Top Ten Largest Stadiums In The World Right Now: Let The Game Begin

Stadium holds an important place when it comes to sports. All over the world, there are numerous stadiums made in the respective countries for their people to play and watch sports. Generally, the status of a stadium is determined by the capacity of spectators it can accommodate. It is really fun when you can enjoy the sport with thousands of people who share the equal interest in the game. Let’s take an insight over some of the largest or the biggest stadiums in the world right now.

10. Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), Melbourne, Australia –

Melbourne Cricket Ground Top Popular Largest Stadium in The World 2018

Australian stadium the Melbourne Cricket ground holds the position of the tenth-largest stadium in the world. With the ability to accommodate around 100,018 spectators it is used for organizing various game events that largely includes cricket, football, and soccer. It was built in the year 1854 and at that time used only for playing cricket. it is also considered as the home stadium for the cricket club of Melbourne. Being the largest stadium of the country it is also the biggest stadium that is used for cricket all around the world. It was used for Summer Olympics held in 1956 just after two years of its construction.

9. Darrell K Royal–Texas Memorial Stadium, Austin, TX, United States –

Belonging to the University of Texas, the Darrell K Royal- Texas Memorial Stadium is the ninth largest stadium worldwide. It is a football stadium and was given the name on the legendary coach of the university Darrell K. Royal. It has the capacity to hold around 27,000 spectators when it was made in the year 1924 but later after renovations and reconstructions in the year 2009, the capacity elevates to 100,119. Initially, it was used only for playing college football games but later University starts hosting all the games taking place in the country. In 2016 the stadium recorded the highest seating capacity of 102,315 in Texas’ season opener.

8. Bryant-Denny Stadium, Tuscaloosa, AL, United States –

With the capacity to provide accommodation for 101,821 spectators the Bryant-Denny Stadium, Tuscaloosa holds the position as the 8th largest stadium in the world. This stadium again belongs to the football team of one of the University of the United States, The University of Alabama. Honoring the former president of the University of Alabama the stadium was named as Denny Stadium in the year 1929. Later in 1975, it got renamed as Bryant-Denny stadium when the legislature of the state decided to honor coach Paul ‘Bear’ Bryant. With time the stadium underwent many renovations and constructions for its expansion.

7. Tiger Stadium, Baton Rouge, Louisiana:

Initially the Tiger stadium was used largely as a dormitory for around 1500 students. For about a decade it served as the same purpose. The 528 windows on the exterior part of the stadium are the proof of it. Later in the year 1924, he got established as a stadium with the seating capacity of 12000. However, with its expansion and construction never sizes the result of which it got turned into a horseshoe with added seats and rooms for the dormitory. Till 1980 it only used the financial help given to the LSU to make rooms and using them as students housing. By the year 1953, he managed to have 102,321 seating capacity and got the place as one of the largest stadiums all over the world.

6. Neyland Stadium, Knoxville, Tennessee:

Neyland Stadium, Knoxville Top Famous Largest Stadium in The World 2018

The Neyland Stadium is situated in Knoxville and belongs to the University of Tennessee. During 1921 it got its initiation along with the Shield-Watkins Fields that surrounds it. The capacity was just 3200 seats at that time but after a number of plans to expand the stadium, it underwent many reconstruction and renovations. The result of which, in today’s date it holds the position as the sixth largest stadium worldwide with the capacity to accommodate about 102,455 spectators at once. It is a multipurpose stadium is being used to carry out different sports events of the country.

5. Kyle Field, College Station, Texas:

The stadium Kyle Field was named after horticulture professor E.J. Kyle, who is the main person holding the charge of the land. In the year 1904, it got opened when the professor purchased this piece of land. It was then used as an agricultural field and was cordoned off by him. Later the area took the structure as a grand stadium in the year 1927. In the initial days, it had the capacity to include 82000 spectators which after constant reconstructions and developments turned into 102,733. The major development took place in the year 2014 which led it to get the position as the 5th largest stadium all over the world.

4. Ohio Stadium, Columbus, Ohio:

Ohio stadium serves many functions. Apart from being the fourth largest stadium all over the world, it is the third largest in the Big 10 Conference. Along with this it also has a historical significance which made it a tourist spot for the historians as well. Initially, it was designed with the capacity to hold 66000 spectators with multiple decks by the Howard Dwight Smith. It got opened in the year 1922 after being constructed on the banks of the Olentangy River. With time the construction work continues that makes its temporary seating system permanent and by 2001 the capacity got boost to hold 104,944 people at a time.

3. Beaver Stadium, State College, Pennsylvania:

The Beaver Stadium is situated on the campus of Penn State University. It was made by making use of portions from 1909 stadium. Originally it was constructed to accommodate 46000 spectators which in today’s date have reached to 106,572 after expansion programs. Extensive developments took place during 2001 when the Beaver stadium got structured in a way that gave it 100 rows on the west, 60 in the lower end zones, 35 in the north upper deck, 20 in the club seating level, and 25 in the south upper deck. It got it’s after the Governor of Pennsylvania who once fought for the Union Army in the Civil War.

2. Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor, Michigan:

Belonging to the University of Michigan the Michigan stadium has got the capacity of 107,601 spectators which is an achievement in itself. It is used as major college football venues. It was originally constructed with the capacity of holding 72000 people in the year 1927. However, the plans are to make it so vast that in the future it can accommodate 150,000 peoples at a time. With its grandeur, it is undoubtedly the second largest stadium all over the world at the current time.

1. Rungrado 1st of May Stadium, Pyongyang, North Korea:

Rungrado 1st of May Stadium Top 10 Largest Stadium in The World 2017

The largest stadium in the world goes to Rungrado 1st of May Stadium situated in North Korea with the capacity to hold 114,000 people at a time. It was opened on 1st may 1989 which is the reason why it was named so. It is also commonly called as May Day Stadium and hosts various sports that include soccer and football. It also hosts events like Arirang Festival that celebrates the North Korean leaders and included around 100,000 participants. The stadium is designed in such a way that with 16 arches across the roof resembles a magnolia.

The grandeur structure and majestic designs of these stadiums are worth appreciating and praising. While accommodating thousands of people at a time they bring about the ultimate source of enjoyment watching the game events. Apart from making the watch worthwhile, they glorify their country as well.
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