Ten Most Famous People Who Were Killed In Animal Attacks

People die due to various reasons and literally death can come in anyways. Some die due to health issues and some because of accidents. But there is certain mass of people who got killed due to the animal attack. Sound weird? But it is true and therefore we have listed ten most tragic deaths of some of the famous people who left their soul after got brutally attacked by animals. The list goes as:

10. Joseph Slowinski

Joseph Slowinski Top Famous People Who Were Killed in Animal Attacks 2017

A great and daring snake expert of America, Joseph Slowinski dies when he was on an extensive research on a venomous snake. He used to do researches on various varieties of snakes and their anatomy. It was in the year 2001 when while roaming on the jungles of Myanmar he got bitten severely by a Krait which is one extremely poisonous snake species. Along with a snake expert, he was a professor and author. He was also the founder of one of the first online herpetological journal, Contemporary Herpetology. After his sudden demise, three varieties of snakes were named after him in order to honor his works in the field.

9. George Hensley

A snake handler and very fond person of snakes George Hensley got killed while handling one of the most poisonous snakes, viper. He was an American Pentecostal minister whose love for snakes and handling them were a matter of amusement to the people at that time. He even asked his followers to handle the snakes as well like him. He claims to have bitten several times by several snakes and came out just fine without ant medical treatment. But on 24th July 1955 when he was trying to put a viper into his jar he got bitten by it severely on hands. People asked him to take medical treatment but he refused and this become his reason of death after a hours.

8. Marty Feldman

One of the most popular English writer and comedian, who got his popularity because of his acting and bulging eyes, got a severe heart attack. The reason for his attack was a shellfish that has reported to cause food poisoning. When Marty Feldman was on a shoot for his movie Yellowbeard at Mexico City he was residing in a hotel and there he got the heart attack that leads his to the death bed. The sudden demise of Feldman upsets a large number of his fans and this was indeed a great loss to the film industry at that time. Although he was suffering from a major thyroid problem that leads his eye to bulge, he didn’t leave any stone unturned to showcase his talent to the world.

7. Surinder Singh Bajwa

The deputy mayor of Delhi and a famous personality of the country India, Surinder Singh Bajwa got killed when a group of monkeys, Rhesus Macaques attacked his home. At that time he was standing on the balcony of his home and with the sudden attack of monkeys lead him to confusion and panic the reason why he falls off from the place. A sudden drop from a second-floor balcony Bajwa was sent to the hospital immediately. He was reported to get massive head injuries which he was not able to withstand for long. After a few days and continuous treatment, Surinder Singh Bajwa dies.

6. Tom and Eileen Lonergan

Here is the story of a beautiful couple Tom and Eileen Lonergan that met a heartbreaking and tragic incident. They were a married couple from Baton rouge, Louisiana and were on their duty with the Peace Corps where they perform scuba diving. While on their diving process along with a group of divers in the Great Barrier Reef they dive and never came out. They were left on the place mistakenly which was later identified that the boat crew counted wrong heads. Later a team left to rescue them but found nothing and it was then believed that they got killed either by sharks or drowning.

5. Patricia Wyman

Patricia Wyman Top Most Popular People Who Were Killed in Animal Attacks 2018

In the Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve in Ontario, Canada Patrica Wyman was working as an animal expert. She used to take care of the animals and especially the wolves. She was an enthusiastic animal lover who likes to take part in educational programs and tours at the park. It was reported that on the third day of her work she gin herself inside the cages of wolves without telling anyone. Neither her supervisor nor any other employee of the park was informed about this. After few hours people found her ripped body in the cage with multiple wounds of bites by the wolves. No one knows why and how the wolves attacked.

4. Timothy Treadwell

Timothy Treadwell was an American bear expert along with an influential environmentalist, naturalist and documentary filmmaker. He was one adorable person as well. While living with the coastal grizzly bears at Katmai national Park in Alaska he and her girlfriend Amie Huguenard got killed by the attack of the grizzly bears. He was living for around 13 seasons and the tragic incident took place at the end of the last season. Later a documentary film Grizzly Man was made in his remembrance by Werner Hergoz which is worth a watch to see the life he used to live with the grizzly bears.

3. Taylor Mitchell

A pronounced and upcoming folk singer and songwriter, Taylor Mitchell from Canada got killed by a brutal attack of a large number of coyotes. She earned popularity by her debut album For Your consideration and was on the urge to becoming a top notch star of the country. But fate has some other plans for this 19 years old. While visiting the Cape Breton Highlands National Park numerous coyotes attacked her. The blood loss that occurs during the attack with Taylor was so severe that it leads her to death after few days of treatment. Since coyotes were assumed to be human cautious, this incident stunned the coyotes’ experts, this is the reason why the case is one of its kind in the history.

2. Steven Irwin

The love for sea animals and especially the crocodiles made Steven Irwin quite famous and popular among the people worldwide. He was popularly known as a crocodile hunter and was also a famous naturalist and environmentalist. He used to make documentary films on the life of sea animals and crocodiles. The incident took place when he was on his expedition to film a documentary series about the underwater creatures which are deadly and dangerous never knowing the fact that this would become a fatal life taking experience for him. A big crocodile stabbed in the heart and Steven lost his life.

1. Cleopatra

Cleopatra Top Most Famous People Who Were Killed in Animal Attacks 2018

This is the most ancient incident in the history of mankind where a popular personality and the ancient ruler got killed by an animal attack. Ruling ancient Egypt for about three decades, Cleopatra was the last in Macedonian dynasty. Educated and well known by her extreme beauty she ruled in a dominant manner and was well versed to speak different languages. As per the historians, it is been reported that Cleopatra led an asp to bite her that ultimately leads to her death. Others say that an asp was hidden in one of the baskets of fruits that she had to eat and asp bites her to protect itself. Whatever the case would be, people lost a beautiful and extremely talented ruler.

Yes, death brings the grief and getting killed by such incidences brings much sorrow in the life. These popular personalities when got expired by animals attack left the left stunned and surprised to a great extent.


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