China is brimming with beautiful women who have the ability to attract people with their lifestyle choices, fashion and style. Chinese women are known for their flawless skin, healthy hair and sexy figure.

The entertainment industry in China is majorly dominated by female celebrities because of their hotness and never ending beauty. The country has the largest population and the largest count of beautiful and charming ladies. Picking up the most beautiful celebrities from China is like picking up a drop of water from the sea. Checkout the top 10 most beautiful Chinese female celebrities in 2022.

10. Liu Yifei

Most beautiful Chinese female celebrities 2019

Liu Yifei due to her mesmerizing and flawless beauty is known among the most beautiful ladies in China. Liu Yifei was born on August 25, 1987. The original name of Liu Yifei is Liu Ximeizi. Liu Yifei is an American Chinese actress, singer and a model. The actress moved to New York at the age of 11 and shifted back to her country in the year 2002. The actress performed in the Beijing film academy in the year 2002 and graduated in the year 2006.

After her performance in the Beijing film academy, Liu Yifei got many offers to work in the television industry. With “The Story of a Nobel Family”, Yifei made her debut in the television industry. The actress started her career as a singer in the year 2006 after releasing her debut album. The actress also made a pinnacle in the film industry. Some of the contributions of Yifei to the film industry are The Forbidden Kingdom, A Chinese Ghost story, For Love and For Money and The Four 3. Her acting and singing adds up to her beauty.

9. Chi-Ling Lin

Most beautiful Chinese

Chi-Ling Lin is a Taiwanese model and actress. She was born on 29 November in the year 1974. Chi-Ling started with her career as a model when she acted in a TV advertisement in Hong-Kong. The major factor that increased Chi-Ling’s fan following was her resemblance with some of the pornographic actresses of China. She was felicitated with the Hong-Kong style icon, most popular new actress and the best Asia star award. Chi-Ling made to appear in many television shows and movies. Lin has also been the brand ambassador of some very famous and top ranked domestic brands and organisations.

8. Gao Yuanyuan

Most beautiful Chinese women 2019

Gao Yuanyuan is in the limelight for her splendid beauty. The actress was born on 5 October in the year 1979. Yuanyuan started her career with modelling. The actress appeared in a minor role in a comedy movie “Spicy Love Soup” in the year 1996. Gao gained fame after she appeared in an advertisement of the Olympic Games. After this advertisement, the actress grabbed people’s attention and was known as the fresh mouth girl. The actress appeared in the lead role in a daily soap“The Heaven Sword and the Dragon Saber”, in the year 2002. Yuanyuan appeared in a movie Shanghai Dream which was a super hit and was also felicitated with the Prix de Jury Prize.

7. Fan Bingbing

Most beautiful Chinese

Fan Bingbing was born on 16 September in the year 1981. The lady along with her splendid and awe-inspiring beauty, has many other talents. Bingbing is a Chinese actress, television producer and a pop star. The actress got fame after she appeared in East Asia in the year 1998-1999 in a very famous Television series “My Fair Princess”. In 2003, Bingbingappeared in a movie “The Cell Phone”. The movie was felicitated with the Hundred Flowers award and the Tokyo International Film Festival award. Bingbing after her performance in the Cell Phone appeared in many movies and is known among the most successful actresses of the world.

6. Zhang Jingchu

Most beautiful Chinese

Zhang Jingchu is among the preeminent actresses of China. She was born on 2 February in the year 1980. Zhang Jingchu is a Chinese actress. She graduated from the Central Academy of Drama in Beijing. Jingchu belongs from a middle class family of China and today is the most paid Chinese actresses due to her hard work and dedication. She made her debut in an international movie Peacock, which was felicitated with the Silver Bear at the International Film Festival in the year 2005, Golden Rooster award, hundred flower award and Hong Kong Film award. The actress appeared in many hit movies like the Rush Hour 3. The actress also received the title of the Asian Hero by a magazine in the year 2005.

5. Zhou Xun

Most beautiful Chinese

Zhou Xun was born on 18 October in the year 1974. The lady is not just blessed with the talent of acting, but is also a mind-blowing singer. The actress gained fame due to her roles in Suzhou River and Balzac. She was felicitated with many awards like Hong Kong Film awards, Golden Horse awards, Shanghai film critics’ award, Beijing college student festival award and Asian film award. The actress also made her name among the four Dan actresses of the country. Apart from her successful acting career, Zhou also has two solo albums. The talent and the beauty of the actress are present in equal proportions.

4. Zhao Wei

Most beautiful Chinese

Zhao Wei is the most popular and beautiful actress, pop singer and a filmmaker in China who was born on March 12, 1976. The actress gained popularity and recognition overnight after she appeared in a television series, “My Fair Princess”. After her performance on television, she performed in many movies that made it big like; Shaolin Soccer, Red Cliff, Painted Skin, A Time to Love and Mulan. The actress is felicitated with many awards for both her outstanding acting and her tremendous singing like; the Golden Eagle and many more. She was given the title of the most Stylish Asian actress and most stylish female artist in China. Wei’s self-directed movie “So Young”, was released in the year 2013. The actress is known among the four Dan actresses of the country.

3. Zhang Yuqi

Most beautiful Chinese

Born on August 8, 1986, Zhang Yuqi is known among the most beautiful, hottest and sexiest actresses in the China Film industry. The actress gained fame after she performed the lead role in CJ7 in the year 2008. She made a guest appearance in “The Longest Night in Shanghai” in the year 2007. The actress gave many successful and blockbuster movies to the China film industry like; Shoalin Girl and All about women, curse of the deserted, White deer Plain, Honey Enemy and Lost in the Pacific. She was also felicitated with many nominations and awards.

2. Xu Jinglei

Most beautiful Chinese

XuJinglei is very famous and beautiful lady in China and was born on April 16, 1974. This beauty not just gained fame by her splendid acting but also by her amazing movie direction. Xu graduated from the Beijing film academy in the year 1997 and started with her directing career in the year 2003. The actress is also known among the four Dan actresses of China. The actress has performed in many television dramas and many awards. She won the best actress award in the year 2003. The actress is also known among the leading writers of the country.

1. Zhang Ziyi

Most beautiful Chinese

Zhang Ziyi is among the most beautiful women in China and was born on February 9, 1979. The actress is known among the four Dan actresses of the country. In 1999 she appeared in a movie; The Road Home but the star gained a lot of popularity with her splendid roles in The Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon there, Hero, House of Flying Daggers and many more. The actress was felicitated with many awards like; Independent Spirit award and Best actress in the supporting role of the hidden dragon there. She made it to the 100 most beautiful women in the world list, 50 most beautiful people and sexist women in the world. The actress is really famous for her splendid and never ending beauty.

These are the stunning and leading celebrities of china. The country is filled with beautiful and talented women who are not just famous in the country but also in the entire world. The place has so many beautiful ladies that it becomes really difficult and hard to pick a few among them.


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