France from time immemorial makes the most scintillating wines in the world. So you should make it a point to taste the best French wine brands before you leave the world for good. It is said that wine and France (jokes apart, also the French Revolution) have the most eminent distilleries and comes up with the best French wine brands, which are of International fame.

It is true that no celebration is complete without a toast of wine, be it a simple get together with friends or be it a wedding or anniversary you got to need the best French wine brands to complete the most coveted celebration which makes the occasion to be remembered throughout the lifetime. So in this section, we want you to glide along the smooth flavor of the French Wines. Checkout the top 10 most famous and best French wine brands in the world in 2021.

10. Domaine Du Vissoux:

Best French Wine Brands 2019

Domaine du Vissoux is a family which is related to the making of the finest wines. It is situated in the in Saint-Vérand, which is the Pierres Dorées district south of Beaujolais. It stands out to be the notable ones since it includes the traditional method and the modern ones in the process of making wines. Pierre-Marie Chermette and Martine are totally dedicated in this business and presents the wine lovers with the creme de cassis artisanal, Brouilly, Beaujolais white, Windmill, Crémant de Bourgogne and Fleurie which stands out to be the best and genuine terroir wines. It is carefully fermented in the cask or cats made of steel and the outcome was the splendid wines having the tinge of cherry stone fruit, berries, and lilac.

9. Château Montrose:

Best French Wine Brand

Château Montrose, the winery, situated in the Bordeaux district in France has been serving since 1855 and coming up with the best French wine brands. Generally, there are varied types and brands of wines. The Château Montrose comes up with two types of red wines the onymous grand vin and La Dame de Montrose. This winery happens to be up in the year 1970 and comes up with the wide array of French red wines and ten brands of Californian wines.

This is really interesting and as well as historic since they got the permission after the famous Judgment of Paris wine competition. Château Montrose generally takes a long twenty years to get matured and that is the reason of being the premium quality of epochal wines. In the vineyards of Saint-Estèphe and the vast 168 acres of land which is made of black sand, gravel along with marl and clay. This helps the winery to plant Cabernet Franc, Merlot, predominated by Cabernet Sauvignon.

8. Château Haut-Batailley:

Best French Wine Brand

Château Haut-Batailley comes up from the Pauillac of Bordeaux district of France. They are one if the oldest wine producers in the world and serving us with the classic collection of the eighteen most coveted brands of Cinquièmes Crus wines. The winery actually came into being in the 20th century which happens to be their family business. The chateau was split among the two brothers in the year 1942. François Borie went ahead with the vision to make the vineyards of François Borie much bigger than it was so it indeed became a large winery when he purchased the wines from Chateau Duhart-Milon in the year 1951. Keeping the traditional process intact the winery saw the steps towards the modernization of the winery and the cellars.

7. Château Duhart-Milon:

Best French Wine Brand

Château Duhart-Milon again originates from the Pauillac district of the Bordeaux province of France. This French wine stands out to be the best French wine brands. Having the classification of the Bordeaux Wine Official, the winery stands out to be the fine and premium one producing the finest brands of French wine. It is indeed an awe-inspiring stretch of land which is as long as 175 acres and containing the finest Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and the Merlot. The winery came into being in the year 1855 and now has an array of the finest and rare wines which stands out to be very popular among the wine lovers.

6. Château Léoville-Las Cases:

Best French Wine Brands 2019

Château Léoville-Las Cases is basically again from the Bordeaux district of France. Counted among the best French wine brands it is best known for the exquisitely tasty red wines, in fact, it specializes in making two varied types of wine. Since the vineyards which stretch for a large 249 acres, the vineyard stands out to be the producer of the premium quality of grapes. The company is serving us with the best quality wine from the year 1885 when it acquired the Classification of Wine from Bordeaux. The wine is produced in both white and red and it tastes superb containing the freshness of the citrus fruits. The wine also happens to give immense energy to the ones having it.

5. Chateau Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande:

Best French Wine Brand

Château Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande certainly gives the wine lovers a tough time to pronounce the brand; it, however, gives you with the finest taste which makes your day and no doubt stands to be the best French wine brands. The winery is termed as the feminine winery. They are very particular in the production of the two classic kinds of wines. The two kinds of wines are red and white and one of the brands is the best-known brand –the Reserve de la Comtesse.

4. Pétrus:

Best French Wine Brand

Situated in the Pomerol district of Saint Emilion is a sheer delight for the wine lovers and the company is quite a dedicated one and is serving them which has made them loved by all. No doubt the wine lovers have a great lot of confidence upon the maker who is in the business since the year 1940. The wines especially the red wines are made from the premium quality of grapes which is grown with great care taken by the authority. Pétrus hence claims and truly acknowledged as one of the best French wine brands.

3. Chateau Margaux:

Best French Wine Brand

France which has been known as the best producer of wine has the vineyards mostly in the Bordeaux district of France. The bountiful have no doubt blessed the land with the best and the taste of grapes produced which helps to make or give the explicit and holistic flavor to the wine produced in the area. Château Margaux is also known as La Mothe de Margaux and the company producing it came into being in the 19th century. Médoc region of Gironde is the seat of this premium wine producing company. Among the varied kinds of wine, Pavillon Rouge du Chateau and Pavillon de Blanc du Chateau Margaux stands out to be numero uno and is serving the wine lovers for quite a long time.

2. Château Lagrange:

Best French Wine Brand

Château Lagrange which is simply an exotic blend of the traditional form of wine is serving the taste buds of a large group of wine lovers all over the world. You name the type and you will find it there with the manufacturer of the splendid array of wines. It is certainly the last word when it comes to red wines. Château Lagrange, the best among the other wine brands made in France is again placed in the Bordeaux district of France and stands out as one of the most authentic of the existing wine companies.

1. Chateau Gruaud Larose:

Best French Wine Brand

This is the best French wine brands and is renowned globally. The wine lovers have the pleasure to make an occasion serving this brand to the near and dear ones. This is certainly a tough moment to refuse a sip of the wine. The company and the brand have the same name. Considered to be the best it does not compromise with the quality of the wine hence it helps them to retain the popularity.

The array of wines which is ruling the world comes from France and they come up with the best French wine brands which certainly serve to the pleasure of the best French wine brands. The nature along with the specialised hands helps in presenting the world with the best French wine brands which have been serving the taste buds of the wine lovers all over the world.


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