Ten Black Beaches From Around The World You Must Visit

There are many beaches of white sand prevalent in most part of the world, but you will appreciate the enigmatic beauty of the black beaches with further new experiences. It is common that when we think of sea beaches, we envision long stretches of white or golden sands, covering the turquoise sea waters. There are many remarkable beaches in black that proves the unique beauty and exclusive sea view better than any other beaches. After you have decided a black beach to visit, you would feel a warm breeze and a clear blue sky that immerses a stunning brown filthy beach, with trifling rocks of course.

Are you planning a vacation or thinking for a new place to visit to for a few days? Well, have a glance at below listed black beaches to make your vacation enjoyable and memorable:

10. Cahuita Beach, Costa Rica:

Cahuita Beach, Costa Rica Top Popular Lack Beaches From Around The World 2018

The Cahuita Beach (alternatively known as Playa Negra), is a black beach that outlines the small town of Cahuita, located on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica. It is known that this is the most renowned of the country’s black beaches, all created because of the 200 recognizable volcanic creations. Cahuita beach is around 3.5 km long, located over 40 km south of Puerto Limon, and has been privileged with the Ecological Blue Flag many times in history. It is noted that in this beach of Costa Rica, blue water, smooth sand is perfect for walking, swimming, fishing and even boating. In the history, the beach has also attained many awards for natural resource management, clean water ecology, and environmental protection.

9. Vik Beach, Iceland:

Vik Beach is a magnificent black beach, located in a small community in the southern region of Iceland. It may be felt that Iceland isn’t the attractive place to go to enjoy a beach but Vik Beach here was designated one of the most beautiful beaches all over the world in year 1991. As Vik is too the wettest village of Iceland, therefore you must assure that you get to the beach on a sunny day and not a rainy one. Still this black beach isn’t the finest one to lie out and immerse below the scorching sun, it is certainly a marvel to see. Actually, the beach is directly under the Mýdalsjökull glacier which is arranged over the volcano. It is created by hot lava flowing inside the sea; it is arranged in the ominous atmosphere of Iceland, through cold and wild winds as well as clown-billed puffins.

8. Piha Beach, New Zealand:

Piha beach of New Zealand is a coastal settlement settled on the western coast of Auckland, nearly 40 km away from the city and it is covered by the Piha Beach. This is one of the most well-known beaches from New Zealand in the world, enclosed in black sands that scorch the feet, chiefly in summer. It is known that the sand in this black beach is black due to high content of iron inside it, and its volcanic derivation. People also identify Piha Beach as a surfing beach all over the world.

7. Black Sands Beach, California:

The Black Sands Beach, located in California is a 3.5 mile long, situated near Shelter Cove town. It is known that this beach is eminent by the minor and smooth black gravels that enclose its sand and provides it the attractive black color. Apart from this, there are few offshore reefs to explore for visitors in this Black Sand beach. Out of all the black beaches, this Black Sands Beach in the Lost Coast of California is the most effortlessly reachable black beaches in the region. On this beach, there are few coves with attractive flora and fauna on them, as well as tide pools to discover. If you have the bravery and skill to lead this coast, you will be hailed by peaks that are over 2000 feet high.

6. Kamari Beach, Greece:

Kamari Beach, Greece Top Famous Lack Beaches From Around The World 2018

Kamari beach, located a coastal village on the southern region of Santorini, is essentially an island that fits to the Cyclades archipelago of Greece country. This black beach is one of the most notable black beaches all over the world, enclosed in sand and gravels. For visitors, the huge rock salt, the Meso Vouno, growing from the sea, is a magnificent treat for the eyes. Whenever you visit Kamari beach, you will find that there are facilities like umbrellas and sunbeds to relax here, also water sports facilities are provided. It is known that this beach of Greece has received the Blue Flag reward which is offered to beaches with excellent quality standards. Kamari beach is much organized and you can get everything you need, also the water here is so deep and blue, that you will certainly enjoy diving.

5. Black Sand Beach, Alaska:

The Black Sand Beach, situated in Alaska’s Prince William Sound, is not so warm like other black beaches hence here you can lie comfortably relaxing in the sun. It is a cold beach because here icebergs are deposited and aground on the beach for major part the year, as well as due to tidewater glaciers which is only 5 minute paddle away, you would need warm clothing. Throughout warmer months, marine kayakers arrive to this beach as the mountains defend them from breezes. Whenever you look into the water or about you, you will find that the ten-thousand-foot peaks are mirrored in the lovely frozen blue sea.

4. Pololu Valley Beach, Hawaii:

Pololu Valley Beach is situated at the close of Highway 270 in Hawaii and now renowned as best place to relax. When you visit here, you will perceive that you can see an excellent view of the Kohala Mountains and also see the magnificent coastline. Pololu Valley Beach is perhaps one of the smallest in Hawaii, and it needs you to trek from the 400-foot belvedere area to essentially get to the beach, which is actually around 20 minutes of hiking. In this black beach, activities like swimming and snorkelling are not recommended as the currents are usually very strong and tall surf conditions create the water unsafe.

3. Langkawi Island, Malaysia:

It is known that this beach of the Langkawi Island of Malaysia possesses a strange amalgamation of black and white sands presenting a stripy look. Here, the black sand makes for fairly a geological idiosyncrasy that has continuously confused scientists since years. Local habitants supposes that the black sands are the leftovers of a war that broke out between a legendary half-man-half-eagle called Garuda, and an ancient Roman prince over a gorgeous Chinese princess. Apart from black sand, the pure turquoise water makes this beach of Malaysia additionally more beautiful.

2. Kehena Beach, Hawaii:

In case, if you have planned visiting this black beach on vacation, this isn’t the recommended place to take your family, particularly if you own young children. The reason is Kehena beach is supposed to be a nude beach; however this is unlawful in Hawaii. At Kehena, you will see dolphins, the reason why this black beach of Hawaii is occasionally called Dolphin Beach. It is known that you can also swim with some dolphins if the current flow is regular and most people visiting here just sit in the sand and relish the weather as well as fresh water.

1. Point Venus, Tahiti:

Point Venus, Tahiti Top 10 Lack Beaches From Around The World 2017

Point Venus beach, a cape near Papeete is the most renowned black beach of Tahiti, which is essentially the major French Polynesian Island. This black beach has been named after Capt. James cook perceived the passage of Venus from a point amongst the beach and a stream. It is known that the water of the bay of this beach is cool, and the vision of the beach along the sea is enormous. It is believed that Tahiti was created by volcanic movements and that is the cause behind the attendance of black sand. Apart from this the water of the Island is filled of colourful coral reefs which creates it perfect for snorkelling and diving.

Black beaches in the world are unique creation apart from normal beaches making it a best place to relieve yourself. Listed beaches are among those where you will find attractive sea view, cool breeze, pure water and most of all the ultimate entertainment in vacation.


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