“To be one step ahead of the enemy is the plan. And I Love it when a plan comes together “- Hannibal Smith (fictional Character) The character may be fictional but the quotes and its meaning do hold a lot of importance in today’s ever competitive world. An Intelligence agency is a highly rated government agency that indulges in collecting and analysing valuable information. An Intelligence agency is of prime importance as it curbs the enemy’s move even before it gets initiated.

These organisations secure the country from several kinds of internal and external threats that tends to harm the integrity and stability of a country. The agents, spies or undercover officer of these organisations are highly trained officials that devote their life to the country. These agencies collects information related to terrorism activities, crimes, weapon trafficking and information regarding other countries. In addition, the organisation also helps in safeguarding the assets and secret information that might harm the nation. In this article we have listed the best intelligence agencies of the world 2022 that ensure the safety and integrity of nation.

10. BND Bundesnachrichtendienst, Germany

Best intelligence agencies in the world 2022

Established- April 1956
Headquarters- Pullach and Berlin
Annual Budget- $ 900 million
Agency Executives- Brubo Kahl (President)

The Federal Intelligence Service or Bundesnachrichtendienst was established during the Second World War to collect the information regarding the Red Army. BND is active in electronic surveillance of electronic communication. It was reported that BND holds 300 offices in various locations across the globe. Many of BND’s public operations include their secretive negotiations post Israel –Lebanon war, 2006 leading to prisoner swapping. Apart from that BND had played vital role in collecting Info regarding the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Currently under the leadership of Bruno Kahl, BND is known for its ability o tracing electronic communication and analytical skills making it one of the best agencies at present.

9. ASIS- Australian Secret Intelligence Service, Australia

Best intelligence agencies in the world

Established- May 1952
Headquarters- Canberra, Australia
Annual Budget- A$ 468.5 million
Agency Executives- Nick Warner (Director-General)

ASIS was formed in 1952 and remained secretive even within the government for twenty years. It was in November 1972, the daily telegraph reported the presence of such organization continuously used in collecting information in Asia – Pacific. In 1977, the Australian Government formally accepted the existence of foreign intelligence agency. The organization is very well known for its undercover networks and is responsible for collection of valuable information in overseas. In terms of counter intelligence and mapping out information of other agencies, ASIS is often compared to CIA of United States and MI6 of United Kingdom.

8. ISI-Inter-Service Intelligence, Pakistan

Best intelligence agencies in the world

Established- 1948
Headquarters- Islamabad, Pakistan
Annual Budget- A$ 468.5 million
Agency Executives- Naveed Mukhtar (Director-General)

The Directorate General for Inter Services Intelligence or the ISI is a prime Intelligence agency that was created basically for sharing valuable information between the three branches of Pakistan Military Forces. But later it was developed as the full time intelligence agency collecting Information on a global scale. The major functions of ISI include collection and extraction of valuable information, counter intelligence. The agency is best known for being untraceable as it has been operating through the third countries like Nepal, Bangladesh and others. ISI has been accused several times of training, funding Taliban Insurgency.

7. DGSE Direction Generale De La Securite Exterieure, France

Best intelligence agencies in the world

Established- April, 1982
Headquarters- Paris, France
Annual Budget- A$ 731 million
Agency Executives- Bernard Bajolet (Director)

The General Directorate for External Security or the DGSE is the French equivalent of MI6 and CIA. Along with the other intelligence agencies the operations of DGSE aren’t made public. The DGSE is considered as one the best and most respected intelligence agencies and is known for its economic intelligence. The Organization has been active since the cold war era having a feud with the Soviet Union KGB. DGSE was one of the most lately built Intelligence agencies but owing to their vast spy network and overwhelming success , is one of the best agencies in the world.

6. MSS, Ministry of State Security, China

Best intelligence agencies in the world

Established- July 1983
Headquarters- Beijing, China
Annual Budget- classified
Agency Executives- Chen Wenqing (Ministry and Party Group Secretary)

MSS is one the most feared and powerful intelligence agencies of the world. It has been deployed for counter intelligence, foreign intelligence and attaining political security. MSS also contributes in domestic security and can also make an arrest or detain people. The MSS hold one of the largest networks of spies’ and agents. It is believed that MSS agents are very active in Hongkong, Macau and Taiwan. MSS has many agents operating under non-official covers in United States, Canada, Europe and India.

5. Research and Analysis Wing, India

Best intelligence agencies in the world

Established- September, 1968
Headquarters- New Delhi
Annual Budget- classified
Agency Executives- Anil Dhasmana (Secretary)

Raw was established as a consequence of intelligence failures of Sino-Indian war and Indo-Pakistani wars. During its first decade of working, Raw became a prominent Intelligence agency in the World. It was solely responsible for Independence of Bangladesh and accession of the state of Sikkim in India. The Primary functions of RAW are engaging in counter terrorism, gathering information and advising Indian policy makers. RAW also has been responsible for security of Indian Nuclear program. Because of its ever going fight with terrorists and effective operations, RAW is considered as the key instrument of India’s national Power.

4. Mossad, The Institute for Intelligence and Special Operation, Israel

Best intelligence agencies in the world

Established- December, 1949
Headquarters- Tel Aviv, Israel
Annual Budget- classified
Agency Executives- Yossi Cohen (Director)

Mossad is one of the most advanced and dreadful Intelligence agency of the World. The Israeli Intelligence agency along with its counterpart Aman for military intelligence and Shin Bet for Internal Security forms one of the most productive Intelligence communities’ n the world. . It has been deployed to collect intelligence, counter terrorism and bringing the Jewish to Israel and safe guarding the rights and lives of Jews in the World. Mossad has been active in numerous countries and holds many undercover offices across the globe.

3. FSB, Federal Security Bureau of Russian Federation, Russia

Best intelligence agencies in the world

Established- April, 1995
Headquarters- Moscow, Russia
Annual Budget- classified
Agency Executives- General Aleksandr Bortnikov (Director)

FSB is the main successor of USSR’s committee of State Security KGB. The organization mainly focuses on in nation problems in addition to counter intelligence, internal and border security and counter terrorism .Most recently, FSB has exposed 199 foreign spies including 41 professional spies. In the very same year the FSB foiled a planned suicide bombing on New Year’s Eve. Apart from these highly successful missions, the intelligence agency also operates in Foreign Intelligence, targeted Killing and economic Intelligence.

2. CIA-Central Intelligence Agency, United States

Best intelligence agencies in the world

Established- September, 1947
Headquarters- Virginia, U.S
Annual Budget- $15 billion
Motto- The Work of a Nation. The Center of Intelligence.
Agency Executives- Mike Pompeo (Director)

The CIA is one of the most famous foreign intelligence agencies of the World. It is tasked for operating and gathering, analyzing security information across the globe. The agency generally gathers its Intel through Human Intelligence i.e. via interpersonal contact. The CIA directly reports and provides valuable info to The President and Cabinet of United States. One might have observed many Hollywood actors portraying CIA agents in many movies. The CIA had increased in size after the 9/11 attacks which was seen as dent in their glorious resume. CIA was the pioneer agency who confirmed the presence of Osama Bin Laden and gave Operation Neptune Spear green light.

1. MI6 – Military Intelligence Section 6, United Kingdom

Best intelligence agencies in the world 2022

Established- 1909
Headquarters- London, U.K
Annual Budget- unclassified
Motto- Semper Occultus (Always Secret)
Agency Executives- Alex Younger (Chief of the SIS)

The Secret Intelligence Service most commonly known as MI6 is a elite intelligence agency of British Government. The organization was formed to initiate and control secret intelligence operations. MI 6 is one of oldest intelligence agency in the world. Since its formation, MI6 has an impressive resume of several successful missions that’s starts from 1909 and passes through the first world War, Second World War , Cold War and the war against terrorism .Most Lately , MI6 was accused of spying against North Korea for Nuclear program.

Intelligence Agencies acts as eye and brains of the nation. It is like Nervous system that runs throughout the human body and is the most vital systems. To know your enemies move long before it is even initiated help the Government to curb the act and prepare for counter measure. With the possibility of a new kind of war i.e. Cyber War, the importance of gathering information and Intelligence agencies is going to be vital. The role of Intelligence agency has been imperative in integrity and security of nation. They are the unsung heroes of the Nation.


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