Nail polishes or paints are one of the most important products of makeup category. They are also regarded as one of the highest selling products of this category. The real question that ladies face today is how to choose the best nail paint for them?

The most important characteristic of nail paint is that it looks same irrespective of the lights used to view them .i.e. they do not change colors in different lights. It is very important decision to choose a proper nail paint as duplicate paints can not only damage your nails but can also cause skin problems and allergy. Checkout the list of top Best Nail Polish Brands In The World in 2022.

10. Bobbi Brown

Best nail polish brands 2019

Founder-Bobbi Brown
Net Worth-$20 million
Headquarters-New York, United States of America

It is a celebrated brand as far as cosmetics are concerned. If you want your nails to look attractive then you must go for this brand. It offers nail polishes to give a glowing look to nails in many different colors which look very attractive. The paints offered by this company are easy to apply, dry quickly and are very long lasting. The prices of nails paints under this brand range from $15 to $25. The company was established in the year 1991.

9. RGB

Best nail polish brands

Founder-Gina Carney
Headquarters-Los Angeles C.A

The most important feature of this brand is that the products offered do not contain any harmful materials and belong to latest trend. The nails paints offered are long lasting and give natural look to nails. It is an excellent brand and has a diversity of products as a result one can choose a product of her own choice. The price of the mail paints offered by this brand range from $12 to $32. Its most successful shades are golden and black. It also offers nail remover pads.


Best nail polish brands

Founder- François Nars
Headquarters-New York, united States

It is considered as one of the leading cosmetics brands. Its nail polishes and lipsticks are best selling products in the market. It is said that they can make any woman fall in love with her nails. It is not only known for its stylish nail paints but also for its quality. The bottles which contain these nail paints are very stylish and the small brush is very useful. There is a same price for every color bearing the nem of this brand i.e. $20. All the chemicals used in these nail paints are harmless.

7. CND

Best nail polish brands

Headquarters- San Diego, CA

This brand is involved in developing professional services and products since 1979. They have expanded the promise of beauty for feet and hands. Their services include services, products, education and support. Each of their products is well tested and researched before it reaches customers. All of this is made possible through state of the art laboratory. The most important characteristic of this brand is that once the product is delivered it continues to offer education, inspiration and support. The prices of this nail polish brand range from $6 to $15.

6. Sally Hansen

Best nail polish brands

Founder-Sally Hansen

This celebrated brand started in late 1950s. The initial name of its product was Hard As Nails. This product was touted as the nail clinic in a small bottle. It is believed that from the first day this brand is dedicated to produce high quality nail products. It works on the philosophy of educating the customer and developing quality. Even today “Hard As Nails” is considered to be the best seller. Today this world class brand offers solutions to every nail care problem and even the smallest nail needs. It is the best known brand among the customers.


Best nail polish brands

Founder- Eugène Schueller
Net Worth- € 28.219 billion
Headquarters- 41, rue Martre, 92110 Clichy, France

This French cosmetics company was established in the year 1909. It is the world’s largest cosmetics company and has vital contributions in the field of cosmetics, skin care, perfume and hair care. The company has active participation in tissue engineering, toxicology, dermatory and biopharmaceutical research. Its advertising slogan is “Because I am Worth It”. In the year 2000 it was changed to “Because you are worth it”, but again in the year 2009 it was changed. In the year 2006 the company also purchased a company called The Body Shop for £562 million. The products of this brand are affordable as compared to others.


Best nail polish brands 2019

Founder- Essie Weingarten
Headquarters-New York

This elite nail polish brand was established in the year 1981. Since then it is known for its classy and elegant shades. This brand basically focuses on red, plum and pink shades. This brand became talk of the town among celebrities in the year 1983 when John Rivers mentioned this brand for the first time. In the year 2005 Essie created the most expensive nail polish in the world. In the year 2010 this elite brand was purchased by L’oreal. This brand again came into limelight in the year 2010 when its allure was used by Kate Middleton.

3. Revlon

Best nail polish brands

Founder- Joseph & Charles Revson
Charles Lachman
Net Worth- $3.024 Billion
Headquarters- One New York Plaza, New York, NY 10004, USA

This famous brand was founded in the middle of great depression. It is proclaimed that a chemist named Charles Lachman was also among the founding members of this company as he contributed L to the name of this company. During the year 1944 this company was awarded with Army-Navy E Award for its make up related products which were created for the army. It was made a public company in the year 1955 and its share price was $12 which went up to $30 in just 8 weeks. Fabian Garcia is the current CEO of the company.

2. China Glaze

Best nail polish brands

Headquarters- Hsinchu,Taiwan

This elegant Chinese brand was established in the year 2000 and is known for its variety of bright and unique shades. Their website claims that they have a unique formula to manufacture nail polishes which is comprised of China Clay. It is used to provide hardness to the nail paint. These nail polishes do not contain DBP. As per the statistical survey it is the most preferred brand by celebrities. The mission of this brand is to live in color. The price range of its nail paints is $3 to $35.

1. OPI

Best nail polish brands 2019

Net Worth-$768 million
Headquarters- North Hollywood, California

OPI is the abbreviated form of Odontorium Products Inc. It is an American nail polish manufacturer which is regarded as the queen as far as this cosmetic product is concerned.It was established in the year 1981. In the year 2003 it created a nail paint for dogs which came to be known as Pawlish. It was encircled by controversies in the year 2007 when it had to reformulate its products in order to remove DBP content from them. The price range of its products is $4 to $40.

From the above article we conclude that nail paints are in the latest trends in the past couple of years. Every lady on this Earth wants to purchase latest colors and look extraordinary. These brands are trying their level best to meet the expectations of their customers. Looking at the standard of these world class brands it seems like Indian brands really need to be on their toes if they want to compete with the giants of cosmetic industry.


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