Are you sick and tired of watching the usual daily soaps that have nothing new? Looking for dramas that are worth your time? Well, then you should definitely watch a Korean drama and believe me, once you begun the first episode you’ll be hooked to see the drama till its very last episode. K-dramas are so much fascinating and amusing that they are not just popular in Korea but all across the globe.

Korean dramas are a blend of humour, romance, emotions and suspense, they actually give you goose bumps. The best part is that you get subtitles along with the episodes, though drama is so intense that even bereft the subtitles you can feel each and every bit of it. So, if you also want to enjoy the K-dramas then go for these top 10 most popular Korean dramas 2022 as they are simply jaw-dropping and a delight to watch.

10. Strong women Do Bong Soon

Hottest Korean Dramas 2019

The drama is as much interesting as its name is. It is a tickling show with genre of humour and romance. Protagonist of the show is a superwomen who is hired as a bodyguard to the CEO of a gaming company. CEO of the company is the male protagonist who is a spoil brat and is threatened by an anonymous enemy. The story portrays the romance and stupid fights between the two plus the action element where Do Bong provides protection to her boss. Will Do Bong be able to save her boss? To know this, you’ll have to watch the show.

09. Marriage Contract

Hottest Korean Dramas

This K-drama is a tearjerker and an emotional plot which will actually make you cry. The engaging show revolves around a young girl who is diagnosed with brain tumour. She knows that she has very less time left but she wants to enjoy her life to the fullest. In order to secure her future, she enters into a contract with a handsome guy and becomes his time-limited wife. The show is full of romantic scenes that will make you crave for the life of this young girl. The saga of love, hope and misery is a must-watch.

08. Two worlds

Hottest Korean Dramas

Two worlds is an entertaining K-drama that revolves around a girl who is searching for her Mr Right. She has made many perceptions about her Mr. Right and looks for him here and there. The show is based on genre of suspense with elements of romance, comedy and action. The protagonist’s father uses the theme of Mr Right in his comic book. The character of Mr Right finds a life eventually and mysterious events are created that dwindles between fantasy and reality. Is Mr Right real or just a comic character? To demystify the suspense, watch the show.

07. Pinocchio

Hottest Korean Dramas

The show is a blend of romance, mystery and comedy. Its protagonists are the rivals as investigative journalists from different stations. The story revolves around their journey from ardent rivals to love birds. Along the episodes, you’ll get to see heated arguments between the two and their rivalry for each other. Eventfully they’ll fall in love. What next? To witness it all, start following the show.

06. My love from another star

Hottest Korean Dramas

It is a supernatural kind of show which will make you laugh and cry at the same time. The protagonist is an alien who lands into the earth in the Joseon dynasty. Alien is good looking and is intelligent as well as strong. The alien falls for a gorgeous actress and their romance is showcased in the show. The alien realises that he has to leave the earth after three months. What will happen next? To check out this interesting story, start following the show from today.

05. Goblin

Hottest Korean Dramas 2019

The show revolves around the life and struggle of an immortal goblin named Shin. This k-drama is a teenage love story, which is a treat to watch. Shin lives with a grim reaper who has amnesia and uses his power to help others. The story is about Shin’s search for a bride who can pull of the sword from his chest and make him mortal.

04. Love in the moonlight

Hottest Korean Dramas

It is a cute and humorous love story. The protagonist Hong Ra On disguises herself as a man and works as a counsellor by counselling men about dating and relationships. She accidently meets Hyo Meong who is a Crown Prince. Both of them are unaware about each other’s reality. It is an engaging and interesting story that is full of comedy and lots of tantrums.

03. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo

Hottest Korean Dramas

It is a light and easy to follow kind of show. It revolves around a girl whose father is a former weightlifter. She falls in love with an obesity doctor. The saga is about their friendship, understanding and blossoming of love betwixt them. What adds extra spice to the drama is the fact that it also focuses on the identity search of each character. Its not just about love but is about life and individuality.

02. Legend of the Blue sea

Hottest Korean Dramas

This incredible and extraordinary drama is the most awaited drama. The show has everyone’s apple-of-the-eye Le-Min Ho as the protagonist. The plot revolves around a mermaid from Joseon era who has entered the modern world. Its a story of her survival where she meets a charming yet shrewd artist who is a doppelganger of a noble guy from her era. It is a limited duration show that is a huge hit among populace.

01. Descendants of the Sun

Hottest Korean Dramas 2019

The most popular and interesting K-drama right now is Descendants of the sun. It is a love saga with elements of humour and action. Its lead characters are charming as well as quite funny. As per the plot, the captain of Korean army falls in love with a serious doctor. The show seems engaging and exciting from its first episode itself. What makes the show a blockbuster is its out-of-the-world cinematography. Watch this show if you are really looking for some decent romantic K-drama.

Korean drama is an essential dose of entertainment. The K-dramas are meaningful and they are known to hold the emotions of its viewers. If you are one of those who are crazy for romantic and humorous sagas then you’ll surely love these Korean dramas. With amazing cinematography, astounding plots, adept and good looking protagonists and incredible depiction of feelings, K-dramas rule the throne of drama all over the world. Watch any of these for a magnificent entertainment.


  1. In my opinion I think ‘what’s wrong with secretary Kim?’ is one of my all-time favorites! strong woman do bong soon is also amazing. Recently I have been getting into the medical type kdramas such as ‘dr romantic’ and ‘medical ship’.

  2. This is impossible! Where is Moon Lovers! I also liked those dramas … but Moon Lovers really hooked me up on the couch …


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