Export is part of International trading where goods and services are shipped from one country to another for future trade and sale. It is one of the oldest forms of economic transfer which generally takes place on a large scale between two countries. Without exporting products and services the business of the countries cannot take place on a large scale.

This article will represent full information about the largest exporters in the right now. If you are seeking information about top largest exporting countries then this article is quite helpful for you because after a long hour research we have prepared a list of top ten largest or biggest exporting countries 2022 that export goods and services on a large scale. In the below list you can see the listed countries.

10. United Kingdom-$479.2 Billion

Top export countries 2019

When it comes to biggest exporters we cannot avoid United Kingdom because, it is the 8th largest economy in the world in terms of purchasing power parity while 6th largest economy in the world in terms of nominal gross domestic product. It exports its primary products are, sup, manufactured goods, tobacco, chemicals, food and beverages. As per the per capita basis its GDP is the 22th largest in the world in terms of purchasing and nominal power parity terms; Germany its main partner while other partners are France, Netherlands, Belgium and republic of Ireland.

9. Russia-$520.3 Billion

Top export countries

In terms of purchasing power parity Russia stands on 6th number in the world while 8th largest economy in the world in terms of nominal gross domestic product. Russia is blessed with various fossil fuels and metals like, coal, natural gas and oil. Its main exports are petroleum and petroleum products, metals, natural gas, wood products, wood, weapons, chemicals, military hardware and manufacturing products. Its main exports partners are china, Italy, Netherlands, Germany and Poland.

8. Italy-$524.9 Billion

Top export countries

Italy stands on 8th number in the world in terms of largest exporters. It is 10th largest exporters in the world in terms of purchasing power parity while 9th largest economy in terms of nominal gross domestic product. Italy is a diversified industrial and highly developed economy while its main exports are clothing, textiles, engineering products motor vehicles, production machinery, chemical food, transport equipments, minerals, tobacco, beverages, metals and nonferrous. Its main clients are United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, United States and Switzerland.

7. Netherland-$550.2 Billion

Top export countries

The high per capita income makes Netherlands richest nations in the world. It is 17th largest economy in the world while stands on 7th number when it comes to biggest exporters. Although the economy of the country is hit by global financial crisis but still they has managed a very good reputation in exporting field. Netherlands is well developed country having stock market. The primary areas of exports are chemicals, machinery, equipments and food products. The main exporting partners are franc, Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium, and Italy.

6. South Korea-$552.8 Billion

Top export countries

When it comes to largest or biggest economy the name South Korea has 15th number in the world. The primary exports of the country are wireless telecommunication equipments, semiconductors, computers, motor vehicles, petrochemicals and ships. South Korea is a developing country and day by day it increasing its exporting sector. The main exporting partners of the country are United States, China and Japan.

5. France-$589.7 billion

Top export countries

The France stands on 9th number in purchasing power parity figures while 5th largest economy in the world in nominal terms. France is one of the most developed countries on the globe with main exporting products such as, aircraft, agriculture products, plastics, machinery, chemicals, transportation, pharmaceuticals, iron, electronics, steel and beverage. The country has some prominent exporting partners like, Spain, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium, United States, and Netherlands.

4. Japan-$787 Billion

Top export countries

Japan stands on 4th number in terms of purchasing power parity while 3rd largest economy in the world in nominal terms. Country also know for its electronic goods all over the world while its main exporting products are Iron, semiconductors, motor vehicles, plastics, steel, auto parts, power generating machinery, and plastics materials. Its main exports partners are United States, Saudi Arabia, china, Australia, South Korea, United Kingdom, India, and United Arab Emirates.

3. United States- $1.497 Trillion

Top export countries

When it comes to largest economy you cannot forget this country name because it is the largest economy on the globe. The country is blessed with many natural resources while it is well developed nation on earth. The main areas of exports are consumer goods, capital goods, food, beverages, feed, automobiles, auto parts, aircraft, fuel and petroleum products, and allied components. Its main exporting partners are china, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, India, and Mexico.

2. Germany – $1.547 trillion

Top export countries

Germany is a well developed country in the world which has 5th number in terms of purchasing power parity while 4th largest economy in nominal terms. It is considered as one of the largest economy in entire Europe. Germany know as 2nd largest exporters in the world which is blessed with raw materials. it exports products such as, electronic products, motor vehicles, chemicals, machinery, electronic and computer products, transport equipments, metals, electrical equipments, pharmaceuticals, plastic products, food items, textiles and rubber products. Its main exporting partners are Austria, china, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Belgium and Italy.

1. China – $1.904 trillion

Top export countries 2019

After United States the china is the 2nd largest or biggest economy in the world. China is also known for its electronic products which are famous across the world. The main areas of export are apparel, electrical machinery, textiles, and medical equipments, data processing, steel, iron, and optical. Its main exporting partners are Australia, India, South Korea, United States, Germany and United Kingdom.

Through the above topic we got to know that, a business operation between two countries is not possible without exporting the product and services. In this article we have covered a list of top ten largest exporters in the world while on the other hand we got to know about their exporting percentage and area of exporting products. The article is quite helpful for users and valuable for the entrepreneurs.


  1. South Korea is not a developing country (Think Samsung). The only developing/2nd world countries on this list are China and Russia. Otherwise, thanks for the good information.


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