The Entertainment industry of glam and glitz is heavily reliant on stars, especially the ones with the “It” factor as having the “it” factor makes it easier to showcase whatever the industry is trying to show its customers. It also helps them to give their brand an image which the fans can relate to and help them increase their business.

The “it” factor is something that is not permanent about any entertainer, you can develop in no time, yet you can also lose it easily. The reliability of actors be it Hollywood or any other industry, at the box office has fizzled lately and your traditional record label system is a thing of the old as it is not the only path that a musician should follow for stardom.

The celebrities these days are not only powerful, but they also hold the key that can damage other businesses within no time. Within past few years we have seen how a spat between two entertainers can lead to ugly off-the-screen episodes which might derail the career of either one or in some cases, both. These entertainers are not only powerful, they are also the highest-earning (thanks to their amazing talent and fantastic skills), most respected, most talked about and importantly, most entertaining.

After some extensive research, we have managed to create a list showcasing some of the best talents in the world. These are not only some of the most powerful and wealthy celebrities, but they are also the most entertaining celebrities of recent times. I’m sure most of you are eager to know this list, so let’s get on with it. Here are the top 10 best, most popular and biggest entertainers of Hollywood in 2022.

10. Adam Driver

Most Popular Entertainers 2019

We start off this list with an amazingly talented and entertaining actor Adam Driver. This Hollywood star amazed us last year with spine chilling performances in roles such as that of Kylo Ren in the thriller “The Force Awakens”, a priest teaching Christianity in Japan during 1600’s, and a scientist in “Midnight Special”, a bus driver cum poet in “Paterson”. While there is no doubt Driver has been busy building quite an impressive career while also making a name for him through unique roles which he somehow manages to make them his own.

9. Chris Pratt

Most Popular Entertainers 2019

Next up on this list is another highly successful Hollywood actor, Chris Pratt. This dashing stud has recently starred in hits like “Guardians of the Galaxy” as well as the “Jurassic World” which has made him into America’s sweetheart. He has the unique ability to somehow pull off comedy, sci-fi, drama with easy. In fact, he perfectly fits into any role he has been given, which is why he is beloved by everyone. He has managed to become a movie star which all the movie executives look for as their priority. He constantly delivers hit movies, he can play any role, and above all, he is one of the most entertaining personalities in Hollywood.

8. Margot Robbie

Most Popular Entertainers 2019

Next up in this list of most entertaining personalities is Margot Robbie. What an amazing few years Margot Robbie seems to be having lately? She has managed to go from the stunningly beautiful girl with an “it” factor to a bona fide actress who seems to be the first choice for most movies. Not only has she managed to gain huge audience for her movies on her own, but she also seems to take the limelight away from more established stars but she also seems to make the stage her own and entertain the audience.

Not only was she highly entertaining, but she also managed to be the most talked-about star and became everyone’s favourite. Her role even managed to help the stores who sold Halloween costumes as Harley Quinn’s attire became one of the most famous costumes that every girl wanted.

7. Ellen DeGeneres

Most Popular Entertainers

Is there any iconic show more popular than the Ellen DeGeneres Show? Our next entry on this list is the host of that show; she is none other than the excitingly entertaining host of that show, Ellen DeGeneres. She has been one of the funniest hosts on American television ever since she debuted in the 90’s. She has had to take massive flak and was one of the first celebrities to openly declare themselves as gay. Through her entertaining show, she has managed to become the queen of TV as she has an estimated salary of $20 million per year.

6. Ryan Reynolds

Most Popular Entertainers

The 6th place goes to the guy who in his words is “Not a superhero”. Yes, we are talking about the amazingly dashing and insanely entertaining Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds. Reynolds had an amazing last year, especially after his blockbuster hit “Deadpool” managed to do so well in box-office. He showed great vision and took that role which was of an unconventional superhero. He was a superhero but at the same time, he wasn’t a superhero. He wore a superhero suit, he healed like a superhero, he fought like a superhero yet he was nothing like your average superhero which you normally see, for starters, he openly ridiculed the superheroes and how they always pretend to be good. His movie was highly entertaining and its fans are already anticipating the release of its sequel which will be released in 2022.

5. Kanye West

Most Popular Entertainers

Starting the top 5 countdown is none other than Kanye West. He has had a rollercoaster of a 2016 as he has released some amazing songs, cut his tour “The Life of Pablo” short after rant on Donald Trump, checked into hospital due to exhaustion, and numerous other moments in which he stirred up the world due to his tweets. To top all of it off, he streamed the release of his latest album which set quite a benchmark. In fact, the cherry on top of the cake should be the fact that Adidas is ready to take Kanye’s clothing line to new heights. Say whatever you want to say but Kanye West is one of the most entertaining celebrities that we are blessed to have.

4. Jennifer Lawrence

Biggest Hollywood Entertainers

No one would be surprised if you call Jennifer Lawrence a veteran on the big screen. Even though it seems like been she has been a star since forever, but the truth is that this talented and entertaining actress is just 26 years old. She is easily one of the biggest stars of this generation and has made quite a name for herself by starring in some of the most profitable and critically acclaimed hit movies in the last few years. Not only has she been a star on the screen but she is equally good off of it, as she has rightfully raised the gender wage gap issue that stars face in this industry.

3. Drake

Biggest Hollywood Entertainers

Drake has also been involved in the middle of every conversation talking about the top hip-hop stars but the one fact that can be concluded from the last few years is that Drake has managed to become the unprecedented king of hip-hop thanks to him selling a record number of record albums last few years. It was predicted before that someday Drake will undoubtedly the heart and soul of hip-hop but no one predicted that he would reach the pinnacle of hip-hop genre so quickly. Drake was impressive and entertaining throughout the year as he not only sent each song of his new album to the charts but in the meantime, also managed to break a streaming record.

2. Dwayne Johnson “The Rock”

Biggest Hollywood Entertainers

Is there any other Hollywood actor more electrifying and entertaining than this man? I’m sure you answer is “No” and if that is what you answered, then you are absolutely correct. Dwayne Johnson has come a long way from the days he used to wrestle as a WWE star. He is not only an actor involved heavily in some of the biggest hits of last few years but he has also managed to become the highest-paid actor in Hollywood. Recently, he was cast in his usual role in the movie ‘The Fate of the Furious” and the movie has been a huge success.

1. Beyoncé

Biggest Hollywood Entertainers 2019

Who else can be the most entertaining celebrity on this planet when the Queen B is still alive and breathing?? The last year has been one of the most successful years of this highly entertaining personality as she has stamped her authority that she is still around and can steal the limelight away from others at any moment. Her project “Lemonade” was lauded as not just a great album or film but a harbinger of the music of future. She also thrilled her fans during her Super Bowl performance and managed to make Coldplay look like background decoration. She might have upset some citizens of US as it was claimed that her work was “anti-police” but it is expected since she is easily one of the most powerful and entertaining stars on this planet.

There were some of the most entertaining personalities that have thrilled generations and will continue to do so as it comes to them naturally. Not only have these entertainers abundance of talent, but they also have the goodwill nature to give back love to their fans. I’m sure these stars are having a wonderful year but let’s just hope that they have lot more years in their tanks which can only mean lot more years of entertainment for us.


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