Summers is a time of vacations when a lot of teens love to opt for summer jobs to earn some bucks. Summer jobs enable the teens to assert their independent, to support their education or buy whatever they feel like buying. Summer jobs are also beneficial as they give live exposure to the teens where they can gain practical experience for their career.

If your vacations are round the corner and you are looking into making the best out of your vacations by earning some bucks, then go for any of these 12 enlisted best summer jobs. These jobs assist teens to earn a decent salary during their vacations. You may earn as much as 10 to 20 dollars per hour.

12. Dog walker/ Pet-sitter

Best Summer Jobs For Teens in 2019

During summers, many people plan to enjoy their vacations by visiting their favourite destinations. When these people leave for vacations, they look for someone who can take care of their pet way back their home. You can offer your services as a pet-sitter by taking care of their pets. You’ll have to watch over the animals as if your own and the master’s are happy to pay you quite a decent amount of money for the same.

11. Handyperson

Best Summer Jobs For Teens

Homeowners often plan to execute home improvement projects during summers. This may include painting fence, laying new walkways or lawn mowing. You can offer your services for the same, which will fetch you some substantial amount of money. Look for people in your neighbourhood or your friends who are looking for home improvements and provide your aid. You can earn anywhere between $10 to $15 per hour. You can also decide upon your working hours as per your convenience.

10. Newspaper Delivery Person

Best Summer Jobs For Teens

It is a kind of job where you’ll make your money by 6 a.m daily and after that you can enjoy your entire day. The job requires tough endeavour and driving to several routes, so you’ll be required to have clean driving record and auto insurance. Once you have the requirements, you can apply for this job and earn well.

9. Lifeguard

Best Summer Jobs For Teens

If you are a good swimmer and love to be in water, then you can work as a lifeguard. It is an outside job where you get to work in an affable and amusing environment. However, there are some standards laid down by Red Cross that you need to follow to be eligible for a lifeguard’s post. The pre-requisites are: first aid, blood-borne pathogens training, CPR certification and knowledge of basic water rescue techniques.

8. Mobile Automobile Dealer

Best Summer Jobs For Teens

Everyone wants their cars to be washed from time to time. They’d love it if they could get their car washed by a visiting dealer. You can go to client’s office or house and offer mobile detailing services. This will save their time as they won’t have to take their car for washing. You can set your own hours and rates and work accordingly. Your task would include driving to location, cleaning the car and taking care of customer’s prized possession. If you are good in your task, customers would love to pay you well.

7. Golf Course Caddy

Best Summer Jobs For Teens

If you know the game of golf and can stand for extended period of time, then you can employ your skills to work as Golf Course Caddy. Caddies just admire the game of various patrons and assist them whenever they need help. Though the base pay is less but the tips you receive from customers makes it a high paying profile.

6. Movie Theatre employee

Best Summer Jobs For Teens

Movie theatres are flooded with people during the summer season. You can provide your assistance in maintaining the crowd by working as a movie theatre employee. You can do anything like serving popcorns, taking tickets, ushering customers and solving their problems. Though, the job pays less but if you are a movie buff then its the best job for you as you get to watch free movies as incentives.

5. Tutor

Best Summer Jobs For Teens

If you are strong in any specific subject then you can use your knowledge in earning sound income. You can put up notices in the town offering your services as a tutor. A tutor is most sought-out job for teens as it pays you quite well. You can get $15 per hour as a beginner and above $30 per hour if you possess advanced degree and experience. It not just aids you in earning money, but you also get an experience that you can add onto your college applications.

4. Career-oriented internships

Best Summer Jobs For Teens

You can opt for career oriented internships whereby you’ll not just earn money but will also gain an experience that is helpful for your career. Doing an internship allows you to work according to your interests and expertise. It also aids the teens in making their decisions as to which career to pursue when they graduate.

3. Pool Cleaner

Best Summer Jobs For Teens

Summer is a time when everyone loves to chill out in their pools. A dirty pool is something that is surely not acceptable, so they look for someone who can clean their pool. You can work as a pool cleaner and earn decent wages. Though, pool cleaning is a tedious job but it is in high demand especially in summers. You’ll find lots of work and you can either work as an individual or under any pool-cleaning company.

2. Camp Counsellor

Best Summer Jobs For Teens

If you love being outdoors, camping and playing outdoor sports, then you’d love to work as a camp counsellor. The task of a camp counsellor is to look after the kids in the camp and guide them from time to time. Plethora of camps are organised all round the year, where you can offer your services as a camp counsellor. This is a high paying job and you may end up earning $ 2000 each month.

1. Babysitter

Best Summer Jobs For Teens

Do you love to play around with kids? If yes then you could earn huge amount of money by taking care of babies of the people. Several people leave their kids to baby sitters while they are working in their offices. You can earn good salary starting from $15 per hour. Get a CPR certification to receive better rates and more clients.

Summer jobs can really pay you quite well. There are oodles of options that you can opt for but these 12 jobs are known to pay well. You can choose any of these but first decide what kind of job you’d like to do: whether you want to work outside or in a theatre? Would you love to take care of animals or kids? Always choose a job that you’d love to do and make money along with enjoying your vacations.


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