It is necessary for every country to have a strong army. A country needs the support of its army in every de trop, unwanted and surplus situation. In case the country is attacked then they are the only one to protect them from the unwanted situations as well as to shield or guard against the casualties.

However, it has almost become a trend to prove oneself to be mightier than other and this has initiated having the biggest armies in the world. The countries that have the biggest armies in the world in 2022 might as well become a kind of global threat for other countries. So let’s jot down the mighty powers of the world who can both be responsible for peace, pacifism, as well as pugnacity, sadism, and bloodshed.

10. Japan

Largest Armies in The World 2019

Japan, also known as the land of the Samurais played an important role during the time of the Second World War. It might sound very strange, yet it is true that Japan had to agree of not maintaining a mighty army at the end of the Second World War according to the peace treaty. However, to check the aggressive Chinese force Japan started reassembling their army and that too in a separate island which was made as the base of the army. This is also important to mention here that this kind of decision was taken for the first time in a span of 40 years. Thus began the extensive expenditure and prepare them to become the biggest armies in the world. A hefty amount of 49.1 billion dollars was spent in preparing the army which never happened in the last eleven years. The army had almost 60,000 as a reserve and 247000 full-time personals. Nearly 1595 aircraft and 131 warships were made ready to prove themselves as the mighty one.

9. South Korean

Largest Armies in The World

On the other hand, South Korea who shared the boundary with that of the North Korean area felt a constant threat to be attacked by the North Korean army. This was not all; South Korea constantly had the fear of being attacked by the high rising power of Japan and China. To put a check to all these they started increasing the strength of the army by spending a bountiful amount of 34 billion dollars. Their force had the active force as large as 640000 and 2900000 in reserve. They also had 1393 aircraft as well as nearly 2346 tanks, 166 ships 15,000 land weapons which included rockets. They had a regular training given by the US force.

8. Turkey

Largest Armies in The World

The Islamic states had to face a great threat from the non-Islamic countries in sharing their borders. Syria had to protect them since they have a discordant relation with Kurdish separatists. This issue made them going ahead and increasing the bountiful money to be spent for the defense procedure and this reached as high as nearly 18.18 billion dollars. The size of the army also increased along with that which included the regular and reserve force as high as 660000. 1000 aircraft and 16000 land weapons were added to it. On top of that, they had tied up with the US army making them one of the biggest armies in the world.

7. Germany

Largest Armies in The World

Germany possibly became the strongest army in the world and they went ahead to spend a huge amount of 45 million dollars for working out on their force. However, the condition of the army never remained the same. This was possibly one of the adverse effects of the Second World War. In 2011 the country went ahead to shake off the compulsory military service and they had only 183000 active soldiers and 145000 as reserve ones. They had only 710 aircraft with other land arms of about 5000.

6. France

Largest Armies in The World 2019

France also went ahead to dismantle the expenditure on the army and by 2013 they concretized the plan. 10% of the existing army was slashed and it was decided that they would only spend 43 million dollars for the army. Nearly 220000 regular army and 500000 reserve soldiers were decided to be maintained. Nearly 1000 aircraft, 9000 other vehicles and with 290 nuclear weapons made them the mighty force. The position in the UN and that of the EU makes them one of the significant powers in the world.

5. The United Kingdom

Largest Armies in The World

The UK, who was one of the members of the EU had also thought about reducing the size of the army by 20%. The RAF and the Royal Navy was curtailed to a minor extent, still, the total expenditure for the army was fixed to be 54 billion dollars making them one of the biggest armies in the world. 205000 regular army with 66 ships and with that of 908 aircraft made them a mighty one. On top of that, they had 160 nuclear weapons. It is planning to include a few other beings by the end of 2022. So in this way the fight to become mighty went on and is still under process and this is to prove that each one of them is mightier than the mightiest.

4. India

Largest Armies in The World

India has a huge population and they are constantly threatened by China and Pakistan in the border areas. The total army size of India comes to nearly 3.5 million. It has approximately 1325 regular million military personals. With nearly 16000 land vehicles, 3500 tanks, and 1785 mighty aircraft India is in quite a better place. The nuclear weapons along with the missiles make them a mighty one. The nuclear, as well as the missiles, are enough to take care of the armies of China and Pakistan. 46 billion dollar happens to be the total budget for the army.

3. China

Largest Armies in The World

China is supposed to be having a budget of 126 billion dollars for the sake of defense policy, which is heard to be rising with near about 12.2%. This is making China evolve as one of the biggest armies in the world. They have a huge 2.29 million active soldiers; with a reserve force of nearly 2.3 million – make them a formidable power in the world. They have near about 25000 land vehicles and along with it, they are equipped with 2800 aircraft along with nearly 300 nuclear weapons. They are planning to increase the size of the army and other war amenities which surely is going to make them even stronger in future.

2. Russia

Largest Armies in The World

Russia stands out to be the second and one of the biggest armies in the world. They have a budget of nearly 76.6 billion dollars to be spent for the sake of defense. In the year 2000, Vladimir Putin has lead Russia to become quite a strong one in the world. This had been a substantial boost to the Russian army. With nearly 766000 active soldiers, 2.5 million reserve ones – undoubtedly Russia has one of the biggest armies in the world. On top of that, the 8500 nuclear weapons certainly make them a mighty one.

1. The United States

Largest Armies in The World 2019

The United States of America tops the list with its mighty characteristics being taken into account. Approximately 612.5 billion dollar is the budget of the costing for the US army. They have nearly 1.4 million active soldiers along with nearly 800000 in reserve. Both men and women comprise the army. With 19 premium aircraft, they really stand apart from the rest of the world. 7500 nuclear weapons are backing the team. They undoubtedly stand out to be the largest power since the closure of the Second World War.

So we see that it is just a game of being the best among others and this is the reason each one of the mentioned countries is trying to maintain a huge amount of army. “Power” is the last word now and it is strange but true that no one is bothered about the consequences. It is just the mission of being the biggest armies in the world; not giving the slightest thought as to what is it that they are going to gain out of being the biggest armies in the world.


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