The Real Housewives is a television reality show broadcasted originally on the American television network Bravo. The series is in English and the very first part is shot in regions of United States. The series was subsequently recorded at other places like the Orange County, the New York City, Atlanta, New Jersey, D.C, Beverly Hills, Miami, Potomac and Dallas, Vancouver, Los Angeles Melbourne, Cheshire, Auckland, Toronto and in Sydney.

It is announced by the producers that the next season of the real housewives will be put in the can in Bangkok, but dates are yet not declared. With the same title The real housewives of … The one thing that is common in all season’s​ participants is that, that all the ladies have affluent amount of money to boast off.

But if we talk about the top ten richest real housewives, it would be a very tough fight also the contenders​ are too close to beat each other. The margin is very thin. The top ten richest ladies on the reality show The real housewives in 2022 are as follows, the list is in descending order.

10. Lizzie Rovsek:

Richest Real Housewives In The World 2019

Lizzie ranks 10 in the list, having net asset worth $25 million. Lizzie is a very talented women, she is a former model and tv actress and nowadays she is busy in her own brand business. Her business model of designing Sun Kitten swimwear, makes her huge amount of money and it is increasing her self owned wealth. She has also recently worked in two movies. Which she says she enjoys as her complementary work to become rich. She claims that all her wealth is self made and she is proud for herself.

09. Bethenny Frankel:

Richest Real Housewives In The World

Bethenny ranks nineth in the list of the richest Real Housewives. She was born in New York city, New York, U.S. She recalls that her childhood was so easy. Her father left her mother when she was 4 years old, and her mother got married to another man when Bethenny was five. She says that her mother was a frequent alcohol drinker and often had issues with her new husband. Bethenny is a self made personality. She has worked as chef, talk show host, television actress, author, entrepreneur. She owns a net asset of worth $25 million. Her products under the range skinny girl have made her lot of money in very small period.

08. Kyle Richard:

Richest Real Housewives In The World

Kyle was born in Hollywood, California U.S. she began her acting career at a very young age and started earning. She had worked as a philanthropist, actor and a charity worker. She has an estimated net worth of $30 million. Some of her fate is made by herself and some part of her asset is contributed by her per season salary of The real housewives, which is about $ 270,000. Which is a really large amount .

07. Heather Dubrow:

Richest Real Housewives In The World

Heather Dubrow was born in the Bronx, New York City, New York, U.S. She started her earning career as an actress, model and television personality. At the age of 28 she got married to a plastic surgeon, Terry Dubrow. After which she put a hold over her modelling career. The estimated net worth of Heather Dubrow is about $36 millions. Most of the her wealth is contributed by his husband Terry.

06. Kandi Burruss:

Richest Real Housewives In The World

Kandi Burruss was born in College Park, Georgia, United States in a well-to-do family. Kandi secures rank sixth in the list of top 10 richest real housewives. The estimated net worth for Kandi is about $35 million. Despite Kandi is an exception from all others. She is a self made women, all wealth she owns is an outcome of her hard work and perseverance. She is a multi-talented personality. She had worked in television, authored blogs and articles, worked as a producer, song writer and musician. All her talent counts her lots of money for her fate.

05. Yolanda Hadid:

Richest Real Housewives In The World

Yolanda’s estimated net worth is about $45 million, this makes Yolanda to become the fourth richest real housewives. Yolanda was born in Papendrecht, Netherlands. She started her career as a successful model and also worked as an interior designer. Then she married Mohammed Hadid, and the couple had three children.

But due to some reasons their marriage doesn’t last for long. After 7 years of their marriage they decided to move apart and take divorce. Yolanda got a handsome amount as divorce settlement that increased. Then she married David Foster in 2011 and later started her home dècor business and a after marriage consultancy service that helps people to keep their marriage alive.

04. Adrienne Maloof:

Richest Real Housewives

Ardrienne was born rich. She acquires her fortune from her family’s wealth. The estimated net worth for Ardrienne Maloof is about $50 million. She works as an agent and business visionary. She took her family business forward and made a lot more wealth. She holds Maloof company’s shares and has started working privately under the organisation’s name and made increment in their wine and alcohol business organisation. Maloof has made so much wealth for herself because of two reasons one is her family assets and other is her entrepreneurial ability.

03. Camille Grammer:

Richest Real Housewives In The World

Camille is third in this list of the wealthiest ladies of the cast of the real housewives. She owns a net worth of $50 million USD. Resources say that for divorce settlement she got 30 million USD which increased her net worth. Camille was born in Newport beach, California, U.S. She grew up in New Jersey in an upper-middle-class family. She is a model, actress, television personality, writer, producer. All this made her wealth around 15-20 million USD. She is a half self made rich. That is half of her wealth is accumulated by her and half of it is given to her as divorce settlement. None the less this makes her life lavish and put her rank to the third richest women on the set of the real housewives.

02. Carole Radziwill:

Richest Real Housewives In The World

Carole was born in Suffern New York city in a working-class family. She was not born rich, but she had obviously born with a very strong fate of becoming rich. She is a journalist, author and a television personality. Which counts some of the wealth owned by Carole, but most of her net worth is accounted to her by his late husband Anthony Radziwill (who died at the age of 40 after fighting 5 years with cancer). Anthony was the only owner of ABC news and also he was a of Prince of polish royal family. The net worth of Carole Radziwill is about 50 million USD. She ranks second wealthiest lady in list of the real housewives.

01. Lisa Vanderpump:

Richest Real Housewives In The World 2019

Lisa is the richest of the all ladies of the real housewives franchise. According to the resources she has a net worth of 65 million USD. Lisa Jane Vanderpump is a British/American actress, restaurateur, television personality and author. She is also known for her appearances on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Vanderpump Rules, ABC’s Dancing with the Stars and many more to come onto the list. Lisa and his husband Ken Todd own 26 restaurants, clubs and bars in locations like Los Angeles and London.

Resources say that all the wealth Lisa owns is of her own fortune and hard work. She has expanded her work right from writing editorials in magazines, also she is an ambassador of a new collection of pet accessories, designing new series of emoticons and gif clips, stickers etc, to work for dogs and growing a foundation for rights of dogs along with all this she has her own brand of wine and vodka brand. This makes her the richest lady in the list of the real housewives.

Thus we can conclude that the contestants of The Real Housewives are all very rich. Some of them are self made rich and some have shared the fates of their family legacy or husband’s property. These ladies are capable of becoming the role models of female entrepreneurs, new models, actress as they know how to manage their wealth and increase their net assets. So that the ladies aspiring to become rich can follow them and become wealthy as well.


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