Ten Most Famous & Best Creepy Abandoned Hotels In The World

There are different abandoned places all over the world like theme parks, ghost towns, theatres, shopping centres, and hospitals, however the one which is most creepy is the abandoned hotels. These abandoned hotels are among those in which you wouldn’t prefer to sleep just one night even. Hotels must seem welcoming and warm, their personnel serves to your every need. However when business dints and owners can no more meet the expense of to let the doors open, the building’s alluring atmosphere dissipates. Traveling down halls with dark rooms flanking both sides turns out a workout in courage. Abandoned hotels are among those that play mind plays tricks, discovering footfalls, laughter, and scraps of music from a past age—or possibly few guests actually do never depart.

Are you interested to know which the creepy abandoned hotels are so that you can be cautious before entering them, refer below sections:

10. Ryugyong Hotel

Ryugyong Hotel Top Popular Creepy Abandoned Hotels in The World 2017

The Ryugyong Hotel located the centre of the North Korean capital is a pyramidal type skyscraper consisting of 105 floors. The construction of hotel was started in year 1987 and its contracting was arranged for year 1989. Inappropriately, the North Korean objective was not sufficient, and its construction was halted in year 1992 after the abandonment as well as the breakdown of the Soviet Union during the time that presented majority of logistics and the raw materials. Ryugyong Hotel remained devoid of a window and totally negated of any interior for around 16 years. However, all of a sudden, its construction was recommenced in year 2008, and for this special thanks goes to the venture of an Egyptian group. As the hotel has 3000 empty rooms as well as 105 floors mystery around 300 meters high, it’s sufficient frightening for discussing about.

9. Bokor Palace Hotel And Casino

Bokor Hill Station was actually a Cambodian resort town constructed in early era of 1920’s by foreign French colonizers. Its crown jewel was the attractive Bokor Palace Hotel and Casino, whose construction in the distant mountains was tough and approximately 1,000 lives were misplaced in the process. The hotel thrived for two decades as a retreat in the filthy heat and mess of Phnom Penh; however citizens of Europe escaped the place in late 1940’s when the Vietnam fight ramped up. It is known that Bokor Palace was used recurrently since many years, however continuous political and military instability—comprising attacks by Vietnam and mass slaughters by the Khmer Rouge—guaranteed the place was all but abandoned by the era of 1990’s.

8. Grand Hotel Kupari

Grand Hotel Kupari is located in the Dubrovnik Riviera, the rural of Kupari, which was a pronounced vacation place for senior captains of the Yugoslav. This abandoned hotel had private beach admittance and it was constructed in era of 20’s however it was not renowned until 60-70 s when the blast of tourism in the place provided it its reputation and several other hotels were put up nearby. In year 1990 the Civil War of Independence fumed, and the hotel was robbed like the others and after it was abandoned, it has still not reopened.

7. Ducor Palace Hotel

This is greatest luxurious 5-star hotel, located in Liberia known as Ducor Palace. The place was initially inaugurated in year 1962, it was being visited by the supreme stars and passing politicians in the Liberia. This prominent hotel was shut in the 80’s when the party-political condition has become very unbalanced. Major part of the hotel was smashed during the civil war and the poor families seek the chance to settle. The place in Liberia is now forbidden to visit, however you can attempt to spin 5 balls using a guard for return. Ducor Palace Hotel was one of the most comfortable accommodations all over Africa.

6. Hotel Polissya

Belonging from Ukraine, The Polissya hotel is one of the peak buildings, situated in the ghost town of Pripyat in the country. The hotel was constructed in the 70’s to encounter the arrival of guests to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. It is known that the hotel is abandoned since year 1986 after the accident at the plant took place; it presently impends to fall, like the remaining of the ghost town. The hotel of Ukraine even serves as the background for one of the charges of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

5. Lee Plaza

Lee Plaza Top Most Popular Creepy Abandoned Hotels in The World 2018

Lee Plaza is a 15-storeyed building, located in USA, constructed in year 1929. Initially, it was constructed for visitors to stay; the owner also facilitated services like hairdressing, library, shops, etc. It is known that every construction was decorated using the supreme paintings and marbles. Since many years, it altered owners many times and started to become old with permanent occupants in the 70/80 s. But it closed its doors in year 1997 after the incident killing of a resident in Lee Plaza. It was decided to be demolished, however, the place was later categorized a historic monument from its architecture and its history.

4. Hotel Baker

The Hotel Baker was one of the most aspiring hotel projects in a small Texas town in USA, constructed in year 1926. The hotel is situated in the booming seaside area of Texas, which offers beautiful view. Hotel Baker was the first hotel in Texas to be furnished with an Olympic pool as well as owns capacity to accommodate 2,500 people. Notwithstanding the stock market crash of year 1929 and large difficulties in era of 30’s, it maintained the shock until the completion of World War II prior the owner did not place the key below the door in year 1963. The hotel was reopened for short time in year 1965, but was again closed in year 1972 after which it never opened.

3. Hundseck Hotel

The Hundseck has served as a ski resort for some time, later changed hands many times. At different times since its establishment, it has facilitated as a mining camp and lastly as a youth hostel. Even though it seems like it could simply be the location of a horror movie, the Hundseck hotel is bizarrely well-preserved after more than a decade of its abandonment. This hotel can be perceived by crossing the Black Forest High Road, through a picturesque route that breeze over the mountains of southern Germany.

2. Diplomat Hotel

This hotel is renowned to be one of the most haunted places, situated in Baguio City in the Philippines. The hotel was initially started in year 1915 by the Dominican order in form of a holiday home beneath the name of “Dominican Hill” (or Dominican Hill). Throughout era of World War II this hotel was employed by Japanese immigrants, and deeply bombed. It was. In year 1973, prestigious Diplomat Hotels Incorporation acquired the building and constructed 33-room hotel, later it was partly rebuilt in year 1947. After the demise of the owner named Tony Agpaoa (who was a kind of local guru-preacher) the Diplomat hotel has entirely completely stopped its activity.

1. Hotel Del Salto

Hotel Del Salto Top Most Famous Creepy Abandoned Hotels in The World 2018

Hotel Del Salto was built in year 1923 in form of a private mansionin Colombia. In year 1950, the place became an 8-storeyed hotel, which signifies a symbol of wealth in the valley, for this thanks goes to its design and the French. The operation of hotel was abandoned in era of 1990’s due to the pollution of the river situated in lower side, and even because of the several suicides around the cataracts of Tequenda. Few residents around the hotel mention that the place is creepy by the anguished spirits of suicides. Presently, Hotel Del Salto is restored to become a famous museum on biodiversity.

Creepy abandoned hotels are once or several times abandoned since its construction due to many issues like political, social, people based, etc. These places are little frightening now as they are now abandoned but can be surely reopened if careful measures are taken.


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