboxers

He is the youngest kick boxer, who has achieved so much fame in the combat sport. His poker face helped him land a victory on his 43rd fight out of 60 attempts. He is already compared to legends like Giorgio Petrosyan and Andy Ristie. He follows an intense workout routine filled with cardio, which has helped him in maintaining his body and his track record. He has also defeated stars like Davit Kiria and Murthel Groenhart which has only helped in increasing his annual pay scale. He is one of the most dangerous opponents on the ring in the kickboxing world.

7. Badr Hari (MOR)

Highest Paid Kickboxers

Despite his never ending controversies, Badr Hari still remains as the best Heavyweight kick boxer in the world. He has completed his training from infamous Amsterdam gym Mike’s Gym. Hari has been trained with a murderous sparring match sessions in which he goes head to head with Manhoef and Gokhan Saki regularly, a method which has been criticized by many coaches. This makes him one of the most aggressive fighters in the ring. The kick boxer is a bad boy; who despite his amazing wins cannot maintain his reputation.

6. Andy Ristie

Highest Paid Kickboxers

He is best known for his breathtaking performance at 2013 Glory, where he secured 5 notable victories. He is just 32 and has a promising record of 44-4-1. He has even defeated the legendary Davit Kiria. He is best known for his knockouts, which he starts looking from the sound of the first ring. He is a high pressure fighter. He has recently restored his old form, and has won against Ky Hollenbeck. He has been on a roll since last year and is expected to win the lightweight division championship. There are quite a few big fights coming in Glory Banner, which is definitely going to earn him some good fortune.

5. Gokhan Saki (TUR)

Highest Paid Kickboxers

The leading Turkish kick boxer is murderous sight to confront in the ring. He is infamous for his notorious aggression and reflex speed. He is amongst the most popular kick boxer who has been in the fighting business from quite a few years. He fights in the light heavyweight division. His fighting styles includes kickboxing and Muay Thai. He is a member of Mike’s Gym ever since 2012. He has a track record of winning 83 fights out of 96. Out of which he has won 59 fights with a single knockout. He has won almost every single glorious little fight in the kickboxing world. In 2014, he won the Kickboxingplanet’s kick boxer of the year.

4. Davit Kiria

Highest Paid Kickboxers

The Georgian Kick boxer is a fresh young but aggressively strong talent in the world of modern kick fighting. He fights in the lightweight division of kickboxing. He has won over 28 fights out of a total of 40, which included 14 fight victories by knockouts. He is an Ashihara Karate black belt, who started off his professional career in 2006. He uses the orthodox stance of kickboxing in his fighting style. In 2016, he ranked at #10 spot for world’s best lightweight champion by Combat press. He is amongst the highest paid kick boxers in the world, who is paid in millions for his single kick.

3. Daniel Ghita

Highest Paid Kickboxers

Also known as the ‘Savage Samurai’, who is the third highest paid professional kick boxer in the world. He has a stunning track record of winning 50 out 61 matches, out of which 39 were straight knockout wins. He has been fighting professionally ever since 1999. He uses kickboxing and Muay Thai as his fighting techniques. He is a popular super heavyweight category champion. This Romanian fighter has also served as an SPP agent for the Romanian President from 2001-2008. He made his K-1 debut in 2004 and since then has been one of most loved and highest paid fighter in the world.

2. Giorgio Petrosyan or Gevorg Petrosyan

Highest Paid Kickboxers

Also known as ‘The Doctor’, he was ranked at #8th position as the best lightweight champion by 2016 Glory. He is known for playing in Bantamweight to welterweight all the sessions. He has the best winning record with 85 wins in a total of 91 games where he won 38 with straight up knockout. He has been playing professionally since in 2002. He uses kick boxing and Muay Thai as his basic styles of fighting. Southpaw is one of the most popular stances of Giorgio.

1. Rico Verhoeven

Highest Paid Kickboxers 2019

One of the highest paid kick boxer and the current Heavyweight Champion of Glory, this Dutch is amongst the best players of K-1 and SUPERKOMBAT promotions. He is ranked at the game almost everywhere from Combat Press, Glory and LiverKick. He has a track record of over 50 wins in a total of 61 matches, including 14 knock out and 1 win. He has been playing professionally since 2004 and has transformed into the biggest kick boxer in the world. His titles wins have given him the title of Prince which was followed by the king of Kickboxing. His rank has made him the highest paid fighter of kickboxing.

These are some of the best kickboxing players in the world 2022, who have brilliant winning and knockout record, which should be enough to make you not mess with any one of them. Their rank and popularity only helps in making them richer as more and more brands want to be associated with them.


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