Ten Largest Dogs Breeds Right Now Liable Dog Species Of The World

Humankind always prefers companion animals in general. But numerous people have an outside interest in this matter specifically. From the ancient period, people are united by a strong relationship with dogs. The primary reason of the dog pet is not only to help in working but also for entertainment, protection, and companionship. They are very loyal to their owners and can help in searching for criminal acts. Rather than these they also perform a great number of tasks like pulling loads, herding, assisting military and police, hunting, aiding handicapped individuals and so on.

Here is a list of top 10 most largest dog breeds in the world.

10. French Mastiff

French Mastiff Top Famous Biggest Dogs Breed 2018

French Mastiff is one of the old French dog breeds. It is a loyal and protective breed. It is friendly in nature and adjustable to children. This breed is also known as Dogue de Bordeaux. They are renowned for their muscular body.

Some special features:

Weight – 150 lb(Male), 125 lb (Female)
Height – 61 – 69 cm (Male), 58 – 66 cm(Female)
Color – Fawn, (from dark red to light) with white patches
Coat – short and soft, Fine
Lifespan – 5-8 years
Other Names – Bordeaux Mastiff, Bordeauxdog
Origin – France

9. Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees is a mountain dog breed in North America. It is a giant breed of dog with a good reputation for their beauty. They can become very aggressive. But they are loving, protective, playful, loyal in nature.

Some special features:

Weight -50 – 54 kg (Male), 36 – 41 kg(Female)
Height – 70 – 82 cm (Male), 65 – 74cm(Female)
Color – White, Grey, Red, Tan
Lifespan – 10 – 12 years
Other Names – Patou, Pyrenean Mountain Dog
Origin – France, Spain

8. Anatolian Shepherd Dog

Anatolian Sheperd is a powerful and large dog breed of Turkey. It is very strong, large breed along with its good sight. Anatolian Shepard has a round-shaped head with a strong neck. They are very patient, affectionate, loyal, playful, smart and protective in nature.

Some special features:

Weight – 50 – 65 kg (Male), 40 -55 kg (Female)
Height – 74 – 81 cm (Male), 71 – 79 cm (Female)
Color – brindle, fawn
Coat – rough, short
Lifespan – 13 – 15 years
Other Names – Karabas (Blackhead), Kangal and Anatolian Blackhead (Anadolulu Karabaş)
Origin – Turkey

7. Newfoundland

Newfoundland is a giant dog breed from Canada and England. It is a kind of large working dog. They are intelligent and have excellent ability to swim. Sometimes they are known for their weight. They have a massive head and strong neck, long thighs, and deep chest as well. As they are calm and friendly in nature they are suited for children.

Some special features:

Weight – 65–80 kg (Male) and 55–65 kg (Female)
Height – 71 cm (Male) and 66 cm (Female)
Color – Black, brown, white with black spots
Coat – Thick and straight
Lifespan – 8 – 10 year
Origin – Newfoundland, Canada

6. Leonberger

Leonberger Top Popular Biggest Dogs Breed 2018

Leonberger is a huge dog breed of Germany. This mountain dog is a large, elegant and muscular dog with a strong and well-balanced body. They have a broad head with a lion-like appearance. Undoubtedly they are loyal and intelligence. Leonberger has a great patience and they are playful with children as well.

Some special features:

Weight – 48–75 kg (Male), 41–59 kg (Female)
Height – 72–80 cm (Male), 65–75 cm (Female)
Color – Yellow, Mahogany, Sandy, Red
Lifespan – 8 – 9 years
Other Names – Leo, Gentle lion, Gentle giant
Origin – Leonberg city, Germany

5. Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound is a renowned dog breed of Ireland. This is a very large and old dog breed. This breed is especially used for hunting and in wars. Irish Wolfhound has an enormous size with a long head. They mature too slowly. These dogs are very patient, intelligent and powerful. They are very loyal to their owners.

Some special features:

Weight – 120 pound(Male),105 pound (Female)
Height – 32 inches(Male), 30 inches(Female)
Color – Black, Fawn, White, Brindle, Grey and Red
Lifespan – 6 – 10 years
Other Names – Cu Faoil
Origin – Belgium, Ireland

4. Neapolitan Mastiff

Neapolitan Mastiff is an ancient dog breed of Italy. At the early times, it was used as a war dog. Their main identification marks are thick wrinkled face with loose skin. They are very adjustable with children and playful as well. Sometimes they become too protective of its owner and stubborn. It is one of the popular breeds of Mastiff. They easily sense any kind of threats and require dominant owners for their training purpose.

Some special features:

Weight – 60–70 kg (Male), 50–60 kg (Female)
Height – 63–77 cm (Male), 58–70 cm (Female)
Color – Mahogany, Blue, Black, Brindle
Coat – black or blue coated
Lifespan – 8 – 10 years
Other Names – Mastino, Mastino Napoletano
Origin – Italy

3. St. Bernard

This breed belongs to the western Alps in France, Italy, and Switzerland. It is a giant size working dog. Their main feature is they can travel through snow and in nature they are very strong, but not playful. If they go through good training and taken proper care they can be socialized. This huge dog can be a great fear for a stranger and can work as a watcher.

Some special features:

Weight – 367 lb. Avg. 140 – 260 lb.
Height – 70 – 90 cm (Male), 65 – 80 cm(Female)
Color – Red & White, Reddish-brown Brindle, Reddish-brown Mantle, Reddish-brown Splash, Brownish-yellow
Coat – smooth or rough
Lifespan – 8 – 10 years
Other Names – Alpine MastiffSt. Bernhard shund
Origin – Switzerland, France, & Italy

2. Great Dane

This German dog breed is called as Gentle Giant. It is especially known for its huge size. This breed has a good reputation for its charming nature and tallness. Great Dean has a slow metabolism rate. Though Great Dean is loving, playful and gentle in nature but not socialized at all. It can be used as a hunting dog and as well as aggressive animal towards strangers. Other than these Great Dean helps police and military in their work.

Some special features:

Weight – Minimum 110–180 lb (Male) and minimum 110–180 lb(Female)
Height – 30–31 inches(Male), 28–30 inches(Female)
Color – Fawn and brindle, Blue, Harlequin and black
Lifespan – Generally 8 – 10 years
Other Names – Deutsche Dogge, German Mastiff
Origin – Germany

1. English Mastiff

English Mastiff Top 10 Biggest Dogs Breed 2017

It is considered as the largest and one of the oldest dog breeds in this globe. This intelligent and powerful dog is also popular as the old English Mastiff. This breed is renowned in terms of body mass. English Mastiff is loving, affectionate, extremely loyal, and gentle in nature. It’s massive head, enormous size, black nose, and black musk are allows as the primary identification marks. The origin of this breed is England, U.K. It has obtained popularity for its nature such as patience with children and dedication to its owners.

Some special features:

Weight – 150 – 250 pounds(Male, 120 – 180 pounds(Female)
Height – 76 cm (Male), 70 cm (Female)
Color – Fawn, apricot-fawn, dark fawn brindle, silver-fawn
Coat – smooth, fine
Lifespan – more than 10 years
Other names – Mastiff, Old English Mastiff
Origin – England

The dog is a most popular pet among all pets. They differ in colors, shape, and size. Dogs are considered as man’s perfect companion. In recent days doctors have brought to light that keeping a pet can do astonishment for your well-being. The market price of these dogs is generally based on bloodlines, location, and breeder. In this world, many people are ready to spend lots of money for specific breeds of dogs. Because it ‘s not only the matter of money but also a passion.


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