In a world where even everyday items, like gadgets and appliances are specifically designed to appear stylish, suit the modern style sensibilities and are termed as ‘sleek and sexy’, outward appearance is undoubtedly of paramount importance. The dazzling world of glitz and glamour calls for an attractive and stylish personality, wherein outward appearance plays an indispensable role if not the only one.

Therefore, if you command an impressive persona half of your battles in life are already won, as it boosts your morale and builds your self- assurance. In today’s bold and confident world, people are open to trendy experimentation and stylish changes, a demand that has been proficiently met by the glamour and beauty industry with their state of the art products aimed to satiate modern style palates. So, if you are someone who is looking for a stylistic make-over and wants to start with your, undoubtedly gorgeous albeit monotonous locks, we have got your back!

Colouring your hair can be a tricky business, wherein a lot of things should be kept in mind. For a hair colour to work effectively it should suit you and enhance your appearance rather than make you look weirdly altered or over processed. Another important thing to remember is that most permanent hair colours modify your hair essentially through a chemical reaction which usually uses ammonia. Now, ammonia is a chemical that is responsible for the long lasting colour, as it opens the hair cuticles and swells the follicles thereby, allowing the hair to easily absorb the colour, which in turn mixes with the natural pigmentation of the hair to bring out a more natural looking hue. Hair colours and dyes have long been using ammonia as an important component due to several reasons, like its ability to prepare the hair for a more permanent hair colour which lasts several weeks and is not easily washed out.

However, ammonia based hair colours can have serious repercussions in terms of your hair and overall health. The ammonia present in these colours and dyes has the ability to open up hair cuticles which leads to the loss of vital hair protein and moisture during the hair colouring procedure. It also drastically increases the pH value of our hair which refuses to come down even long after the colouring procedure has ended and all this while the hair cuticle remains exposed and continually loses protein and moisture. Problems like an itchy scalp, eye irritation and even sinusitis triggered by the distinctive odour of the ammonia fumes are not unheard of.

With rising environmental and personal health awareness among the masses, people are now keenly investing in eco-friendly, natural and healthy products for everyday use. How then can hair colours be far behind? Yes, that’s right! Ammonia free hair colours have been a rage for quite some time now, thanks to their nourishing qualities, myriad of colour alternatives, easy availability and affordable prices.

An ammonia free hair colour typically uses ammonia alternatives, like MEA or monoethanolamine and usually are oil based. The oil based delivery system intensifies the nourishment properties of the colouring product and makes it gentle and mellow. These colours gently penetrate the hair follicles without being harsh on them. The increase in the pH value is negligible thereby, preserving the protein and moisture content of the hair. However, their gentleness by no means affects their impact, as these products are equally adept at providing enduring colour and grey coverage as their ammonia based counterparts.

They do not release harmful fumes that result in skin, eye and lung irritations and skilfully provide softer, stronger, nourished and lustrous locks! Moreover, the innovatively progressing hair colour industry has also come up with a novel intra-lipid ammonia free technology, which is widely being considered a better alternative to oil based ammonia free hair colours that tend to weigh down our hair. The intra-lipid ammonia free hair colours effectively nourish our hair and provide a long-lasting and luminous hue.

Here is our list of the top 10 best ammonia free hair colour brands in India in 2022 that are specifically contrived to suit modern fashion palates and guarantee stronger, shinier and healthy tresses!


Best Hair Colour Brands In India 2019

Is a brand name that goes hand in hand with natural and Ayurvedic products that believe in the mantra of ‘beauty and cure’. Its appealing ammonia free hair colour called the Shahnaz Husain Colourveda Natural Hair Colour boasts of an all-natural concoction that relies on herbal ingredients, like henna, catechu and indigo for providing enduring colour and nourishment. Its traditional plant based ingredients ensure rejuvenated, conditioned, strong and burnished hair. The hair colour comes with an applicator, gloves and shower cap.


Best Hair Colour Brands In India

Is renowned to provide a professional hair colouring experience at home at amazingly affordable prices. Their innovative range of hair colours that include a myriad of appealing shades not only lend long-lasting colour but also, promote hair growth. Its walnut oil based formula rejuvenates damaged hair and ensures a velvety non-drip hair colouring experience. It is also laden with a revolutionary Kera Vit technology that facilitates deeper penetration of colour pigments thereby, ensuring a natural looking and striking hair colour.


Best Hair Colour Brands In India

Hair colour remains true to its name and is a fine blend of herbal ingredients that are put together after years of extensive research and innovation. This ammonia free hair colour is not just a colorant but is in fact an effective hair treatment, thanks to its henna based formula which is enriched with rare herbs. It is available in 4 different attractive shades and is imbued with anti-dandruff agents. It guarantees natural looking, glossy and healthy tresses.


Best Hair Colour Brands In India

Is perhaps, best known for revolutionising the hair colour industry with its astoundingly affordable ammonia free hair colour range known as the Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Colour, which is available in 5 alluring shades of natural black, black brown, dark brown, natural brown and burgundy at a meagre MRP of 30 INR. Yes, that’s right! This remarkable hair colour which typically comes in carefully measured and time saving sachets and effectively provides a rich hair colouring experience is available only for 30 rupees. And that is not all, the hair colour is imbued with the goodness of milk protein and aloe vera, which is known to remove dead skin cells from the scalp, facilitate hair growth, prevent hair fall, preserve moisture, eradicate dandruff growth and have anti-fungal and antiseptic properties. The milk protein conditioning formula warrants supple and smooth hair. It is also available in a Multi-Application Pack that comes with a colourant tube, developer bottle and 2 conditioner sachets, which guarantees seamless multiple applications within the comfort of your home.


Best Hair Colour Brands In India

Believes in the optimum utilisation of licensed organic components in their hair colouring products. Their impressive collection of permanent ammonia free hair colours are created keeping in mind the benefits of natural ingredients on both hair health and environmental well-being and are adept at providing long-lasting colour and glossy and radiant hair. Their ammonia free technology and a unique almost natural concoction prevents protein and moisture loss, which in turn ensures revitalised and rejuvenated locks. Organic Color Systems also boasts of effortless colour correction, as their assortment of over 64 intermixable colours allows you to experiment with a myriad of shades and hues thereby, giving you the opportunity to create the perfect colour of your dreams! The colorants are also free from allergy causing PPDs and PTDs.


Best Hair Colour Brands In India

Is one of the most preferred hair colouring brands by salon experts worldwide. Their ground-breaking range of ammonia free hair colours use a revolutionary oil delivery system2 technology that guarantees sharp, natural looking and captivating hair colour which lasts about 6 weeks! Their inventive golden gel texture guards our hair follicles from extreme damage and warrants softer and smoother hair. Their prized cera-oil conditioning complex is known to lock the colour and prevents it from fading even after 30-35 washes. Some of their impressive hair colouring ranges are ColorInsider, Wonder, SoColor and Color Sync, all of which are very popular with the masses, thanks to their effective and natural colour and affordable prices.


Best Hair Colour Brands In India

Is a relatively new entrant into the domain of ammonia free hair colours and is being touted as a pioneering at-home hair colour created to effectively counter your hair woes without a salon appointment! The Bblunt Salon Secret High Shine Crème Hair Colour boasts of a secret component i.e. an eccentric silk proteins laden shine tonic, which adds oomph to your hair leaving it glossy and thoroughly conditioned. The product comes in 7 amazing variants, like coffee, black, wine, honey, blueberry, chocolate and mahogany that are specifically fashioned to suit Indian skin tones, give perfect grey coverage and last for about 4-6 weeks. The exotic fragrance and non-drip texture adds to the products charm.


Best Hair Colour Brands In India

Is known to manufacture innovative hair colour products specifically contrived to be in sync with the daring modern trends, while at the same time its ammonia free technology ensures deep colour, scalp comfort, 100% grey hair coverage, alluring fragrance and a healthy and glossy mane. Its most renowned range of ammonia free hair colours titled Olia is a magnificent assortment of permanent and attractive hair hues, which includes vivid garnet, light chocolate, dark blonde, golden brown, rich chocolate, dark beige blonde and pearly very light brown among others. The most striking feature of these hair colours is its 60% oil blend technology that warrants a non-drip-no-mess texture and lends deep nourishment and conditioning to the hair. Its infusion of natural flower oils facilitate deeper colour penetration thereby, guaranteeing more intense vivid hair colour. Garnier’s Herbal Shine Hair Colour Crème is also a viable option with its splendid range of 22 varied shades.


Best Hair Colour Brands In India

Is a well-known brand celebrated the world over for its remarkable state of the art hair and beauty products. Its extraordinary range of inventive ammonia free hair colours called the L’Oreal Paris Casting Crème Gloss comes in a variety of hues, like light forested blonde, vibrant light auburn, mocca, brown sugar, toffee delice and dark blonde among others and is known to provide enduring and multi-dimensional hair colour that is guaranteed to turn a lot of heads! It is available in permanent and semi-permanent hair hues that not only add definition to your dull hair, but also conditions and nourishes them from the roots to the tips. Its non-dripping creamy texture ensures hassle free and thorough grey hair coverage.


Best Hair Colour Brands In India 2019

Is one brand that needs no introduction, as it is nothing short of a beauty and glamour mogul, thanks to its astounding assortment of hair and beauty products. The Revlon ColorSilk Beautiful Color range of ammonia free hair colours is equally impressive, as it uses their treasured Revlon 3D Color Gel Technology that is celebrated worldwide for its ability to lend natural looking locks and concentrated multi tonal colour from root to tips.

Its intense colour imbues our hair with character and bounce! Its adept UV defence not only guards our hair from damage, but also keeps the colour intact and luminous. The infusion of triple butter complex ensures wholesome hydration and nourishment of the hair thereby, preventing it from drying and guarantees a creamy texture that calls for hassle free application.

Specifically created from a revolutionary concoction of dyes, conditioners and polymers, the Revlon ColorSilk Beautiful Color range of ammonia free hair colours is your ultimate go to product for healthy and flamboyant locks! The hair colour typically comes with a colorant, developer, conditioner, plastic gloves and an instruction manual and is available in alluring hues, like soft black, deep rich brown, dark auburn, dark mahogany, deep burgundy and sun blonde among others.

With this informative list at your disposal, your hair make-over should be pretty seamless and with the use of appropriate after care products that are specifically created to enhance the hair colour and keep it intact for a longer period, you are ready to dazzle in an all new avatar!


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