The times and cinema have been changing frequently. Not only Hollywood stars but also other stars working in the entertainment industry are getting their due acknowledgement, which they were deprived off in past years. Among them are the Disney Stars who have appeared on Disney channel or their movies.

They have got immense popularity by portraying some of the famous roles, which paved their path in the industry. Many young stars have got to work with Disney making their careers ahead. As Disney makes its original films as well, these stars get to work in them as well. Here we will look at top 10 richest Disney Stars in 2022 who are most successful.

10. Bridgit Mendler ( Net Worth – $ 2 Million)

Richest Disney Stars 2019

24 years old Disney Star, Bridgit got to fame with Disney’s “Good Luck Charlie” series. She played the role of Teddy Duncan in it. Bridgit started acting at the age of 12. Another Disney Series she was seen regularly was “Wizards of Waverly Place” as Julient Van Heusen. Later on, Bridgit was signed in for Disney movie called “Lemonade Mouth”. Apart from being an actress, Bridgit is a singer, music composer and record producer. In 2012 after signing a contract with Hollywood Records her first album was released.

9. Emily Osment (Net Worth -$3 million)

Richest Disney Stars

Sister of The Sixth Sense actor Haley Joel Osment, Emily herself is a well-known actress and singer. At the young age of 25 years, Emily has been able to mark her name in the entertainment industry. At the age of seven, her acting career started with “3rd Rock from the Sun” and later on “The Secret life of Girls” but those did not give her name. She got to have vital roles in “Spy Kids” series. Emily got the popularity from being part of Disney’s “Hannah Montana”.Emily played the role of Best Friend of Hannah in the series. This landed her Disney’s original movies like “Dadnapped”, “Young and Hungry”, “Cyberbully” and many more. Nominated for several awards, Emily has brought back Teen choice award in 2009 and Prism award in 2012. Emily is working for her singing career and she released a couple of songs from her first album “Fight or Flight” in 2010.

8. Dove Cameron ( Net worth – $ 3 Million)

Richest Disney Stars

Born and brought up in Seattle, Dove is a well-known actress as well as a singer. At the age of 20 years, she is earning much more than many of American actress or singer. At the age of 17 years, Dove rose to fame with titular roles of Liv & Maddie on the show, ”Liv and Maddie”. Apart from Disney series, Dove has been regularly working on other TV shows like “Cloud 9”, “Monsterville”, “Bits and Pieces” and many more. She played the character of Mal in TV series “Descendants: Wicked World” in the year 2015. Dove has a melodious voice too and her single titled “If Only” was very well acclaimed reaching in top 100 chartbusters in the US. The year 2016 was a good year for Dove personally, as she got engaged to Ryan McCartan, a singer, and an actor.

7. Sabrina Carpenter (Net worth – $3.6 million)

Richest Disney Stars

At the age of 17, teens are kind of figuring out what to do in their life. But this young girl, Sabrina Carpenter is leading a luxurious life thanks to her great income making her a millionaire at such young age. Sabrina is an actress and a singer known for her Tv series “ Girl Meets World”. Sabrina started her acting career playing the role of little Chloe Goodwin in the show “Goodwin game”. But she got a breakthrough with Disney’s “Girl Meets World” playing the role of Maya Hart. She wanted to be a singer always so tried her hands on singing as well which proved to be great. Her hit songs include “Cant’ blame a girl for trying”, “The smoke and Fire” and “Eyes Wide Open”. Sabrina has featured in a film called “Horns” in the year 2013 alongside Daniel Redcliff. Her other Tv series includes “Orange is the new Black” and “Law & Order”. She signed Disney’s new show “Adventures of a Baby Sitter” and has a full working year in 2017 with her song releases and Tv series.

6. Joe Jonas (net Worth – $18 million)

Richest Disney Stars

Joseph Adam Jonas aka Joe Jonas is a famous Actor, dancer, and singer. Having mastery in all three forms, Joe has been able to accumulate good wealth at the age of 27 years. Joe started off with Disney channel’s TV series “Jonas” where he played Joseph Lucas. He was a band member of “Jonas Brothers” which had given him huge name and fame. Along with brothers Nick and Kevin, The Jonas brothers debuted with an album in the year 2006.They got signed with Hollywood Records and their 2nd album was highly appreciated making to the top 5 of Top 200 billboard. Their 3rd album “A little Bit Longer” and 4th album “Lines, vines and Trying Times” were a big hit too. Joe tried his hands to be a solo singer with album “Fastlife” which was again a hit number. Joe was said to be dating Taylor Swift but they soon broke up. Joe is with Blanda Eggenschwiler since 4 years.

5. Nick Jonas (net Worth – $25 Million)

Richest Disney Stars 2019

24 years old, young Nick Jonas is a Singer and actor who got to fame with his band “Jonas Brothers” along with Joe and Kevin. At the age of 7 years, Nick started his musical career but was not able to get that success which he had thought off. In 2007 when he collaborated with his brothers to form a band, they made huge name and fame. Their 4 albums were all hit and topped the chartbusters. Along with the band, Nick also started focusing on his solo career having formed band called “Nick Jonas & the Administration” releasing the first album in 2010. Nick has been part of Disney’s “Hannah Montana” and has appearances on “Smash”, “Camp Rock Series”, “Last man standing” and “Hawaii Five-0”. He has been linked with any famous celebrity singers and actresses.

4. Hilary Duff (Ne worth – $25 Million)

Richest Disney Stars

Famous for her role in Lizzie McGuire, Hilary is a popular actress, singer, and entrepreneur. Hilary started off her career being a child artist by taking part in Local Theatre. She also appeared in tv Commercial as a child. Noticed by that, she got to play a major and central role in Tv show “Lizzie McGuire”. She acted in the Tv series for 4 long years, which gained her enough popularity. She landed roles in many movies like “A Cinderella Story”,”Agent Cody banks”, “Cheaper by the Dozen 1 and 2” etc. Hilary is a songwriter and a performer and her pop singles and albums were a huge hit. Hilary is a businesswoman who owns clothing lines. Hilary believes in Social work and regularly does donations and charities. Hilary dated many guys in her life and is a mother of son Luca Cruz Comrie with her ex-husband Mike Comrie.

3. Demi Lovato (Net worth 0- $33 Million)

Richest Disney Stars

A well-known Tv personality, actress, and singer, Demi Lovato was born and raised in Dallas in Texas. Demi grew up with her sister and mother after her parents divorced. Demi got the chance to appear in Disney tv show “Sonny with a Chance: Since then Demi has never looked back. She has been getting continuous work. She featured in “Barney and Friends” show,” Just Jordan”, “Prison Break”, “Split Ends” and many more. Demi auditioned for Disney by singing a song and owning to her voice texture and capability she was signed with Hollywood records. Demi’s first album “Don’t Forget” was a big hit reaching number 2 in Top 200 charts. Demi usually worked with Jonas Brothers for her albums. Till 2015, Demi has released 5 studio albums. Demi Lovato was also seen on the show “X Factor” where she was reportedly paid $2 million. Demi’s personal life has not been good as she faced self-abuse and Bipolar disorder. She got herself treated and is said to be recovering well.

2. Selena Gomez (Net Worth – $ 50 Million)

Richest Disney Stars

Popular with her tv show “Wizards of Waverly place”, Selena Gomez is a popular actress and singer who is merely 24 years old. She began acting from the year 2002 when she was just 10. Her first TV show is said to be “Barley and Friends” which she did for 2 years appearing in 14 episodes. But her Breakthrough in acting career came in 2007 when she got the role in “Wizards of Waverly place”. She did the show till 2012, which aired for 106 episodes. She was reportedly paid $30,000 for each episode of the show. Selena musical career is also good with 2 studio albums and one compilation. She recently launched her production house named “July Moon productions”. Selena has been infamously known for her relationship with pop music star Justin Bieber.

1. Miley Cyrus (Net Worth – $160 Million)

Richest Disney Stars 2019

The Hannah Montana Girl, Miley is a Famous singer and actress who at such an age young is earning more than many industry people. Call the luck by her side or her acting and musical skills, Miley has been able to ace in both. Being in acting school at the age of 9, Miley did minor roles in Tv show “Doc” and in a film called “Big Fish”. Miley auditioned for Disney’ show “Hannah Montana” and finally got selected for the central character. Miley instantly rose to fame with “Hannah Montana” as it witnessed her not only as an actress but Singer and songwriter as well. The Hannah Montana soundtrack and the next album of hers broke the records and were topping the chartbusters. Miley lent voices to many of Disney shows. She owns the stage while she is performing and she has a bright future ahead.

The majority of these Disney Stars started off at an early age and none of them are above 30 years of age. In this young age, they have seen huge popularity by starring in several Disney Tv shows and Movies and are able to carve their niche in Industry. Many of them are earning big fortunes because of their multiple talents and this has led them to shine amidst various talents present in the Entertainment world.



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