Ten Biggest Residential Houses In The World: Most Expensive Houses

House provides accommodation which functions as a home. In the basis of technology and utility, it differs from one another. Without the house, we can not think anything. Every man returns home at the end of the day and finds peace. There are plenty of luxurious apartments in this world which are the appropriate examples of the modern style, simplicity, and Eco-friendly living. These houses are not only luxurious, they are expensive too. These homes offer lots of convenience facilities beyond expectation and imagination as well. These sophisticated and expensive houses are owned by the richest business persons and renowned celebrities.

Here is the list of top 10 most luxurious homes from around the globe.

10. Dracula’s Castle – Romania

Dracula's Castle Top Most Popular Biggest-Largest Houses in The World 2017

This castle is also known as Mister Valentin’s house or Bran Castle. This house is located in Bran, near Brasov, Romania. It is an important landmark of Romania. Now, this house is considered as a museum. It was used as a residential house of the royal family of Romania. The castle consists of 57 rooms including 17 bedrooms. Queen Mary’s antique furniture and art are displayed in the museum which is an attraction to tourists. This castle was made in medieval architectural style.

9. Updown Court – England

This house occupies the 9th position in the list of most expensive houses in the world. This house is located at Windlesham, Surrey village, in England. It is a Californian style residential house. This expensive house is set in the middle part of 58 acres are covered with beautiful garden and woodland as well. Updown Court mansion consists of 103 rooms including 24 bedrooms with attached bathrooms, two-lane bowling alley, a floodlit tennis court, 5 swimming pools, a squash court, a wine cellar, a theater, and a panic room. The swimming pools are most attractive part of this house. the house has a total worth of $ 139 million.

8. The Manor – Los Angeles, California

The Manor is also famous as Spelling Manor. This house is in Holmby Hills, Los Angeles, California, the USA. The owner of this house was Aaron Spelling, a renowned television producer. This luxury apartment was built in 1991 which occupied 4.6 hectares area. This house is also considered as the largest home in Los Angeles County. The Manor consists of 123 rooms including gym, tennis court, a screening room, bowling alley, four car garages, three rooms for wrapping presents, and pools. This house offers a luxury living facility in a very good atmosphere. Nowadays this house is owned by Petra Stunt. She purchased The Manor in 2011. the total worth of this house is $ 150 million.

7. Franchuk Villa – London, UK

Franchuk Villa is located in Belgravia, Central London, UK. This house is built in Victorian style. Franchuk Villa is ranked in 7th position among the most expensive houses in the world. This five-storied house consists of 10 bedrooms, health center, a sauna, and an eye-catching underground pool. This house was used as a school till 2006. after that, Elena Franchuk, the famous businesswoman, and philanthropist purchased it and remodeled as into a mansion. This house is a renowned house in London, UK.

6. Victorian Villa – Ukraine

Victorian Villa is an expensive house situated in Ukraine. This precious house is owned by Elena Franchuk, a famous business personality, and philanthropist as well. This is a five-storied house with various facilities. This house consists of room theater, a sauna plus gym, a swimming pool, a panic room. This house is ranked 6th in the list of world’s most expensive and luxury houses. The total worth of this house is $ 161 million.

5. Hearst Mansion – San Simeon, California, USA

Hearst Mansion Top Famous Biggest-Largest Houses in The World 2018

Hearst Mansion is a castle owned by William Randolph Hearst’s trustees which are located on San Simeon, central coast of California, in the USA. In between 1919 – 1947 the beautiful house was designed by Julia Morgan, a professional architect of America. This mansion consists of 56 bedrooms, 19 sitting rooms, 61 bathrooms. Some additional features of this house are it offers a 127 acres garden, a movie theater, swimming pools, tennis courts, an airfield, etc. The main attraction of this castle is its zoo which is considered as world’s largest private zoo. This house is placed on Beverly Hills.

4. Fairfield Pond – New York, USA

Fairyland Pond is one of the most precious houses in the world. The worth of this house is 250 million dollars in the year 2012. This dream house is featured with many sophisticated opportunities. The house is named after Ira Rennert, a famous business tycoon. Fairfield Pond is situated in Hamptons, New York, USA. This house is renowned for its hot tub. Other than these it has a huge greenhouse, 2 tennis courts, 3 swimming pools, a bowling alley. The main house is on 64,400 square foot estate along with a play house. It is the most valuable house in the USA.

3. The Penthouse in London

The Penthouse is a greatly valued house in London. It added a bit more to London’s pride. The total are of this house is more than 600-pound square feet and it is situated in Hyde Park, London. This house is regarded as one in the luxurious house of the world. The approximate worth of this house is $ 200 million. The Penthouse is featured with generous rooms, kitchens, guest house, beautiful gardens along with excellent opportunities. It is larger than many mansions in this world and has the claim to place itself in the level of expensive mansions. The windows of this house are made of bulletproof glass. In this penthouse, there is a room specially made for wine tasting.

2. Villa Leopolda – French Riviera

Villa Leopolda is a large palace owned by Bill Gates for some time on the French Riviera, France. It is considered as the most expensive villa of Europe. This house is named after king Leopard. This house was designed in between 1929 – 1931. It is an 80,000 square feet land which is divided into two parts including two guest houses. This palace consists of 11 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms. Other than these the house has a swimming pool and pool house, greenhouse, an outdoor kitchen, helipad, and a guest house larger than many mansions of most millionaires. The best feature of this house is it has a wonderful private beach front which regarded as the best beach front in south France. The worth of this house is $ 506 million.

1.  Antilla – Mumbai India

Antilla Top Most Famous Biggest-Largest Houses in The World 2018

Antilla is a private house owned by Mukesh Ambani in South Mumbai, India. This house is considered as the most luxurious and expensive house in this world in 2014. this prestigious house is located in Altamount Road, Cumballa Hill. This house has 27 floors including three helicopter pads, six underground parking floors. The total area of this multi-storied building is 400,000-square-foot. This luxurious house needs 600 staffs to maintain it well. Other than these the house has lots of ultra modern facilities such as hanging gardens, swimming pool, two-story health center, home theater – sitting capacity of 50 persons, automobiles servicing floor, etc.

Generally, the culture and tradition effects on construction of a house. But the area has a great impact on it. There are three basic elements in building a peaceable home life. The atmosphere of the house is one of them. After many hours of hard working, we return to our house to feel the peace and take supreme comfort in a safe place, overcoming all the obstacles in the world. Home defines the place we can relax, rest, enjoy, spent time with our family & friends, learn, and grow. Our houses utter a lot about us and our thinking which is important in our life as well.


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