There is no end to the violence we are experiencing on our planet today. With freaky gun laws in America and a ruthless regime in Syria; there is an all time increase in the number of murders and hate crimes happening across the world. However, crime and violence is something that is common to all countries of the world.

There are gangsters and criminals everywhere, and sadly they are all very powerful with the strong backing as well as weapon possession. One of the most commonly committed crimes today is murder. It can be out of bias, rivalry, hatred, envy, and multiple other negative emotions. Given below is a list of 10 countries which have the highest murder crime as of 2020.

In the list given below, we have also included factors like the location of the country and the per capita income, along with other social evils like poverty, inflation, unequal distribution of resources and more. To see if there is a link between these factors and the increasing murder rates of the country. As you read on, you will be able to see the commonalities as well as the links between these factors.

10. Columbia

Top murder crime countries 2019

This South American country is one of the most bio diverse countries, per square kilometer. It is also considered as one of the mega diverse countries in the world. Majority of the Columbian population, i.e the natives, are poor and uneducated people. Who often switch to crimes like robbery, kidnapping, and assault, the rich population here is mainly the Spanish, and not the locals. Although the overall crime rate of this country is also high, the maximum number of crimes happening here are murder crimes, according to statistics, 30.8 out of 100,000 people die due to being murdered by someone.

9. South Africa

Top murder crime countries

After the South American country, the other country with one of the highest murder crimes is the South African country; South Africa. It is a multi ethnic country and has the 7th highest per capita income across Africa. However, it still continues to suffer from problems like poverty, and high crime rates. One of the most commonly committed crimes over here includes murders and rapes. According to statistics, it is considered that 31 people out of a population of 100,000 die by being murdered due to some reason. It is said that murder rate in the country has come down a great deal it however continues to be one of the countries with highest murder rates.

8. Saint Kitts and Nevis

Top murder crime countries

This is a two island, federal country located in the West Indies. It is considered as the smallest sovereign state across Americas. The population of this island country is mere 54,961 people; however the crime rates are still high. One of the most committed crime is murder, an expected of 33.6 out of 100, 000 people die due to murder. Although not a very popular country, it has made a name for itself for the wrong reasons.

7. Swaziland

Top murder crime countries

This is another African country with a high crime rate. The economy of the country is not too great, as it is a developing country, and majority of people earn through agriculture and manufacturing. Apart from sexual crimes and robberies reported every year, there are several cases of murder reported too. The rate of murder is in-fact more than that of other crimes that are committed in this country. An average of 33.8 people out of a population of 100,000 people dies due to murders.

6. Jamaica

Top murder crime countries

An island country located in the Caribbean Sea, with not a large population, and a per capita income of $15.569 billion, it is a country with one of the world’s highest murder crime rates. Being the fifth largest Caribbean country and the third most populous English speaking country across Americas, it also has regions with high crime rates. An average of 39.3 people out of every 100,000 is killed by being murdered.

5. Guatemala

Top murder crime countries

The Central American country, and one of the most populated Central American states, with an economy lower to several other American regions, is also one of the countries with highest murder crime rates in the world. Apart from already being one of those developing countries which is struggling with problems like poverty, substance abuse, political instability, high murder rates and overall crime rate adds on to its challenges. An average of 39.9 out of 100,000 people is murdered in the country.

4. El Salvador

Top murder crime countries

Another Central American country, with its small size and lower per capita incomes, it is also the most populated region in Central America. It has 6.2 million people living in 21,044 square kilometers of area with a per capita income of 4,776. This low income pushes several sections of the population to live below the poverty line and thus increasing the crime rates in the country. With an average of 41.2 people out of 100,000, dying due to murder, it is one of the top 5 countries with highest murder crime rates in the world.

3. Belize

Top murder crime countries 2019

A nation state located on the Central American coast, has an area of 22,800 square kilometers, and its population is limited to just 340,844 people. With a diverse society, that consists of people from different ethnicities, like the Mestizo, Mayan, Kriol etc, the country also has traces of insufficient peace, and life security. With a crime rate, particularly murder crime rate, higher than what you find in several other countries, it is one of the most unsafe places. An average of 44.7 people out of every 100,000 people is murdered in Belize.

2. Venezuela

Top murder crime countries

The South American country with a massive population, and the one that is considered as one of the most bio – diverse countries of America, is also the one that is dealing with problems like inflation, economic recession and poverty. Although it is a completely urbanized nation of Latin America, it has been stated as the most insecure as well. It not only lacks the ability to provide sufficient safety and security, but also has the second highest murder crime rate among all countries of the world. In Venezuela, an average of 53.7 people out of the population of 100,000 dies due to murder.

1. Honduras

Top murder crime countries

Apart from its abundant natural resources, like minerals, tropical fruits, coffee, etc, this Central American country is also infamous for being the world’s most insecure place with highest murder crime rate all over the world! With a population around 8 million and an area of 112, 492 kilometers square, this country is also home to several ethnic groups. Homicides and drug trafficking are one of the most commonly occurring crimes in this country. According to statistics, an average of 90.4, out of 100,000 people, die here by being murdered.

Crimes are common across all regions of the world. Every country deals with criminal activities like murder, trafficking, rape, kidnapping etc; however the ones mentioned above are not just countries with high crime rates, but the ones with the highest murder crime rate across all countries of the world. Majority of these countries are South American or Central American countries, associated with poverty, corruption, and other social evils. A few of the countries are African. Not a single country in this list is an Asian or European country.


  1. (a) You Donn’t cite your sources. I can find half a dozen lists that are different. (b) Funny how you start the article with a statement about the “freaky gun laws in America”, yet we don’t even make the top 10. Quit drinking the Kool-aid.


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