Almost every household in the world needs its daily share of dairy products at least once in a day. Whether, it’s your cup of morning coffee made of fresh boiled milk, kid’s healthy breakfast options like cheese sandwich or even fresh yogurt to beat the heat on a sultry day; dairy products and its supply is absolutely essential to say the least.

It must also be noted that dairy products’ production and supply is also one of the vital cogs in many developed and developing country’s economy. In fact some of the countries have made its dairy production business so feasible that it can produce surplus amounts for the purpose of export to other dairy product markets. Here are the top 10 largest dairy providing countries in the world in 2022.

10. Turkey

Best Dairy Providing Countries in The World 2019

Dairy production and products made of the same is very popular in the Eurasian country of Turkey. The country is considered one of the biggest consumers of dairy products in the world. The production source of dairy is mainly from buffaloes and in recent times the increased production of cattle in the entire country has contributed positively in this direction. In spite of smaller production facilities, Turkish dairy industry is capable of exporting dairy products to the European Union countries.

9. United Kingdom

Best Dairy Providing Countries in The World

Dairy production in the United Kingdom has been a flourishing business for a long time and despite the recent setbacks faced by the industry, UK remains the third most dairy providing country from the European countries. The fact that many breeds of cow (hybrid as well as natural) are available makes it easy to cater target markets that prefer milk and milk products’ variants as per their daily needs.

8. New Zealand

Best Dairy Providing Countries in The World

The small country of New Zealand has arguably the best industry of dairy production which frequently puts them in the list of world’s best dairy providing countries. Advanced methods of cattle production based mainly in North Island enable the production of world renowned dairy products like butter, tetra pack milk, milk powder and cheese. Third world countries like Bangladesh, Nigeria and more developed countries Egypt, UAE and even neighboring Australia are major importers of dairy products of New Zealand.

7. France

Best Dairy Providing Countries in The World

The second largest producer of dairy products in the European Union, France produces some 23.7 billion kilograms of dairy mostly through milk production. Once again the primary dairy produce i.e. milk id getting converted into powdered form, cheese, cream etc. France is also rich in resource in for it has world class daily farming facilities that meets the demand of the country and produces enough of the dairy product to export in neighboring countries like Italy and Germany.

6. Germany and Russia

Best Dairy Providing Countries in The World

Both Germany and Russia are two of the biggest consumers as well exporters of dairy products. Dairy providing centers and use of technology is nothing less than cutting edge in these two countries that produce almost the equal amount 30 billion kilograms each annually. However both countries have their own concerns. Russia has been on the losing side as far cow breed go, on the other hand increasing cost of land is hindering the expansion of this business that employs semi qualified farmers.

5. Pakistan

Best Dairy Providing Countries in The World 2019

One of the many agrarian economies in the sub-continent, Pakistan is a rich provider dairy product. Although the number of buffaloes and cows is huge, it is still managed and made ready for commercial production using traditional methods. Many people from the population of Pakistan are employed in this business and a handful few are even owners of best breeds of cows. But due to the unorganized nature of the dairy farming, there is not much to cheer about Pakistan’s dairy business that is one of the better known exporters.

4. Brazil

Best Dairy Providing Countries in The World

The country has 205 million cattle and yard of grazing land that makes dairy farming one of the major contributors to its country’s economy. Minas Gerais produces major chunk of dairy products that has tremendous market for export as well. Brazilians too have high consumption rate of dairy that can be easily satisfied by its enormous number of cattle.

3. Switzerland

Best Dairy Providing Countries in The World

The ever pleasant country of Switzerland takes its dairy provider’s role very seriously. For a country that has 13 million cows, production milk and dairy products is never a concern. The entire industry is very well managed by the Swiss government that looks after the process lactation and registration of booming business. Nutrition is of top priority and since dairy is an everyday source for the same, Swiss dairy products score high in the quality quotient.

2. Canada and China

Best Dairy Providing Countries in The World

They are two of the highest dairy providers in the world with each of them having the best of resources to run the export and self consumption of dairy products seamlessly. Canada has a huge stock of approximately 53,000 farms equipped with world class and safety enabled technology for consistent production. Swiss cheese and yogurt has been the favorite in the menu of many countries across the world, the same is manufactured out of rarest breed of cows found only in Canada.

On the other hand, China has opened its doors for dairy production in recent times. The country has abundant animal livestock that not only produces dairy products for itself but to the world market at the same time. Apart from cows, China also cashes in on its huge inventory of goats and sheep that helps in catering the market demanding fresh cheese.

1. India

Best Dairy Providing Countries in The World 2019

The story of dairy farming industry’s rise to being a multi- million source of income for the country is nothing less than inspirational. India’s dominance as the best dairy providing country began with its government’s large scale project known as Operation Flood launched in 1970. The National Dairy Development Board has been instrumental in making India the biggest producer of dairy in the world. All desired results were achieved by bringing in high yielding cattle.

At the moment, rural India continues to be the key source of dairy products’ manufacturer. Some of the dairy rich states like Gujarat, Punjab and Andhra Pradesh etc. have catapulted the entire industry to the heights from where India has become the world’s leading dairy providing country, a country which was ironically facing the worst crisis of the same.

Speaking more of dairy business in India, it has emerged as the single largest industry that has successfully increased rural income giving much respite to those who are employed in a sector which is yet to be organized fully.

To conclude, there are also countries like Mexico, Austria, Japan and the United States that have capitalized on this viable industry.


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