11 Exotic Cloud Forest Around The World

Tropical and subtropical sections in some part of the world have cloud forests, renowned for its greenery. Exotic cloud forest contributes a noteworthy site in the ecosystem of the evergreen forests. Based on the elevation of the place and its closeness to the ocean, the formation of the cloud forests differs. These are the places that encompass several biodiversity and also stand as unique spot of tourist attraction. Cloud forests amass a huge part of the ecosystem and it enhances exquisiteness to the natural environment. Many people arrive in cloud forest for many purposes like for visiting on annual basis while many people come to research.

It may happen that there are some exotic cloud forests that are versatile but you may not know about them, so refer below sections to clear your confusion:

11. Shola Forest, India:

Shola Forest, India Top Popular Exotic Cloud Forest Around The World 2018

The cloud forest of Shola is located in the biodiversity region of Western Ghats, located in Southern India. These forests feast on the developing grasslands in remote coverings with many biodiversity. It is known tha Shola forest is centre to many endangered and rare kinds of flora and fauna. The place is a habitat of the threatened Nilgiri Tahr as well as the magnificent lavender coloured flower of ‘Neelakurinji’ which flourish once in 12 years. Whenever you go for a walk in this cloud forest of India, you can enjoy the enchantment of incarnate like the mythological deity. These areas of Shola forest of India are perceived primarily in the valleys and are commonly diversified from one another by rolling montage grassland.

10. Mark Twain National Forest, Missouri:

Mark Twain National Forest, Missouri

Mark Twain National Forest is situated typically inside the Ozark Plateau, scattered with leftover hills from Missouri’s oldest mountains known as the Ozarks. This cloud forest is popular for its attractive scenic qualities and diversity. You can observe that its landscapes range from insignificantly rolling plains to deeply dissected regions with bottomless supple valleys. These valleys of Mark Twain National Forest contain clear, calm spring-fed rivers and watercourses. The magnificent aspect to note is that its hills, peaks, and knobs of different heights are spread throughout. On the river banks of this cloud forest, you one can perceive elm, sycamore, Ozark witch hazel, and some bottomland trees.

9. Canary Island, Spain:

Canary Island, Spain

This Spanish archipelago located over the southern seashore of Morocco is not present on the major island of Spain. Canary Island is one of Spain’s 17 self-governing communities featuring its greenery. When you visit this exotic cloud forest, notice a torrent of clouds moving down a hill gradient or a rainbow created encircling which arouses a magnificent vision. Apart from its attractive look, the forest is also famous for different kinds of biodiversity that you will find rarely at other places.

8. El Cielo Biosphere, Mexico:

El Cielo Biosphere, Mexico

El Cielo Biosphere is located adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico and serves as a green secret of Mexico. This exotic cloud forest attends as a rainwater catchment region and it received a major recognition below UNESCO’s Man and Biosphere Programme. The rambling trails in this forest incorporate small villages with people who are very warm friendly to invite and attend you. If you wish to experience the Mexican philosophy in the finest way, enjoy the charm of this cloud forest as the clouds here generally play hide and seek with you.

7. Springbrook National Park, Australia:

Springbrook National Park, Australia

Springbrook National Park is situated in the Gold Coast neighbourhood of Queensland in the McPherson Range over an old volcano south of Brisbane in Australia. This is incorporated into category of subtropical forest is the wettest region in Australia assisting the Springbrook Leatherwood -Eucryphia jinksii, which is a rare rainforest tree not found anywhere else on the world. Whenever you visit Springbrook National Park, you can explore Springbrook and unfold the exquisiteness revolved in the blanket of fog. This forest is part of the Scenic Rim Important Bird Area, recognized as such by BirdLife International due to its significance in the maintenance of many species of endangered birds. This cloud forest is perfect location for the spotting of nocturnal animals like the ringtail possum, the mountain brush tail possum, and sugar glider.

6. Tandayapa Mindo, Ecuador:

Tandayapa Mindo, Ecuador

Tandayapa Mindo is found on the northwest part of Quito which is the capital town of Ecuador. This is basically a subtropical evergreen forest which is lush green round the year and splendid for bird viewers. It is known that moss covers majority of the trees and the flora are accompanied by epiphytic orchids, while fauna by Dusky covered Flycatcher. From view of politics, Mindo is a group of rural parishes (like Nanegalito, Nanegal, Gualea, Pacto) that covers the Noroccidental Administrative part of Quito Canton, inside Pichincha Province in the northern sierra area of city-Ecuador.

5. Mount Taranaki, New Zealand:

Mount Taranaki, New Zealand

This is a cloud forest of New Zealand gained major honour due to its beauty. The reason behind the occurrence of Lord of rings in this country is because of the splendour of this forest. In case, if you discover the natural exquisiteness of this country then you will ultimately get an answer as to why Lord of rings was small in New Zealand. When you walk inside this cloud forest, the moving clouds generally form over the active volcano which is situated in the west coast region of the north islands of New Zealand. It is known that there are park visitor centres situated at North Egmont as well as at Dawson Falls on the southeast region of this cloud forest.

4. Cloud Forest in the Simien Mountains, Ethiopia:

Cloud Forest in the Simien Mountains, Ethiopia

The topography of Ethiopia witnesses its rich nature’s bounty because of the serrated mountains and cavernous valleys. Apart from this, the reason of its high popularity is that this Simien National Park is incorporated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its outstanding land is the home of the Gelada Baboon as well as the Ethiopian Wolf. Owing to their geological origins the mountains are unique, with only South Africa’s Drakensberg that has been created in the similar flair and hence appearing identical. When you visit this cloud forest, you will observe animals in the mountains like the gelada, walia ibex, and caracal and few Ethiopian wolves.

3. Chiang Mai, Thailand:

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai cloud forest is popular among the locals and people looking out for a picnic spot. The reason of its popularity is due to the panoramic destinations, located on the lower hill slopes inside this Sanctuary. This uninterrupted cloud forest of Thailand has many hiking trails following up to spiritual waterfalls covered by the cloud where you can enjoy a dip. Their treks routes can even be very perceptive and assist you know the countryside rural lifestyle of natives of Thailand.

2. Cloud Forest in Salta, Argentina:

Cloud Forest in Salta, Argentina

Cloud Forest in Salta is situated in the North West region of Argentina in the sub-andean hill city of Salta. This cloud forest is a popular travel base and not too much distant from the city, hence even local people can enjoy its beauty here. When you explore its habitat of clouds you might encounter with the downhill of the old Incas travelling on horseback. This cloud forest has many bird species, so here bird-watching is particularly good. Here, over 205 bird species have been recorded, with 100 of them – including tanagers, guans, parrots, hummingbirds and woodpeckers.

1. Monte Verde, Costa Rica:

MonteVerde, Costa Rica Top 11 Exotic Cloud Forest Around The World 2017

Monte Verde is placed at the foremost position in the list because National Geographic team named it as a jewel in the crown of Cloud Forest Reserves. This cloud forest is situated in a small town in Puntarenas in the Cordillera de Tilaran which attracts birdwatchers, researchers, and nature lovers round the year. You can your way over the cloudy elfin woodland and present your eyes a colourful extravagance of the orchids that bloom in this cloud forest. The region is centre to the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve and many similar reserves, which attracts large numbers of tourists and biologists.

Cloud forest is a place that lets you closer to nature in a beautiful way better than any other approach. These exotic cloud forest encompasses birds, flora, fauna, biodiversity and beautiful green trees.


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