Hill stations are places with abundant green, tall pine trees, snow-clad mountain peaks that have always fascinated tourists from centuries. The attraction of nature never make you feel content, and this is the reason tourists visit the places, again and again, to enjoy and cherish the peaceful nature.

There are numerous famous hill stations spread all over the globe. Here we are trying to find out the most visited hill station around the world in 2022 so that if you are planning a tour, you will find it easy to sort out according to your choice. Here we go:


Most visited hill stations 2019

Located in China. It is one of the most visited hill station where tourists from all over the world come and enjoy the beautiful natural view of the mountain. The weather is freezing. During winter the visitor can experience snowfall.


Most visited hill stations

This hill station is in Nepal and the most favourite hill station of mountain lovers as you can watch the clear view of some Himalayan ranges from Pokhara. There is also an Airport located here, so the tourist from around the world visit here to enjoy the view of snow clad mountain peaks. Weather is too cold and during the month of December and January snowfall occurs. Pokhara is a popular base camp for the Mountaineers.


Most visited hill stations

A hill station in Nepal which is very high and situated 80 km in the south-west of Kathmandu. The place is located at an elevation of 7,620 ft. Due to this height; the ranges of Mount Everest can be seen very clearly from here. During winter the great attraction for tourists is the snowfall. There is also a helipad in this village. Different variety of flowers especially Rhododendrons is the additional charm of this place.


Most visited hill stations

Situated in Swat district of Pakistan at an elevation of almost 4,600 ft height on the bank of the river Swat. The place is famous for its superb landscape view and scenic beauty. Weather is very cool. And it is the favourite hill station of tourists.


Most visited hill stations

Situated in the south central highlands (4,900Ft high) of Vietnam. In the past the French built a colony here to enjoy the cool weather and view of hills, Nowadays it is a famous hill station and visited by tourists’ often. With the rolling green grass, tall pine trees, breathe-taking view it has been an ideal place for mountain sports like biking, hiking and canoeing. The weather is spring-like pleasant and refreshing.


Most visited hill stations

It is the capital city of Himachal Pradesh in India. Shimla has been placed as a most popular hill station for all kinds of tourists, especially for the newly married. This most visited hill station lies to the south –western part of Himalaya, and so the visitors can enjoy the snow clad mountain ranges and pine woods in this place. The altitude is 7,238 ft. The most amazing thing about Shimla is its weather.


Most visited hill stations

Darjeeling is the most popular and most visited tourist destination among all hill stations. It is situated in the state of West Bengal in India. The main attraction of Darjeeling is the Toy Train Ride which has been declaring as a Heritage. The place is located at an elevation of 6,700 ft high, and the hills of Darjeeling are a part of Lesser Himalaya. The snowfall in winter is worth to experience. Tiger Hill is the highest point from where sunrise and Kanchenjunga can be seen very clearly.


Most visited hill stations

The enchanting hill station in Australia with a dramatic landscape view is a centre of attraction for all tourists. The place is covering a vast area which is almost the half of Switzerland. Recorded visitors in the year 2005 were approximately 202,000. The tourists are drawn to the abundant wildlife, natural waterfall, Aboriginal diversity of land formation and rock. This park is the best natural example of rock art in Australia, and there are also variety spots for camping inside the park. The wildlife cruising is also a mentionable feature here.


Most visited hill stations

Situated in New South Wales, Australia this alpine village is an attraction for the tourist to enjoy the snow and ski sports. Moreover different snow sports, rock climbing, cycling, trekking are the different activities that drawn the visitors here. The altitude of this place is 2037 m. Visitors can experience the panoramic mountain view all the year round. The river Thredbo is winds through the village. The summer blue music festival is a special charm of this hill station.


Most visited hill stations

The World famous mountain surrounded Grand Canyon situated in Arizona in the USA. This is one of the most visited hill destination of the mountain lovers. Ideal for the both types of tourists who loves adventure and who loves to enjoy nature peacefully. The Colorado River has added addition beauty to this desert like ambience where you can enjoy nature camping, several forests and the mesmerising natural views.


Most visited hill stations

Fairbanks in Alaska is a very famous and most visited hill station which is situated in the valley of Tanana, USA. It is a picture perfect dream destination for all tourists. The winter is very long with a chill weather, and the summer is very short. There is a chain of mountains lies to the north of Fairbanks. The Alaska ranges and the combination of the two rivers, Tanana and Chena, have made this place a true dream destination.


Most visited hill stations

When it comes to sorting out the name of best and mostly visited a hill station in the world the great Smokey Mountain comes as a former place to visit. Located on the borderline of North Carolina USA, it is a sub-range of the Appalachian mountain, and there is also a national park, which is the most visited national park in the USA. This place has been marked as a world heritage site by UNESCO. The name Smokey has been derived from the natural fog that wraps the area all the time. This is a worth visit hill station.


Most visited hill stations 2019

Best known high Alpine Resort in the Engadine, Switzerland. The highest is almost 5,910ft. The exact location of St. Moritz is on the southern slopes of the Albula Alps below the Piz Nier. The area is wide and flat, and this glaciated valley is the storehouse of natural beauty. The place is famous for ski resorts which are mostly visited by upper-class tourist as they are very expensive. The visitors can enjoy sunny weather almost round the year.

So, friends, we hope this list will be very helpful to arrange your tour. Choose the places according to your priority and enjoy the chilling weather at your favourite hill station.


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