15 Best & Most Beautiful Flower Species In The World: Most Wonderful, Enchanting And Beautiful Creation

Flowers represent most beautiful and positive emotions. From showing affection to congratulating someone, flowers are the way to do it. As humans we have written great poetry comparing flowers to beautiful women and given each flower its own significance and what it represents. And no flower is truly ugly or the most beautiful, as beauty variable and glows only in the eyes of those behold it. So we have made a list of most difficult and daunting task of collecting 15 flowers that are considered most beautiful worldwide and put them in descending order.

15. Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum Top Most Popular Beautiful Flower Species in The World 2017

The father of modern taxonomy, Carolus Linnaeus named this spectacular flower Chrysanthemum. The name is a combination of two Greek words, where the prefix ‘chrys’ means golden and suffix ‘anthemon’ means flower, hence the golden flower. There are many forms/species of this flower- they come pompous, button, decorative and daisy form. Yellow chrysanthemums are more traditional and common one, b there are many other colours as well such as red, white and purple.

14. Magnolia

These fantastic beauties are named a popular botanist called Pierre Mangol. There are over 200 species of magnolia. Nothing can compare the beauty of a magnolia in full bloom. They are a symbol of sweetness, feminity and of course beauty. Magnolias can come in white, pink and purple and the diameter can vary between 3 to 12 inches. The genus of magnolias can be found in several parts of the world, such as East Asia, North and Central America and West Indies.

13. Orchids

Ever wondered why Orchids are available everywhere? It’s because they can easily adapt ot any environment, which means they can grow anywhere in the world. There are unconceivable number of species and genera of Orchids. With over 25,000 species and more than 700 genera, these glorious flowers can satisfy everyone’s ideas of beauty. Each petal are crafted and they come in may lively vibrant colours, which makes them the most beloved flowers amongst florist and botanists. Here’s an interesting facts, did you know that there are some kinds of orchids that can weigh a ton and have 30 inch petals??? Well, now you do!

12. Cherry Blossom

There is an entire festival dedicated to the blossoming of cherry blossom in Japan. Considered a national treasure of Japan, these delicate buds are the make the most spectacular vision. The most popular colours of Cherry Blossom are white and pink. These grand yet tiny flowers are kept on spectacular display and visitors from around the world come to marvel its beauty. Even after they have fallen on the ground, there beauty is not diminished.

11. Dahlia

The Dahlia is characterized as tuberous, perennial and bushy plants. The flower is a genus native to Central America, Mexico and Colombia. The lovely flower was named after Anders Dahl, a famous botanist. Dahlia have more than 30,000 species and there are more than 20,000 cultivators.

10. Bleeding Heart

The name of flower looks almost like the heart is bleeding, as the petal droop whimsically, almost giving it an illusion of fairy-like blossoms. They are a favourite amongst traditional gardeners and they come in three shades- pink, white or red and they appear between Aprils to June.

9. Canna

Canna, sometimes called as canna lily, but they are not true lilies have a genus of 19 species. They come in different shades of red, orange, pink and white. The closet relations to canna lilies are Zingiberaceae (gingers), Heliconiaceae, Marantaceae, Musaceae (bananas) and Strelitziaceae.

8. Rose

Rose Top Popular Beautiful Flower Species in The World 2018

The most popular and appreciate flower in the world- the Rose. Shakespeare, Rumi, Khalil Gibran and all well noted poets have praised the beauty of a rose. Rose symbolises love, passion and beauty. Each colour of rose has its own meaning and significance. Red is for love and romance, yellow is for friendship, white rose is for purity and innocence. Most varieties of roses have thorns. Large numbers of species are found in Asia but it is evenly distributed all over the world. They are considered the most ornamental and beautiful flower to plant and used all over the world by lovers on Valentine ’s Day.

7. Tulip

There are so many varieties of tulips as they are most popular fresh cut flower used for bouquets and flower arrangement after roses in the world. They are the most cultivated flowers in the world. They grow from Southern Europe to Africa to Asia. Tulips hybrids are often grown in pots. The first cultivators of tulips were the Iranians followed by the Dutch.

6. Calla Lily

Calla Lilly is magnificent beautiful flower that is constantly used in bouquets and flower arrangements. They are native to South Africa and they come in wonderful colours of yellow, pink, green and purple etc. A true symbol of beauty and grandeur.

5. Lily of the Valley

Many folklore and legends have been written about Lily of the Valley. From tears shed by Mother Mary at the cross (sometimes also called Our Lady’s Tears) to the blood that was spilt of St. George during his famous battle against dragons. It is a delicate and fragrant flower that shows us the spring is near.

4. Oriental Poppy

Although the name may suggest that the flower is from the Orient, it is far from so. This gorgeous flower comes from Turkey (Caucasus). Most hard-core flower of them all, as they bloom and thrive during droughts and summers. Some of the popular colours are pink, red, white and some are even multi-coloured.

3. Bird of paradise

No other name befits this unusual, yet delightful flower more than the name Bird of paradise. Named after the exotic and enamouring bird of tropical forest, the Birds of Paradise. These flowers resemble the birds so accurate that is almost magical to look at them. The flowers belong to Strelitiaceae family and are sometimes called crane flower. This multi-coloured flower unfortunately does not have any scent, but the uniqueness of different coloured and petal arrangement makes it one of the most beautiful flowers in the world.

2. White Lotus

A symbol of purity, grace and beauty. The white lotus is considered auspicious by Hindus and Buddhists. The white lotus specie comes from Nymphaeaceae family and grows in pond and lakes. The blossoms are strong enough to float on water with some support for the huge lily pads. Most commonly found in East Africa and South East Asia. It is a popular flower for those who have ponds on their back yard.

1. Plumeria

Plumeria Top Most Famous Beautiful Flower Species in The World 2018

Keeping the best for last, we have ourselves a winner, which is Plumeria. It is considered one of the sweetest smelling flowers you have ever smelled. The capturing scent is very light, intoxicating and sweet. This lovely flower will keep you enraptured in its fragrance. Plumeria are very soft white in colour with a hint of glowing yellow.

As we know, all good things must come to an end.

Now that the list is over, what do you think? What is your favourite flower?


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