For decades the world has to second this thought for war has been more horrific than one could possibly imagine. Every country has its own defense forces vowed to protect their motherland putting life on the line. Just like a ship has a captain, armed forces of the world have that one military general that leads from the front and marshals its troops when counter strike becomes the need of the hour.

With many countries boasting of nukes and other weapons of mass destruction, shrewd diplomatic tactic and sheer intelligence for maintaining cordial international relations is another attribute that the head of the armed force must possess.

Here’s a complete rundown of world’s top 10 best military generals 2022 who have been ranked not just for being decorated officers but also for being harbingers of peacekeeping and affirmative action.

10. Volker Wieker (Germany) –

Best Military Generals in The World 2022

General Volker Wieker is the present Chief of the staff of German army aka Bundeswehr. Having served the armed force of his country for three decades, Wieker was given the commanding charges at several critical operations in places like Kosovo, Bosnia and Afghanistan. The German General is a two time recipient of NATO medal for his services in Yugoslavia (1996) and ISAF (2010). His formidable track record has also led to his appointments as government’s chief military advisor.

9. Katsutoshi Kawano (Japan) –

Best Military Generals in The World

An alumnus of Japan’s National Defence Academy, Kastutoshi Kawano joined the Japanese Maritme Self- Defence Force and rose to the rank of Chief of staff before he finally led the Japanese Self-Defence force in the highest capacity as Admiral. Kawano is bestowed with the responsibility of protecting his technology and nuclear resource rich country’s border along with leading its de facto navy as well. His serving in the naval forces is seen as a strength since many believe that beefed up maritime security would also hasten the country’s economy and curb the activities of crime lords beneath the sea.

8. Dalbir Singh (India)-

Best Military Generals in The World

When a country as vast, populous and geographically diverse as India slogs it out to combat terror and other anti social activity on a routine basis, all it needs is inspired leadership from a robust general who could stand on his own fearlessly. General Dalbir Singh, the present head of the Indian armed forces in India has taken over some of the most audacious operations including Operation Pawan in Jaffna (Sri Lanka) and a string of counter terrorist combing operations in the turbulent Kashmir Valley. Presently, the head of the Indian armed forces is tackling the daunting task of both interstate skirmishes and also increasing number of terrorist infiltration from the other side of the border.

7. Chooi Hoon Hee (South Korea) –

Best Military Generals in The World

South Korea has been at the loggerheads with war mongering North Korea which has posed severe threat to the sovereignty and economic progress of the former. The South Korean army under the leadership of Chooi Hoon Hee has galvanized themselves into stronger fighting unit that can now take even the mighty United States on. Hoon Hee’s work ethics based on uncompromising discipline provided impetus to a strong build-up. Such is his prowess and skills that he became the only South Korean naval chief to have been promoted for the role of general of army.

6. Nick Houghton (United Kingdom) –

Best Military Generals in The World

A prolific figure in her majesty’s armed force, Nick Houghton has served in uniforms as commanding officer, commander and Deputy Commander General in his tenure as active army personnel. During his tenure in the army, he served in the large scale Iraq War prior to which he was the Director of Military Operations in 2001.

5. Hulusi Akar (Turkey) –

Best Military Generals in The World

A four star Turkish Armed Forces general, Hulusi Aksar has seen it all. Whether it’s his ascent to the ranks of brigadier general in 1998, major general in 2002 and his promotion as lieutenant general its lands force; or a coup d’etat attempted by Turkish Armed Forces when he refused to implement martial law. However, this has not deterred Akar’s steely resolve as he is successfully carrying out interventions in Syria.

4. Fang Fenghui (China) –

Best Military Generals in The World

As the military general of world’s largest army, Fang Fenghui has been entrusted with some of the most significant projects taken over by the men in uniform for China. To increase its military power a few notches higher, the development program of fifth generation fighter jet of the Chinese Air Force is being supervised by Feghui. The much hyped China Pakistan Economic Corridor better known as CPEC is also under his purview thereby adding credentials to his already illustrious career wherein he has kept himself abreast with modern day army strategies through military education.

3. Valery Gerasimov (Russia) –

Best Military Generals in The World

They say knowing your enemy is half the battle won and Russian military general Valery Gerasimov seems to be a quick learning pupil from the same school of thoughts! Gerasimov is perhaps one of the shrewdest generals of current times because of his ability to topple his enemies without firing a single shot. Believer of modern warfare based on tactical intelligence, he is a strategist who lays emphasis on collecting logistics, economic power, ethos and culture of the opponents to wage “political warfare”. Gerasimov is also considered as the stickler for better relations with Turkey and also for taking firm stand on Syria.

2. Martin Dempsey (United States of America) –

Best Military Generals in The World

Retired Army General and 18th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Martin Dempsey was a brilliantly intuitive army general in his heyday having assisted the American national security in great deal to maintain status quo and for the successful annihilation of the enemy at the gates and within. He commanded the “Task Force Iron” during Iraq, the largest division-level command ever to operate in the history of United States Army.

1. Raheel Sharif (Pakistan) –

Best Military Generals in The World 2022

Leading the armed forces of a country riddled with self sustained terrorism, rapidly losing relevance in the international community and still answerable to the world as to what led to the colossal intelligence failure to hunt down the most dreaded terrorist in the world; dodging this vicious circle of ordeal and maintaining peace at home and nation’s credibility elsewhere is what makes General Raheel Sharif the best military general in the world. If the voices on the alleys of Islamabad are anything to go by, this four star decorated general has been the calming force for Pakistan.

Sharif is credited for launching an offensive against all intrastate terror organizations, a move that has cut down the number of terror attacks significantly if not completely. Sharif employs the tactics of killing the snake under the grass even though this strategy has not been too convincing as tensions still prevail between Pakistan and India owing to the fact that the former has failed to reduce the trust deficit of the latter in regards to transport of terrorism on Indian soil.

In a rare yet incidental feat, Raheel Sharif has been honored with the Commander in Chief’s role for the Islamic Military Alliance.


  1. but the number one is out of your list!
    a person who fight and leading a 2-3 military band, such a Iraq – Suriya – Iran and so on.
    we call general Qasem Soleymani<3 <3


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