Water is an essential commodity for the sustenance of mankind. Water shortage or water crises both go hands by hands. When the utilisation of freshwater elevates as compared to the fresh water resources the catastrophe occurs. Poor management of water resources and its use is the main reason why any country had to face its shortage.

Although a number of programs are undergoing with respect to water conservation there a few countries where the shortage and crises never seem to seize. Let’s get an insight over these countries and the reasons they are facing such situation in today’s time. Below are the top 10 countries with most water shortage in the world in 2022.

10. Afghanistan

Top water shortage countries 2019

It is the country whose population is increasing at an alarming rate. This is the reason why water crises are in abundance here. It is reported that only 13% of clean water is available for using the people of the country. The rest is all contaminated and unhygienic water on which people have to rely. Most parts of the country suffer water scarcity to a great extent. Insufficient structure and negligence among the people along with the high rate of the population can be blamed to some extent for the cause of this. Lack of clean water is the main reason why people of Afghanistan suffer a lot of health issues as well.

9. Ethiopia

Top water shortage countries

Although most of the countries in African continent faces severe water shortages but Ethiopia is the one where the severity is the highest. For sustaining the population and the health of their people Ethiopia is in a great need of fresh and clean water. It is reported that only 42 %of people have an access to clean water and the rest of them rely just on the stored and unhygienic water. The high mortality rate of the country to some extent can be blamed for the presence of unhygienic water in most parts of the country. Women and children are reported to suffer many diseases and health problems due to it. Women used to travel long distances in order to fetch water for their family.

8. Chad

Top water shortage countries

Being located in the horn of Africa Chad not only suffers from water shortage but food shortage as well. Being severely affected by drought conditions the country is prone to such crises many times in a year. The reason why the children are malnutrition and get severe and deadly diseases soon could be blamed on the climatic conditions that bring the situations like drought and famine and thus affecting the health. Even the women and men are not escaped from the ill effects of it. Unhygienic and unclean water invited many illnesses to them. The surrounding countries like Niger and Burkina Faso are also affected like Chad.

7. Cambodia

Top water shortage countries

It is very unfortunate that around 84% of the population of Cambodia do not have an access to clean and fresh water. They rely generally on rainwater and its storage. The unhygienic water is the only medium to quench the thirst many times at interior parts of the country. This no wonder is an open invitation to a large number of diseases and sickness. Although the great Mekong River passes through the country but it is not sufficient enough for the people to fulfill the requirements. The river anyway got affected in the monsoon season where the rainwater is already present to sustain life.

6. Laos

Top water shortage countries

Although the major part of the River Mekong goes through Laos but due to reduced water level in the river, the country has to face severe water crises in the recent past. Since the main population counting around 80% depends upon agriculture of sustenance the shortage of water in the river is affecting them very badly. The river is also the major source of them for transport, generating electricity for the country and generating food. But the reduced water level in the river has brought about a lot of drastic situations that are hampering the growth of the country and its people as a whole.

5. Haiti

Top water shortage countries

According to the statistics and various reports Haiti is one of those countries in the current time that suffers a lot due to water crises. Around 50% of the population has an access to the clean and fresh water and the rest are left to rely upon unsafe and unhygienic water that has to be fetched after covering long distances. The earthquake that country endured in the year 2010 lead it to the damage of several water sources bringing the country to its knees asking for help from other countries for sustain the population. Many people die in that earthquake and many suffered economic loss. But the biggest loss brings them to water crises for life. Lack of plans to conserve water and soil erosion is also the main reasons for water shortage in the country.

4. Pakistan

Top water shortage countries

Depletion of resources and lack of water conservation plans has lead Pakistan to come under the countries where water crises are in abundance. The drought conditions also bring about the situation of water shortage. Negligence of people on how to use water effectively is also blamed for such situation. Since agriculture is practiced in many parts of the country the lack of water is going to degrade their standard of life many times in the coming years. With an access to only 50% of clean water people of Pakistan faces many diseases after drinking unhygienic and unsafe water.

3. Syria

Top water shortage countries

The city Aleppo is the most critical when coming in terms of its water shortage. Syria is facing huge water crises and is in one alarming situation. Since the water has stopped coming from various parts of the states and even the Government held area, the situation is getting worse with every passing day. Although many plans and programs have been initiated by various non-governments organizations to help with the problem but the situation has not changed in the past few years. With time people have started migrating to see such conditions and to sustain themselves from such crises.

2. Egypt

Top water shortage countries

The river Nile flows through Egypt and the people living in the past never faced any water shortage in the country. But since with time the river got polluted to great extents, it leads it to become unhygienic and unhealthy to drink. The level of water has also been decreased to a great extent and thus people have less access to drinkable water.

Irrigation system and agricultural practices are badly hampered due to same reasons. people had to drink polluted water in order to sustain themselves and this lead them to undergo various diseases and illness in the recent past.

1. Somalia

Top water shortage countries 2019

One of the most water-scarce countries which are also war-ravaged is Somalia. The major reasons for the starvation and casualties in the country to an extent go to the water crises prevailing there. Although the country is well equipped with water resources that if managed properly can eradicate the problem but since the government is not mismanaging the issue the problem is as such since a long time. People have to suffer water shortage and had to go long distances to fetch drinkable clean and hygienic water. Plans and programs although are needed instantly to manage the available resources and get the people sufficient water for sustenance.

Since the rate of which the water is becoming less, governments of these countries and even the leaders of every country are looking for options to curb such problem in the future. Different options and solutions are on a constant search to get the problem of water crises less. But the foremost thing to consider is to make use of water economically and feasibly to restrain the trouble to some extent.


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