Seafood is an important part of a variety of cuisine across the world. Considered as one of the healthiest food, fishes are packed with vitamins and minerals. No wonder 3.5 billion people across the globe are believed to be consuming seafood as their prime choice of food.

Fishing is one of the most significant food businesses in the world and fish market is an important aspect of it. This is where you can buy and savour the seafood of your choice. Here we have listed the top 10 best fish markets around the world in 2022.

10. Taipei Fish Market

Largest fish markets in the world 2019

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Teipei Fish Market is among the major fish markets in China. It is located in the Zhongshan District of Teipie- the capital of Taiwan. Chinese are fond of eating seafood. The Chinese cuisine contains variety of sea food. The best seafood of China is supplied by this market. After serving the needs of local population the seafood is also exported to great measure. The Market is being maintained by some of the large commercial group so it has made its way to being in the top fish markets of the world.

9. Aberdeen Seafood

Largest fish markets in the world

Location: Aberdeen, Hong Kong

9. Aberdeen seafood is a famous fish Market of Hong Kong Island. As the Market is placed on an Island, it provides a diverse range of seafood. Aberdeen being a small village in Hong Kong attracts a lot of travellers every year and that creates a huge demand for seafood. Local People in Aberdeen usually spend their days on the boats catching the fishes and earning their livelihood. To meet their need and to cater to visitors cafes are set up on the boats which serve excellent sea-food.

8. Fulton Fish Market

Largest fish markets in the world

Location: New York, USA

The Fulton Fish Market is located in Bronx, New York. The Market was originally a part of The Fulton Market which was a place for selling a varied of food and edible stuff. The fish Market section was later relocated in 2005 to Bronx. Now it is known as Fulton fish Market and is among the oldest fish markets of America. The market has even got some good media coverage. BBC has even featured it in one of its documentaries about markets.

7. Feskekorka

Largest fish markets in the world

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

Located in Gothenburg, Sweden, Feskekorka is a large indoor fish Market. A variety of fresh seafood is sold here. One can buy a whole variety of fresh seafood which is caught on the same day. The market building resembles a Neo-Gothic Church that’s why it is called Feskekorka which means Fish Church. For someone visiting Gothenburg this place is a must visit. Feskekorka is heaven for people who are fond of seafood of all kind because everything that comes from the sea can be found here. From heavy sea-food salad to Huge shrimp sandwiches this place is ideal to appease your taste buds.

6. Busan Cooperative Fish Market

Largest fish markets in the world

Location: Busan, South Korea

Busan Cooperative Fish Market is also known as BCFM. Adjoining the South harbour in Busan, it’s the largest fish market of South Korea. The market supplies bout the 30% of the fish production of the whole country. Because of the warming waters in the East Sea, The Yellowtail has been the greatest catch in the recent years.

5. Hamburg Fish Market

Largest fish markets in the world 2019

Location: Germany

Hamburg Fish Market is a must-see place for every visitor and a heaven for every food lover. The market bustles with activity in the early hours of Sundays. Even though the market also sells a plethora of other food items and goods, still it is best known for supplying the freshest of fish and other sea-food. One can also try hand at bargaining when buying items.

4. Billingsgate Market

Largest fish markets in the world

Location: London, United Kingdom

Billingsgate Fish Market is owned and managed by The City of London Corporation. It is among the largest Inland fish Market of UK. Open from Tuesday to Saturday, its trading hours are 4 am to 9:30 am. Billingsgate Market was formally established as the center of fish Market in 1699. It is a paradise for all the fish lovers and one can buy and taste kind of seafood here. The place is buzzing in the early hours of a working day and is a must visit place for every fish lover. You can get a good variety of exotic fishes in bulk at a very cheap price. As most of its vendors do not accept plastic cash, it becomes important to carry enough cash to this market. Negotiating is also possible.

3. Sydney Fish Market

Largest fish markets in the world

Location: Sydney, Australia

World’s largest fish Market, SFM is located in Sydney City of the state of New South Vales in Australia. Sydney Fish Market consists of a functional fishing port, seafood retail market and wholesale fish Market. Not only this it also incorporates fruit & vegetable Market, Sushi bar, bakery and gift shop. The Market also has Indoor seating space for visitors as well as outdoor Promenade. If this is not enough Sydney Fish Market a seafood cooking school. For the seafood retailers of Sydney, wholesale auctions are also organized daily. An announcement has been made to relocate the market to an adjacent site which will be much bigger compared to the existing site.

2. La Nueva Viga Market

Largest fish markets in the world

Location: Mexico city, Mexico

The second largest fish market is La Nueva Viga Market of Mexico. Being the largest of the country the Market is situated far inland from the coast. The old traditional market was not proving to be capable to meet the increasing demand for the seafood in the mid 1990s. So the market La Nueva Viga was established. Today it has become one of the most significant markets of Latin America. The Market is open from Tuesday to Sunday starting as early as 2:30 am till 6 PM. This is the best place to catch the fresh seafood caught on the same day if one gets there early morning.

1. Tsukiji Fish Market

Largest fish markets in the world 2019

Location: Tokyo, Japan

The largest fish market of the world Tsukiji Fish Market is also among world’s largest wholesale food market of any kind. Not only popular for the buyers the market is also hugely popular for tourist and travellers. Tsukiji Fish Market is a must in every traveller’s itinerary who is visiting Tokyo. Especially the jet-lagged travellers who arrive early morning and need to spend the pre-dawn hours flock to the market.

So in the above list we have sorted the best fish markets of the world. Hopefully this can be informative for you if you are planning to visit these places any time soon.


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